bedroom paint progress!


I hope you had a lovely weekend...and Father's Day! My weekend included a little baseball, a little yard sale-in', a little celebrating Dad, and a little painting. I love the progress so far and it's such a difference {already} from the before in my shameful prettiest ugliest room post. There's nothing a little white paint can't fix and … [Read more...]

viv – antique gray and white striped wardrobe

freckled laundry gray and white striped wardrobe Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I hope you had a lovely weekend and Monday. The weather was absolutely beautiful here and Saturday marked the start of my oldest boy's Little League baseball season. I'll share our little photo shoot on Thursday...and a bit more outside of laundry, lavender, and lately, furniture painting. I promised the whole Viv first, so here she … [Read more...]

Viv peek and finds

Antique Armoire Freckled Laundry

Hi, lovelies. Technically, it's still Thursday...even though it's a late post. I wasn't able to post on Tuesday, so I didn't want to miss Thursday too... ...and I'm d.y.i.n.g. to share a little sneak peek of Viv. (Remember her?) I got up bright and early this morning and got to work, hoping to have Viv painted, waxed, and styled tonight, but … [Read more...]

faded, weathered, chipped and crackled furniture painting tutorial

freckled laundry faded, crackled, and weathered furniture painting tutorial using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Artisan Enhancements® Crackle Tex

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my lavender desk. As promised, here's the tutorial to achieve a pretty, faded, weathered, and crackled finish on your furniture pieces using crackle medium and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. While my desk is lavender, the techniques can be applied to any color that YOU love! Step 1 Paint your piece … [Read more...]

lavender desk and french lovelies

freckled laundry faded and crackled lavender desk

I think I established in my last post that Motivational Speaker isn't in my cards ;), but I'm happy my words resonated with some of you. I really should stick to laundry n' stuff though. the lavender desk that I painted yesterday. I've actually painted it thrice. It used to be white. (Click HERE for the way before and dabble in … [Read more...]

plywood planked floors and walls


I feel like talking planks tonight. My guy and I spent the day looking at flooring options for our family room that is connected to the kitchen through the French doors. It was time. We've been walking around on sub-flooring for oh, 9 months now? We decided to go with finish-grade, maple hardwood plywood planks (a.k.a. smooth maple … [Read more...]

faded pink, a chalk paint recipe, antique farm house


'Tis the season to be decorating with red and green faded pink and white, right? On Wednesday, I shared a my white withdrawl and a freshly painted white desk/hutch. Decorating 101: A freshly painted white hutch surely needs a freshly painted something else to go with it. ;) On a serious note, I needed something a bit taller for the left side … [Read more...]

white withdrawal


Yesterday, I was going through a little white withdrawal. Or paint withdrawal. Or both. Too much time behind a sewing machine will do that to a girl, you know. I'm sure you've had the itch before, too. There I was, blank staring at my giant mantel, wondering what to do for Christmas this year, and somehow, some way, that led to me hauling … [Read more...]

let there be teal (cabinets)


Happy Sunday. I have a busy bee little laundry morning ahead of me and a football playoff game for my Jaderbug this afternoon, but while I enjoy a morning cup of coffee, I thought I'd share a look at my teal cabinets that I recently painted. They are a deep teal with a faint white wash. UPDATE: I had a duh moment when thinking of a way to … [Read more...]

the prairie

While I was offering some shabby decorating feedback on a hometalk post yesterday, I tossed a link to The Prairie B&B by Rachel Ashwell. I was searching for a specific kitchen photo that I remembered seeing, and happened upon the inspiration that originally ignited a small spark of teal adoration after Rachel shared photos of the … [Read more...]