twinkle twinkle little nightstand (a makeover)

freckled laundry twinkle nightstand makeover

Happy Wednesday! I have a little some old and a little something new (and a little something twinkly) for you. The little something old: A wooden box that I found at an estate sale for $3. Apparently, the seller's late uncle traveled with the circus and kept his Lionel trains in these wooden boxes with foam padding inside. The little … [Read more...]

the sweetest vacation and a feature


Hi, loves!  I'm back from our North & South Carolina vacation!  It was one our favorite vacations yet.  Just me and the littles cruising down the East Coast to see my sister, niece, nephew, grandparents, aunts, cousins, and a bunch of other NY to Carolina transplants.  I thought I'd share a bit of it with … [Read more...]

color splashed little girl’s room

Edyns Bedroom French Inspired Freckled Laundry

Happy Monday, loves! In 9 hours, I'll be road tripping with the little ones to visit my sis in North Carolina for 9 days, so before I completely unplug, I wanted to share some snapshots of projects that I've been cranking out for Edyn's room.  I know. I know. It's not my bedroom.   I decided to briefly press pause in there to … [Read more...]

change & FREE printable nautical photos

freckled laundry cottage molding

I hope you're all having a lovely summer (or winter/autumn/spring wherever you are)!  July has been quite a month of change for me (with breathtaking surroundings sprinkled in). I have some free printable nautical & tattered aqua rowboat photos for you, but let's talk change for a minute.  Moving...  A couple of weeks … [Read more...]

{jute} burlap substitute

freckled laundry linen burlap substitute  alternative

Jute burlap. It's natural, beautiful, and rustic laundry. But, despite all of it's lovely qualities, it has a dark side... itchy, scratchy, shedding, and sometimes horribly smelly dark side. {Hives just appeared while writing that.} Questions about burlap trickle through here from time to time. "What are your thoughts are on using … [Read more...]

white floor & bedroom plans

freckled laundry vanity plans

Happy Monday (and first day of July), lovelies! I wanted to share some bedroom progress with you, but first, I just wanted to say thank you! for entering my giveaway with The Good Home Co. folks. The winner was notified on Monday. {Congrats, Heather S.!} We had such a great response to the giveaway and The Good Home Co. and I will be … [Read more...]

laundry & the loveliest giveaway!

freckled laundry lavender laundry soap dotted swiss

It's no breaking news that I love a little laundry around here. And, just as much as I love laundry, I love it when it smells fresh and lovely.   I also love the word love.   And love-ly.   And lavender laundry soap that smells like angels are near. And comes in darling glass apothecary bottles. And plastic … [Read more...]

bedroom paint progress!


I hope you had a lovely weekend...and Father's Day! My weekend included a little baseball, a little yard sale-in', a little celebrating Dad, and a little painting. I love the progress so far and it's such a difference {already} from the before in my shameful prettiest ugliest room post. There's nothing a little white paint can't fix and … [Read more...]

my lucketts haul


I thought I'd {finally} share a few of the things I brought home with me from the Luckett's market in Leesburg, VA a few weeks ago! While I didn't find any of the items on my original Luckett list aside from from a sign that I pre-ordered, I still found just enough to make me smile. Besides, things like "lavender shutters" aren't exactly a … [Read more...]

lavender burlap

lavender burlap bag packing freckled laundry

Hello, loves. Yesterday, I put finishing touches on the packaging for two custom orders. {Thank you, Alima & Deborah!} I thought the packages looked adorable, so I wanted to share these little lavender burlap bags with you! As usual, I kept the packaging simple with "fl" stamped on cotton scraps and attached with a clothespin. A few … [Read more...]