(air your laundry friday) textile party


I have quite the bunch of features tonight so I'm going to keep this short & sweet. First, I just want to thank you all for reading my blog. I've been doing A LOT of thinking today while tucked away at my sewing machine, and most of my thinking involved you and this blog, etc. I am so grateful for your encouragement (and patience) over the … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party and a TIME CHANGE


I hope you had a lovely Thursday. I've spent much of the week {happily} sewing. It seems I'll go weeks without touching my machine and then there are weeks when I don't leave it! Aside from a technical glitch last night, I've been finishing up a cute holiday tote order. I can't wait to show the bags to you. Kristen at The Urban Farmhouse … [Read more...]

air your laundry friday, etc.


I'm back from vacation, etc. and I've missed my little blog so. First, my heart goes out to those of you who were hit by hurricane Sandy (or know someone who was). I hope your families are safe and your damage minimal, but sadly, I know that isn't the case with so many. I'm on the East Coast (Upstate NY), but we didn't experience anything near … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party


Happy Thursday. We're gearing up for Disney vacation (leaving Sunday) and while I spent the day surrounded by laundry, it was merely for packing. It took me an ENTIRE day to pack for five people, but that's because I'm a ridiculously organized packer and I iron each and every thing before putting individual outfits into labeled, oversized … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party

pillows plaid 3

Hello. I apologize for the lack of posts this past week! It was just one of those weeks where I was extra extra needed as a mom and wife (and sis), and while I did start and finish a few projects, I just didn't get to share them yet. My blog has been such a big part of every week for the last two years. If I don't write or read posts for a few … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party


Happy Thursday. I was nearly late to my own party tonight. I followed a rabbit trail that I found in one of last week's adorable party links... Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom linked up the darling Hailey Ruffled Jacket that she made for her daughter. Her daughter is just as darling! And of course, I just had to check out the … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party

2012-09-16 11.55.22

Happy Thursday. Welcome to the party! Update: If you hopped over to the party and saw my old blogger blog, you didn't see the party...sorry! I created this post on the new site & while servers were still updating from the switch, you were either seeing the new blog or the old blog...or sometimes both. Everything should be done migrating … [Read more...]

(air your laundry friday) textile party

Happy Thursday. It was a lovely & crisp Fall day here today and I just got back from my boy's football practice a little while ago. It was chilly enough to snuggle up under a blanket while watching Jaden's football practice from the sidelines. {love} A cup of hot apple cider in hand would have been so perfectly Fall! I hope … [Read more...]

{air your laundry friday} textile party

I hope you're having a lovely week!I'm going to keep this short and sweet tonight.I spent so much time lookingand now I'm running a little behind on the writing.;)Before we get the party started,the winners of the Goose Creek Candle Co. giveaway are:PennyandLivin' La Vida Lanphear.{Thanks to everyone who entered!}On with the beautiful features from … [Read more...]

{air your laundry friday} textile party

Thank you for coming by every week to drop off your laundry when you have some.And, thank you for stopping by to just take in the inspiration.I'm going to keep this short and sweet tonight.Be sure to stop by Saturday morning...I finished painting avintage locker inspired metal cabinetthis morning that I love love love!(How is that for an … [Read more...]