dreams and fireflies


I've been somewhat tongue tied (or finger tied) since returning to my blog after two months away. I have so many thoughts to share with you, but haven't been quite able to write them down. Writer's block, I suppose...or my little ones? ;) I keep this blog (and you) so close to my heart that I find myself choosing my words carefully, not in … [Read more...]

flowered, lettered & lined, giveaway


Happy Friday, lovelies! Thank you so much for the notes about my faded stamped floral wall, and for the thoughtful welcome back to blogging. I appreciate it SO much. The wall is just one of those features that is either loved or...notsomuch. I happen to be in the love bunch now that I've sanded down the roses a bit more. It softened and … [Read more...]

boots & pearls


This won't be the first time nor the last that you hear a blogger talk about the wonderful people and opportunities that come into our lives along the way. This post is about an amazing woman that I have come to know and her new blog, Kristen's blog isn't about her though. It's a blog she created with one reason alone: "I hope to inspire … [Read more...]

paint, handmade series, ruffles

I'm back home in NY after a lovely Boston trip. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tour Workshop was awesome.   There's nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by  a bunch of women and men who love some paintin' like I do.   I imagine heaven to have an Annie Sloan Workshop in one room... ;)   ...and a Starbucks. There is so … [Read more...]

selling handmade online series

Hi, laundry loves.   Happy Monday.   Have you ever wanted to know a little lot more about selling handmade online?   Well, today is your day. Actually, this week (and a little bit of next) is your week.   Ritajoy at Harbour Breeze put together an awesome 7 day series,   I'm sharing my tips for a successful Etsy shop, and Gina … [Read more...]