white floor & bedroom plans

Happy Monday (and first day of July), lovelies!

I wanted to share some bedroom progress with you,

but first, I just wanted to say
thank you!
for entering my giveaway with
The Good Home Co. folks.

The winner was notified on Monday.
{Congrats, Heather S.!}

We had such a great response to the giveaway
and The Good Home Co. and I will be working on
on a little something together in the future…

…all because a whole bunch of your sweet selves hopped over to enter.

{Thank you!}

For those of you with AND without facebook pages,
I am putting together a little Christmas in July giveaway that will include
something from The Good Home Co.

In other news,
I thought I’d share some bedroom progress & plans with you!

I admit, there has been more planning than progress
considering me and two members of my crew broke THREE bones in the last month.

I still can’t believe it.

I broke my left foot (5th metatarsal) on Memorial Day after tumbling down the basement stairs.
I don’t recommend taking off like a bat of he** down a set of stairs
unless you’re running from someone or something.
Bats have wings. People don’t.

Exactly one week later, my sweet little Grey broke his clavicle after a little too much fun on a swivel office chair
(a.k.a. DIY wheelchair) that I was using to wheel my broken self around the house in.

And THEN, last Monday, my husband broke his ankle after a little stumble at work.
Make sure neither of your lower extremities are asleep (and therefore numb) before you jump out of chair
when a fire alarm sounds.

Really. It’s okay to giggle.

We n.e.v.e.r. get hurt, so three emergency room trips in less than a month
is still a little #unbelievable!

Grey’s clavicle healed up incredibly fast.
Apparently, collar bone fractures are pretty common in the wee folk
and by design, they mend lickety split.
He was back to his little self sans sling in less than a week.
Thank God.

The foot thing slowed me down a bit for a week,
but I was painting my bedroom walls & floors as soon as I could
walk and not hop on one foot.
Click here for my wall & ceiling paint post if you missed it.
And before any of my honorary blog moms lovingly scold me for working with a broken foot,
I had a follow up appointment on Friday and everything is healing just as it should be.
I don’t even need to wear my astronaut boot fracture shoe anymore.

Mr. Laundry just happened to break his ankle the night before a two week vacation,
so he is quite comfortably taking it easy on the sofa with Netflix and the XBox.


There will be nary another moment in his life when he can play video games for a week straight
without a peep from the Mrs.

He is living the bachelor life right now.

Anyhow, the white floor is finished!

Yeah…about that white floor.
I’m thankful I only have about 5o square feet of actual white floor showing.
I have had to clean it more times than I’d comfortably care to in the last week.
I don’t mind white everything else, but floors are a whole ‘nother story.
I can easily go about a week or two before I need to wash my white slipcovers & linens,
but the floors?
About 30 minutes.
It sure looks lovely though.

It doesn’t help that one of the doors to the back yard is in this room,
so six dirty little feet pitter patter in and out all. day. long.

A rug is definitely a must.

This gray & white Hampton rug would be {almost} perfect.
I love the clean, simplicity of the stripes
and that it’s indoor/outdoor & easy to clean, but at $278
I think I’ll look for (or make) something similar and softer for less than $100…


I’m thinking of making a white and heather gray t-shirt rag-style rug
or buying a white rug & simply adding some gray stripes with fabric medium.

As for the armoire, I haven’t decided on a paint color/shade yet,
but it will likely be in the white and gray linen family with a pop of color on the inside.
I typically love and use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® (and still do),
but I’ve been wanting to try some of the other chalk based paints out there.
I like options and slightly different finishes on my furniture pieces.
Have you tried any chalk based paints?
I’d love to know what your fav is!

…or maybe I’ll try Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Grain Sack,
which is described as a grayish taupe linen.


Breida with a B. chimed in
and describes Grain Sack as a gray-er than white color, not taupe.
It will still work for me.
(She’ll be sharing her latest Grain Sack piece tomorrow.)
Thanks, Breida!

While the paint is still up in the air,
I did nail down the hardware selection
with nickel card holder pulls for the drawers.
I mean, how else will I find my socks without a label that reads “socks”?


The other hardware pictured above is for a fold out/flip up vanity desk that I’m attaching to the built-ins.
You may have noticed that the new room is a bit of a tight squeeze,
so the ability to fold out the vanity-slash-desk surface (like you would a drop leaf table)
and put it down when I’m not using it, will work perfectly for this space.

Here’s a “sketch’ of what I’m talking about…
freckled laundry vanity plans
I’ll paint the maple boards to look like a vintage sign or something,
so it won’t look like two pieces of maple randomly hanging from a built-in shelf
when the vanity is folded down.
Functional pretty.

This antique sterling silver vanity mirror
freckled laundry antique sterling mirror
will hang from a ribbon so that I can see what I’m working with when I do my makeup.

