my lucketts haul

I thought I’d {finally} share a few of the things I brought home with me
from the Luckett’s market in Leesburg, VA a few weeks ago!

While I didn’t find any of the items on my original Luckett list
aside from from a sign that I pre-ordered,
I still found just enough to make me smile.

Besides, things like “lavender shutters” aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.

Antique laundry, on the other hand, is a bit more promising
when writing out your Luckett list.

I scooped up pile of antique doll petticoats, doll bed linens,
and a shabby little dotted Swiss curtain panel with lace trim.

My grandmother-in-law {loves} dotted Swiss,
so I bought it to remind me of her.
(I’ll share more of that little panel soon!)

I tucked one of the tiny petticoats on a shelf…

I’m still trying to decide where to hang this beautiful, custom sign
from Miss Mustard Seed, but here it is.

This large, German, stainless steel tray caught my eye on the way out.
There was actually a stack of five.
“Hmmm. That would make a cool nightstand.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m not exactly sure what it is and the woman who sold it to me didn’t know either.
An industrial steam pan or poacher perhaps?
(The bottom of the tray is perforated.)

Do you know what it is?!

What I do know, is that I plan to make a base for it and
turn it into a nightstand for our master bedroom.
There won’t be enough room between my side of the bed and armoire
to put a usual nightstand,
so I thought this might be kinda cute on casters or something
and I can roll it out of the way when I’m not using it.

Speaking of,
I started painting the room this week!
White walls.
Linen gray ceiling.
First go was too dark.
White built-ins.
I can’t wait to share progress with you this weekend.
I hope to paint the floors white or very light linen gray tomorrow
after Jaden’s championship baseball game
and last game of the season.

Send some positive thoughts to the Rockies, would ya?

Have a happy weekend!



  1. Lynne says:
  2. Chris says:

    What a fun haul! Hoping you’re healing well and everyone is happy. I finally did some painting of my own this week. It felt good to get the paint out…and you’ll be pleased to know I decided on white. :)

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Chris. We are both in {almost} tip top shape. Grey is out of his sling and back to his little self. I feel absolutely fine, just have to wear this cute fracture shoe for another four weeks. ;) Yes, I saw your little white table on facebook! Every time I try to comment from my iphone, the facebook program shuts down. Anyhow, love it and can’t wait to see the vintage touch that you said you plan to add.

  3. Those are some great finds!! Happy painting to you…we are painting the exterior of our home and adding stone – yikes! what a job!
    Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces recently posted..DIY: Barnwood Shutters from PalletsMy Profile

  4. Ellen Price says:

    Love the linens…I think the trays were used in a steam sterilization process to sterilize medical instruments or a tray used to hold a like set of medical instruments used in a specific procedure. They sure look surgical to me.
    Ellen Price recently posted..New iPhone Case, or at least a makeover!My Profile

    • Jami says:

      Ooh. Smart thinking, Ellen. I bet you’re right. I figured they were used to steam something, but my mind never went down the medical path. Thank you! Hopefully it won’t look surgical when I’m done with it!

  5. Diana says:

    Can’t wait to see the painting progress, but must say I love the linens. I especially have a soft spot for dotted swiss…ahhhh.

    • Jami says:

      Thanks, Diana! That little panel is definitely my most favorite piece of laundry at the moment. I wish there would have been two for my kitchen window! I hope I can find another piece of dotted swiss and cut and sew it the same. It won’t have the lace detail, but I think I can make it work.

  6. Linda says:

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your room. Sounds lovely.

  7. Linda says:

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your room. Sounds lovely.

  8. love the new laundry, and the great sign, jamie:) enjoy the game!!
    lynn at shabby story recently posted..the potted stuff…My Profile

  9. Bambi says:

    I have to agree with Ellen–looks like a surgical instrument tray to me too.
    I can’t wait to see how it looks in it’s new incarnation. I love dotted Swiss, too!

  10. Renee says:

    Great finds!Love every one of them.
    Renee recently posted..Blocks for BabiesMy Profile

  11. Marian says:

    I’m so sad I missed you at Lucketts! Boo. But I love your German stainless side table idea. What about using pallet wood? I have been building with pallets lately and I lov the texture of the wood. And the support struts would be thick enough to cut legs out of. Just an idea.
    Marian recently posted..Playing with flowers and chalk paintMy Profile

    • Jami says:

      I’m sad I missed you too! I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to go until the last minute, so I never blogged about it beforehand. I wish I would have though, so we could have made plans to meet up. I think all bloggers should wear little shirts with their logos on it! I couldn’t find anyone. Well, I found a few…but I had to stalk them through facebook the day of. haha! Pallet wood is a great idea. I definitely want to use reclaimed wood of some sort. Thanks, Marian!

  12. I can’t believe I didn’t get to see you at Lucketts either! Does the metal pan have handles on BOTH ends? Or just one? it looks like a drawer to me. . .
    Those old linens are beautiful, of course – and I’m glad you’re healing well!

    • Jami says:

      I KNOW! I left my list of #s home. :( I looked for you…even found your doppelganger per my tweet. I figured I’d get a second shot at the Country Living Fair, but then I broke my darn foot. Yes, the pan has handles on both ends and the bottom is raised up an inch…almost like you’d set it in boiling water or something. It does look like a drawer though!

  13. Barbie says:

    I’d forgotten all about dotted Swiss. That needs to make a come back, don’t you think? Good luck to Jaden – I am always a bit depressed when baseball season ends, I really miss it, but we move quickly on to football, then basketball!

    • Jami says:

      Yes…it does need to make a comeback! (It is around here with my one little panel!) Thanks for the luck wish for Jaden! His team had a great season…ended in 2nd place. Baseball season is my favorite. Just like you, it’s on to the next! No basketball though…golf camp and then Football in August. xo

  14. Were you at the market both days or just one? i was there on Sunday to shop and for the Hometalk meetup. Would have been fun to meet up…maybe next year if we both make it again!
    Jessica @ Dear Emmeline recently posted..Exciting news and a DIY decorative vent cover tutorialMy Profile

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