change & FREE printable nautical photos

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer
(or winter/autumn/spring wherever you are)! 

July has been quite a month of change for me (with breathtaking surroundings sprinkled in).
I have some free printable nautical & tattered aqua rowboat photos for you,
but let’s talk change for a minute. 


A couple of weeks ago,
my sister, Toni and her sweet family relocated from a hop, skip, and a jump away
(about three blocks from my house)
all the way down to North Carolina
(about ten hours from my house). 

Ain’t that some…sugar. 

Watching her drive off was one of the saddest days e.v.e.r.,
but I cried a river for a few days
and now everything is back to h.a.p.p.y. 

I like to think of change like this… 

It’s unavoidable
and sometimes takes you down
winding and bumpy back roads. 

You can pull over to the side of the road
or even kick it into reverse and head back home. 

Or, you can keep it moving
until you eventually hit the highway
and find yourself cruising along to some good tunes
and the wind in your hair. 

While my sis left me in her dust
(Don’t mind me. Just guilt trippin’ my sis here. haha),
I’m so happy that she kept on going
and ended up where she wanted to be…
…because that girl doesn’t like change.
And this was a big one. 

Growing up… 

The same week she left,
I decided to enroll the twins in preschool.
I should have waited a week. ;)
freckled laundry twins 

Mr. Laundry and I were on the fence about this preschool program
because it’s a full day, M-F.

I could comfortably live without them out them in the mornings, a couple of days a week,
but the whole. day. every. day.? 


It came down to realizing that just because I’m not ready,
it doesn’t mean they aren’t. 

So, off to preschool they will go {together} in September! 

I can always take them out if a full day seems a bit too much for me them. 

They are both little ‘old souls’ and just cool to have around,
so I’m going to miss their sweet faces during the day. 

But, if it all works out (and I’m sure it will),
I’ll start blogging and working full-time again in the Fall. 


I was happy, to say the least,
to have an old friend come to NY for a visit last week.
Colleen rented a little cottage on Keuka Lake in Hammondsport, NY,
so our girlfriend Denyel and I drove up for an evening of catching up and breathtaking views. 

I’m convinced that the cottage she rented was made for me.
I didn’t take many interior photos because it isn’t my home to be sharing on the www,
but it was painted pale gray with white trim, white slipcovers, white linens, etc.
…with lavender gray pillows on one of the beds! 

I didn’t want to leave! 

I fell in love with the moulding throughout the tiny little cottage,
so I snapped a (slightly blurry) pic for me and you.
freckled laundry cottage molding
I love the simplicity and the cottage feel.
Colleen and I quickly started inspecting it
and we believe it’s just a 1 x 4 with quarter-round around the edges.

Isn’t it lovely?
It’s on the “to do” list now. 
Colleen is a blogger too,
and we were like moths to a flame when I said,
“Ooh. I love that moulding. I wonder how she did it.”
She blogs at 58 Water Street.
Her style is eclectic, but she’s mostly drawn to mid-century modern design and lots of color.
(We both wanted to “borrow” a white, MCM round coffee table in the little cottage.)
You should see the MCM chair that she recently found on the curb!
No one casts that sort of thing away here.
Colleen is a professional organizer and interior decorator, too.
She and her little family move, on the average, every 2.5 years.
The need to pack up and re-establish roots every couple of years
has turned her into an organizing and re-decorating pro,
which naturally evolved into her business in Fargo, ND.
I’d love it if you hopped over to her place for a look-see and hello.
I’ve known her since the tenth grade!

I’ve said it before.
I’m a lake girl.
I am so blessed to live in the Finger Lakes region of NY.
Breathtaking views and amazing wineries
are within a half hour drive.
I snapped some photos from the deck of the little cottage on Keuka Lake
and I thought I’d make them available for you to print
without a watermark if you’d like.
I loved the little vintage, tattered, aqua rowboats!
I added a vintage Photoshop action to some of the photos,
so there are two of each image.
Just click on each photo that you’d like to print
and it take you to a Google site
where you can download sans watermarks.
I’m not sure I’d print any larger than an 8 x 10 in these.

freckled laundry free nautical photograph printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake printable photographs

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

freckled laundry free nautical lake boat photography printables

Have a lovely week!
I’ll see you soon with a little more bedroom progress.



  1. Isabella says:

    Our two younger children went to Cornell in Ithaca, so we know all about the beautiful lake region of New York!

    • Jami says:

      Small world! I went to Ithaca College and Colleen (my friend that I mentioned in the post) is a Cornell grad, too. Such a beautiful area.

