About Freckled Laundry


I’m Jami,
a mother of three little ones,
living in upstate NY.
(Think small town, not skyscrapers.)
My blog is about my laundry {textile}, design, DIY,
craft, and home decor lovin’ life.
Simply put,
(and in lovely, not-mine handwriting)

…including, but not limited to,
my children,
our hearts,
my blog,
my laundry,
and my home
(a 1964 ranch style fixer upper).

So, what is beautiful?
To me,

a reflection of us,
and authentic.

Why do I blog?
Because I love it…and to maybe inspire you to let your own lovely shine through.

What is vintage chic?
my addiction love of vintage and antiques
understated grace
= vintage chic

How would I describe my style?
Let’s talk shoes for a moment.
{Keep reading. There is a point here. I swear!}
Most days, you’ll find me running around in a pair of these…

while imagining myself doing it all in a pair of these…

or sometimes a pair of these…

The style that I try to create, reflects just that.

Above all else,
my home has to be comfortable like a pair of Converse.

I love laundry (as in textiles).
{…if my blog name is any hint!}
If I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t decorate with it.
Plain and simple.

Pure linen, cotton, voile, and cotton jersey knit are staples around here.
I try to create a home that feels just as comfortable as it looks.

At the same time, my home is simple, understated, and chic like the strappy heels
that would look great with a pair of jeans or a little black dress.
Not too casual. Not too fru fru.

And, just like a tough pair of cowgirl boots,
my home must be a practical and real space that can handle everyday life.

Despite a lot of white and gray,
e.v.e.r.y. bit of laundry that can be touched, can be tossed in the washing machine.
much of what I decorate with is repurposed or re-loved.

If you love laundry as much as I do, I invite you into my home to journey with me.

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No folding or ironing necessary.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read about me!

Make yourself at home.



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