I tried a larger oval mirror on the built-ins for size,
but I love the simplicity and look of this little sterling mirror so much more.

It is my most cherished and loved piece of silver.
Just look at the handle and those pretty details!

And I’m SURE it’s bugging someone out there
that my armoire is covering/blocking the left side of the built-ins.
This room will not win any symmetry accolades, for sure.
It’s impossible.
To make it a touch easier on the eyes,
I do plan to hang a white linen floor to ceiling curtain panel on the left side though.
freckled laundry bedroom plans

This is a slightly better attempt at the shade but it will be voile and light filtering
(not heavy cotton canvas or Pottery Barn)…
The piece of maple crown molding will go above the built-ins.
I {love} the look of natural maple,
but I am itching to whitewash/limewash the moulding first.
There is no way I’m painting over that beautiful slice of maple with a solid, opaque color.  

Anyhow, there’s still a bunch to do and sew for this room,
but I’m getting there and looking forward to
fluffing and styling
so that it looks comfy and vintage chic and not so sterile!

What have you been working on?



  1. Jami – I’m working on a post right now – with a piece I painted in Grain Sack. I would not call it anything in the taupe family. It’s just a little bit grey-er than white. . . painted on raw pine. . . post should be up tomorrow. This was a test piece to see what color I want to paint my piano. I like grainsack – but it’s not the right color for the piano. Now I need to try Linen!
    breida @ breidawithab.com recently posted..Country Living Magazine Fair {part 2}My Profile

  2. keya says:

    ah jami, so sorry to read about all the injuries in your family! that’s crazy! but i have to say i am loving the bedroom makeover as-is and your plans! can’t wait to see the finished product. i appreciate your honesty about white floors. i so wanted white plank flooring in our house. i lobbied really hard for it, but in the end we did go with medium toned wood (and white absolutely everywhere else). we did it for fear of the amount of cleaning and my husband’s fears of me becoming an army sargent with regards to our floors. i love our floors so much – but have to say when ever i see a white floor my heart skips a beat…

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Keya! My heart skips a beat too in those moments when it’s completely clean. Yes, I definitely think the medium toned wood was a good move for you. I think your floors are gorgeous. So much better than the orange-y oak I’m dealing with over here. I wanted to paint our floors in the rest of the house white, but I think I’ll go with a warm gray and maybe even a pattern (stripe) when the time comes. I do love the look of the white, but with messy little ones, I’d definitely be an army sergeant. I probably already fit that bill. lol xo

  3. I can not believe all the broken bones in you family in such a short time. Maybe we need to up the calcium in the family? And! I can’t believe how you continued with your DIY floor broken foot and all. You are amazing. So do you think you will repaint the floor to another color?{I love the white though} I am thinking that if you bring in another white in the way of a rug, won’t you still have the same problem? I like the cabinet dark, it is a beautiful contrast. And one less project lol.

    • Jami says:

      Ha! My sis said the same thing about calcium. I think the culprit is pure clumsiness, but I’ve definitely had a few extra glasses of milk in the last couple of weeks. No, I don’t think I’ll repaint the floor. I do love the look of the white and hopefully a rug will help a bit, esp. right in front of the door that the littles are in and out of all day. I’ve thought about painting a chunky gray stripe on the floors (like the rug). I have some of Annie Sloan’s paint and Floor Lacquer downstairs. We’ll see. As for the rug, I think a gray and white stripe will be okay. I mean, the dirt is still going to be tracked in, but I can do a quick shake outside the door or throw it right in the washing machine. But, maybe skipping any white and doing a solid gray jersey knit would be better. You definitely have a point! I like the armoire and I might not touch it, but you know me and contrast. I ordered Miss Mustard Seed’s Grain Sack & Bonding Agent last night. If I do paint it, I want to let some of the espresso show through with distressing…or I might paint some parts but not all. Happy 4th!

  4. If you are needing a rug on your lovely white floor, do consider one that can be popped in the washing machine on an almost weekly basis……… or it will soon look shabby and it’s going to be too nice a room for that!

  5. Whoa on the injuries!! Glad everyone is healing up; something is telling you to slow down, lol!!! Love the bedroom progress photos, lovely!! I also plan on a MMS grainsack project very soon, my first milk paint project yet! Thanks for all the inspiration and this great newsy post, always a treat!!
    Candace Bertalan Horner recently posted..Collection of Three Vintage 40's and 50's Easter Tablecloths for Cottage & Shabby Decor by BarnCandyMy Profile

    • Jami says:

      Thanks, Candace! If I move any slower, I’ll be standing still. haha I went ahead and ordered Grain Sack last night. I will keep an eye out on your facebook page for your project too. Happy 4th!

