air your laundry friday, etc.

I’m back from vacation, etc. and I’ve missed my little blog so.

First, my heart goes out to those of you who were hit by hurricane Sandy (or know someone who was).
I hope your families are safe and your damage minimal, but sadly, I know that isn’t the case with so many.
I’m on the East Coast (Upstate NY), but we didn’t experience anything near the wind and surge devastation like
NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, etc.

 Twenty-two states and their cities and towns were affected by the hurricane and storm,
and let’s not forget Haiti.

Although we stepped off the plane home into hurricane warnings,
our Disney family vacation was wonderful and filled with excited little moments like this…

(If the Youtube video does not appear, click here for a short clip of Edyn.)
She was far more into Animal Kingdom than the Magic Kingdom.
Forget magic and princesses. That child is all about nature and animals.
Real ones.
(Mickey and Minnie didn’t count.)

I asked each of my littles what their favorite part of Disney was.
Edyn: “Animals.”
Grey: “Dwiving the racing car.”

(Found in your standard arcade at Disney Quest.)

Jaden: “Stitch’s Great Escape, Phineas & Ferb, and Splash Mountain.”
There was all the Phineas & Ferb a boy could hope for at Downtown Disney.

Speaking of Stitch’s Great Escape, Jaden decided he wanted to be Stitch for Halloween.

An hour after stepping off the plane, I was at JoAnn buying materials to make his costume
for his school Halloween parade the next day.

Unfortunately, some of his classmates decided to tease him and call him “Blue’s Clues”,

so he was too embarrassed to wear his ears and carry his Stitch plush during the parade.
(And believe me, that stuffed Stitch plush was the only way one could possibly identify his costume!)


Note: If your boy wants to be Stitch, choose the right shade of blue.

That’s two Halloween costume strikes against me.
Oh, man!
The first strike was when I made him wear a Peter Pan costume in Kindergarten.
Nude tights and all.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I found Bert and Ernie costumes for the twins at a yard sale for $1.

I can blame someone else’s crafty mom if this comes back to haunt me 10 years from now.

Have you had any costume fails?

Thanks for reading and/or linking up this week.
Can’t wait to see your not-blue-clues-looking laundry!

I’ll write more soon.



  1. jayne says:

    Oh my! The Burt and Ernie costumes are so cute!!!!! I have twins also (all grown up now) and used to make all of their costumes :)
    jayne recently posted..How I make my Christmas stockings…My Profile

  2. sarah walker says:

    Hope you post pictures of your cute Disney outfits- especialy the one with the ruffled leggings! We are planning a Disney trip for december adn would love some cute ideas.

  3. Welcome Home!!! I really missed your posts. You kept popping into my mind and I was hoping you were having a fun trip! We’re toying with taking my daughter next summer – she’ll be a little over 2 years old. She loves Cinderella and Mickey Mouse! We’ll see…. Glad you’re home safe!! Hugs, Jennifer

  4. HI Jami! My son was Robin Hood when he was that age – pretty much the same costume as Peter Pan. I used brown leggings – much more dignified than nude tights! Im glad to hear you were spared in the hurricane – we were too – though now we are in the middle of this gas panic. . .
    breida @ recently posted..Here Comes the Story of the HurricaneMy Profile

  5. Oh how cute is Edyn! Love her little voice. I feel bad for Jaden, you both had great ideas, it was probably jet lag and vacation blur that made you pick the wrong blue. Carter was Elmo for Halloween, at 16 months he did pretty darn well. I have been worrying about your safety, didn’t know how close the storm was to you, so glad you popped in and did a post. I even texted you to make sure you were all right. So glad to have you back safe and sound and that you guys had a great time.
    Stephanie@cre8tive recently posted..Decorating with Ikea artificial plantsMy Profile

  6. Jo says:

    The photo of Robin Hood is priceless. How many of us parents have seen that look on our kids’ faces? I laughed out loud!

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