lavender desk and french lovelies

freckled laundry faded and crackled lavender desk

I think I established in my last post that Motivational Speaker isn't in my cards ;), but I'm happy my words resonated with some of you. I really should stick to laundry n' stuff though. the lavender desk that I painted yesterday. I've actually painted it thrice. It used to be white. (Click HERE for the way before and dabble in … [Read more...]

maple plywood planked floor process


Yesterday was another b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Spring day. We took little Grey on his first fishing trip! We didn't catch anything, but he was just as happy to have a pole with a worm on the end of it. Have I ever told you that I love to fish? Get me on a boat in the middle of a lake and I'm a happy girl. I could sit there all day. I grew up in a … [Read more...]

clotheslines and cabinets


Happiest Sunday. It's been a beautiful and sunshiny week here. And you know what that means... Clothesline time! (You'll have to take my word for it because my linens are now in the basket.) (The basket that I found at Goodwill for $3.99.) My favorite smell ever in the history of ever is the scent of freshly washed, crisp, line dried … [Read more...]

family room painting and plywood planked floor progress


Happy Monday, lovelies. I wanted to share a little family room progress with you. Since my last post, I primed and painted to get ready for the maple plywood planked floor installation. Well, almost finished painting. I still need to finish painting the trim...and now the ceiling, which was an afterthought because the two whites don't … [Read more...]

plywood planked floors and walls


I feel like talking planks tonight. My guy and I spent the day looking at flooring options for our family room that is connected to the kitchen through the French doors. It was time. We've been walking around on sub-flooring for oh, 9 months now? We decided to go with finish-grade, maple hardwood plywood planks (a.k.a. smooth maple … [Read more...]

o holy night


Hi, loves. I'm missing you so and hope to be back to posting very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to wish you & your sweet families, a merry Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. For the sake of a little pretty, here's the most recent photo that I shared on facebook before my laptop went to heaven... (FYI: I ordered Edyn's shabby headband … [Read more...]

N-S-E-W thanksgiving traditions party features


As we {quickly!} approach Thanksgiving day, I thought I'd highlight a handful of beautiful projects, recipes, and traditions from the N-S-E-W Traditions party that I'm co-hosting this week, along with these lovely bloggers... Each has shared her own awesome Thanksgiving tradition, recipe, and project too. Heather at Setting for Four (Canada) : … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party

pillows plaid 3

Hello. I apologize for the lack of posts this past week! It was just one of those weeks where I was extra extra needed as a mom and wife (and sis), and while I did start and finish a few projects, I just didn't get to share them yet. My blog has been such a big part of every week for the last two years. If I don't write or read posts for a few … [Read more...]



Happy Tuesday. {Thank you} for taking the time to leave me a comment this week! I replied you in my posts, but didn't realize I needed to install a plug-in on the new blog for you to be notified. : ( (I thought it was an automatic thing with Wordpress!) Now that I have the plug-in installed, you should get a notification when I reply, but I … [Read more...]

barn sale, collection, zinc, paint, thank you


You can probably tell from the creative title that this post is a bit of a hodgepodge. It doesn't tell you that it's a long one though. ; ) I have so much to share since Thursday, but first...HAPPY OCTOBER! I spent Friday preparing for The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee held on the property of Tricia's purple Painted Lady … [Read more...]