  2. Lynne says:

    Hi darling girl! Happy Summer! OMGoodness…E & G…pre-school!
    As always, you publish abundant love and magic!
    Lynne recently posted..French bread on Friday.. random…”.blanc et noir”!My Profile

    • Jami says:

      Hi, Lynne! I know. I can’t believe it. They were only 8 months old when I started blogging! Thank you! xo

  3. Hi Jami!! I love a peaceful lake..! and also love the beach, we vacationed every year at Nags Head, NC until recently. We have the Jersey Shore, but rarely get to visit. Love your lake photos, spectacular!! I feel your pain, part of my heart is moving to NC next month when my Tyler goes off to college, can’t hardly bear to think of it, but like you said, it’s their dream so we must support them. And your little ones off to day care? Oh dear, I”m with you on that one, too much change all at once, hang in there !!!!

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Candace! We’ll hang in there together. The twins are only going to preschool, but I’m kinda acting like they’re going off to college like your Tyler! haha You poor girl…at least I’ll get the twins back at 3 p.m. everyday. Be sure to send him lots of packages filled with his favorite snacks & a little bit of “home.” I’m sure he’ll miss you just as much and packages were always so special to receive. I enjoy the beach, but I definitely feel more at home at the Lake…probably because there’s more shade. ;) I’ve only driven through NC to get to Myrtle Beach, so now that my sis is living in NC, I hope to see a few beaches there. I wonder how close she is to Nags Head. I just watched the movie Safe Haven, which was filmed in Southport. I could live there! Have you been? xo

      • Hi Jami! No we’ve never been to Southport, but we did visit Long Beach and Wilmington once and it was really lovely, much more a quiet area without the crowds. Hopefully you can visit your sister for a nice vacation sometime!! NC is really a lovely state with quaint towns and great treasure hunting, we just love it! ttys!

  4. Rhonda says:

    Sounds like your July is off to a start full of all sorts of change – change is an uncomfortable, but necessary force in our lives. I’m sure you (and your littles) will adapt much better than you anticipate.

    Love your lake photos – can’t wait to print one to hang in my master bedroom… it’ll serve as a reminder of the place on the lake that my hubby and I hope to have one day…
    Rhonda recently posted..{Wearing} Stitch FixMy Profile

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Rhonda! I’m sure the twins will be absolutely fine. I’m just nervous because I think my oldest went to preschool and forgot about how cool is mom was. haha! Happy you love the photos and I hope your little lake house dream comes true. I hope to have one, too.

  5. Mickey says:

    I love reading your blog…you have a wonderful style, your blog is listed in my favorites. My daughter and husband live near Cooperstown, New York, it is such a beautiful area, we enjoy visiting them especially in the fall. Hurray to you for sending your twins all day everyday to preschool. I am a teacher of young children and have been for over 30 years. All day everyday is a wonderful beginning for your children, I always encourage my parents to try the all day. Public school is tough, if children have a preschool experience where they can explore and be happy, it sets up the next 13 years on a positive note. Thank you for blogging. Mickey in Pennsylvania

  6. Tanya says:

    Gorgeous pictures, and it is hard to say goodbye when either we move or our sisters move, hang in there!!

    xo, Tanya
    Tanya recently posted..Inspiration Monday Party | Wer’e Inspired By Awesome UpcyclesMy Profile

  7. Heather says:

    aw, change is always so bittersweet! Your kids are so darn cute……
    Heather recently posted..What I call DeliciousMy Profile

  8. My oldest is heading off to preschool this year too! It’s every day but just in the morning. She got into our public Montessori school so if we choose to this will be her school through 8th grade. Feels a little weird to be sending her off to “school”.

    p.s. Your lake photos are beautiful Jami!
    Jessica @ Dear Emmeline recently posted..Flights of Fancy: A Quilted Veneer DresserMy Profile

  9. Colleen says:

    Oh that MCM table was so pretty! I should have strapped it to the top of my car. It was wonderful to see you.

  10. Jenni says:

    Oh, that is a lot of change to go through all at the same time! And it is so hard when children go off to school! I was SO sad when our first rode away on the schoolbus that first morning! And that is a big change having your sister so far away after she used to live so close…

    I also need to say I love the photos you took~ they are lovely, every one of them! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful summer, too, Jami!

    Jenni recently posted..The Back Porch & CompanyMy Profile

  11. Oh change is hard isn’t it? I can’t believe your babies are ready for pre-school…time just flies. Those pictures you took are so beautiful Jamie, you have a talent there my friend. xoxo

  12. Ann says:

    Beautiful photos!

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