  6. glad to hear you all are on the mend. crazy how when it rains it usually pours! the room is going to be just lovely. the floors are gorgeous too even though sounds like they are a bit labor intensive. I’d love to rip out the carpet in my daughter’s room and put down white wood floors or even sand and paint the subfloors. sounds like a rug is a must!
    Jessica @ Dear Emmeline recently posted..What’s a Painter’s Pyramid? Vintage Desk Set RemadeMy Profile

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Jessica! I think white floors might be a bit easier to upkeep in a bedroom WITHOUT a constantly used door to the outside. I don’t always do what’s practical when I want the aesthetic. Don’t let my white woes discourage you. I actually just put a little basket outside the door and the new rule is shoes off before they come back inside. Getting two 3 year-olds to actually remember it is another story. I’ve seen some really cute painted subfloors. Definitely budget friendly too. xo Happy 4th

  7. Melinda says:

    Oh my goodness Jami, you all have had quite a summer vacation already, you poor things!! We always joke with my grandparents that they compete on who can have the worst affliction, so when one gets hurt, not more than a week later, the other gets hurt too. It may sound sad, but we laugh about it, it keeps things light.
    I hope this is it for your broken bones!!
    You are so super talented, I can’t wait to see all of the progress on your home!
    Wishing you a very beautiful day and a happy 4th!!
    Melinda recently posted..A Little American & French LoveMy Profile

  8. Marian says:

    You know, if you decide the white is just too much upkeep, you could always do a checkerboard with a soft, sheer grey. That is lovely and farmhouse-y. And I think you’d love the texture of milk paint. If you blow dry it, it really crackles and peels. Lots of fun with dark wax.

    Also, are you going to Haven? Through a miracle, I got a ticket. I’d love to meet up in a class somewhere. And I hope you guys don’t have any more trips to the ER. I’d say you should be good for many years.
    The other Marian
    Marian recently posted..Playing with flowers and chalk paintMy Profile

    • Jami says:

      Oooh. I love the look of a Swedish farmhouse checkerboard floor, Marian. At least one room in my house will have a checkerboard floor at some point. No. I am not going to Haven, but I’m happy you got a ticket! They have been hard to come by and when one goes up for sale, I see so many raising their hands. Lucky you. I would have definitely loved to meet up with you if I were going. I will go someday. And yes…if I never see the inside of an ER again, I’ll be happy! xo

  9. Great post! Sorry to hear about the broken bones, but glad your little one has healed up quickly!
    I love your plans for the room :) I did a little searching and found a few rug options:
    This one and this one

    I’ve worked with ASCP Paris Gray and it is in the cooler gray family, so that might be a color you want to try in the future. Have a happy 4th! Looking forward to checking out your July giveaway!
    Lisa Miller *Malone Street Studios recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

    • Jami says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to find those links for me, Lisa! $30 is my cup of tea and if I go that route, I can always whiten the stripes with fabric paint. I’ve noticed most gray striped rugs are with ivory…probably because no one wants to walk on bright white. Paris Grey is one of my favorite ASCP colors. I like warming it up with a little Old White or French Linen mixed in though…just a tad too cool for me straight out of the can…unless you’re using a dark wax. Anyhow, I appreciate the links & the paint recommendation! Happy 4th!

  10. There is also this one from Land of Nod

  11. June G. says:

    Hi Jami! I’m sorry to hear about all the injuries is your family!! I didn’t laugh out loud about Mr. Laundry’s broken bone but I did get a big smile on my face! I painted a buffet not long ago with a 50/50 mix of AS French Linen and Pure White it makes the prettiest grey. I love to “experiment” with her colors, they are endless. I have MMS Shutter Gray and haven’t used it yet. But, I have used CeCe Caldwell’s, it dries nice because of the clay base, I think, and she has some nice colors (Cinco Bayoo Moss, personal fav). I do really like AS, but it’s fun to try new things! Still haven’t gotten my clothesline up…. I’m really missing out on some good drying weather!! Love your posts. ;)

    Happy 4th!

  12. it all looks and sounds lovely, jami! love the armoire and handles, esp. have a safe and happy 4th:)
    lynn at shabby story recently posted..it’s a sign…My Profile

  13. Anne says:

    Sorry to hear about all of your injuries! Hope you all heal soon! Your bedroom is looking amazing! Love those shelves and I also love the idea of hanging that beautiful vintage mirror!
    Anne recently posted..Making Pizza MargheritaMy Profile

  14. alima says:

    I’m still stuck back at that part where you said you wash your white slipcovers every week or two??! Mine are lucky if they are washed every 2 months! Hmm…maybe I should work on that! Clearly, a white floor isn’t for me because I definitely wouldn’t wash that frequently enough. Yours looks lovely though and I bet you will be able to keep it looking beautiful!
    Can’t believe all those broken bones! Glad everyone is healing well! :)

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