flowered, lettered & lined, giveaway


Happy Friday, lovelies! Thank you so much for the notes about my faded stamped floral wall, and for the thoughtful welcome back to blogging. I appreciate it SO much. The wall is just one of those features that is either loved or...notsomuch. I happen to be in the love bunch now that I've sanded down the roses a bit more. It softened and … [Read more...]

boots & pearls


This won't be the first time nor the last that you hear a blogger talk about the wonderful people and opportunities that come into our lives along the way. This post is about an amazing woman that I have come to know and her new blog, Kristen's blog isn't about her though. It's a blog she created with one reason alone: "I hope to inspire … [Read more...]

whereabouts & vintage laundry

Thank you so much for your thoughtful notes and emails. For those of you that don't know, a freak tornado ripped through my town last Thursday afternoon. There were actually three tornados that hit the area, that last one touching down at the bottom of my road. I am high enough up on the hill that we only lost tree tops and limbs, but … [Read more...]

quite possibly the coolest light ever

During an {almost} nightly cruise through the streets of Etsy, I came to a screeching halt at a peculiar little shop, EarthSeaWarrior. Ursula's shop shines the reflection of a very creative imagination. And there, among unicorn glitter dispensers, air plants and bone specimens is the coolest collection of illuminations. Within minutes, I … [Read more...]

galvanized shelf source & graphite paint formula…etc.

Hi, loves. Thank you so much for notes about the graphite paint in my kitchen! I had every intention of posting two tutorials sooner this week but an opportunity came along with my handmade wares and I had to {gratefully} press pause on the "house" stuff for a few days. The order could not have been more perfectly timed either because … [Read more...]

white ruffled bags and iphone case

I have been surrounded by white ruffles (and children) for the last three weeks, which is why I haven't been blogging much.   My usual blogging time has been spent in front of a Singer, whipping up a bunch of these...   I just finished and shipped off a big box of totes, handbags, and iphone cases to the the lovely farmgirls at The … [Read more...]

autumn leaf tags

Happy Monday. I have finally emerged from a weekend of remembering, unsuccessful birthday shopping for my twins (who will be 2 on Thursday), photography, hairpins, and making well over 300 clay tags. That's a lot of tag makin', folks. A good number of them were for The Urban Farmhouse Market in Louisville, KY. I am beyond excited that … [Read more...]

number clay tags

Hope you had a beautiful Tuesday, sweets. I worked on and photographed a custom order of numbered clay tags for Miss Mary at Finding Healthy Hope. I love 'em so much that I've officially added them to my Etsy shop. Who doesn't love numbers? They're like functional pretty. They are available in sets (1-2-3) or (0-9) in either petite … [Read more...]