the sweetest vacation and a feature


Hi, loves!  I'm back from our North & South Carolina vacation!  It was one our favorite vacations yet.  Just me and the littles cruising down the East Coast to see my sister, niece, nephew, grandparents, aunts, cousins, and a bunch of other NY to Carolina transplants.  I thought I'd share a bit of it with … [Read more...]

lavender burlap

lavender burlap bag packing freckled laundry

Hello, loves. Yesterday, I put finishing touches on the packaging for two custom orders. {Thank you, Alima & Deborah!} I thought the packages looked adorable, so I wanted to share these little lavender burlap bags with you! As usual, I kept the packaging simple with "fl" stamped on cotton scraps and attached with a clothespin. A few … [Read more...]

boots & pearls


This won't be the first time nor the last that you hear a blogger talk about the wonderful people and opportunities that come into our lives along the way. This post is about an amazing woman that I have come to know and her new blog, Kristen's blog isn't about her though. It's a blog she created with one reason alone: "I hope to inspire … [Read more...]

galvanized shelf source & graphite paint formula…etc.

Hi, loves. Thank you so much for notes about the graphite paint in my kitchen! I had every intention of posting two tutorials sooner this week but an opportunity came along with my handmade wares and I had to {gratefully} press pause on the "house" stuff for a few days. The order could not have been more perfectly timed either because … [Read more...]

fabric monogram & chalk painted pitcher and etsy!

Happy Tuesday! Earlier this year, I picked up a reproduction zinc pitcher at a local antique shop for $12 with every intention of painting it white and adding some cotton prettiness. It was originally galvanized (silver) with a faux green and copper spotted patina that, although quite pretty, wasn't going to work for my decor. I loved … [Read more...]

repurposed stovetop ring linen quotes

Happy Friday! A while back, I shared a glimpse of the linen quote rings that I made using some repurposed stovetop rings, grabbed at a thrift shop for 99 cents. I had every intention of sharing them and then I quite simply...forgot! I need to keep my posts fresh and share a project right after I make it, otherwise it becomes old news to … [Read more...]

white ruffled bags and iphone case

I have been surrounded by white ruffles (and children) for the last three weeks, which is why I haven't been blogging much.   My usual blogging time has been spent in front of a Singer, whipping up a bunch of these...   I just finished and shipped off a big box of totes, handbags, and iphone cases to the the lovely farmgirls at The … [Read more...]

design swatches and ruffled tote

Hi, laundry loves.   I still have a few more projects to share with you but I kind of felt like taking a little break from the those to share some of the textile designs that are ready to go to Spoonflower for swatch printing.   You might remember reading in my "do" post that designing my own line of textiles is a dream slash goal of … [Read more...]


I worked hard and played hard this week, making bunches of clay tags and enjoying the Autumn apple and raspberry orchards with my little loves. Grey & Edyn have started holding hands pretty much everywhere we go and it absolutely. melts. my. heart. I am again reminded in this photo that my little guy is officially all … [Read more...]

fleur rosette hair pins

Have you ever had so much on your heart that you just couldn't find the words to articulate it all? That's how I feel tonight. 6 hours from now, my twins will officially be two years old. Two. It seems like I just brought these 5 lb. bundles home with me. At 9:31 am on September 15, God gave me the twins that I had always … [Read more...]