My Home

I live in a mid-60s ranch style home
that has been my little project ever since I bought it,
and I’m still in the process of unfolding it’s shabby cottage potential.

More photos to come!


This is where I blog.

I love to decorate with loads of comfy laundry.
Soft white cotton, linen, voile, and jersey knit a plenty.
If I wouldn’t wear it, it don’t decorate with it.
Plain and simple.

Nothing but white to let the sunshine in!

I may need an intervention for my addiction to
vintage laundry, lavender, white, and zinc.
white lavender slipcover repurosed lavender French chair

Hallway makeover BEFORE.
(The entire hallway was a dirty yellow.)

Hallway AFTER!

{The slipcover on the chair on left was repurposed from a shirt.}

My kitchen is currently in progress.
If you love white kitchens, zinc, and vintage chic decor, don’t go anywhere.
DIY Wire and Nail Hanging Spice Storage by freckled laundry


freckled laundry faded and crackled lavender desk
(Maple plywood planked floors.)