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You can probably tell from the creative title that this post is a bit of a hodgepodge.
It doesn’t tell you that it’s a long one though.
; )

I have so much to share since Thursday, but first…HAPPY OCTOBER!

I spent Friday preparing for The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee
held on the property of Tricia’s purple Painted Lady victorian on Saturday.
I snapped this shot with my iphone as we approached…

{I know my fellow lavender lovin’ friends hear angels singing!}

Tricia’s home and property are straight out of a story book.

While I stood there taking it all in,
I pictured me my children running through that HUGE old house,
playing hide and seek in the barn, feeding the chickens and rabbits,
climbing trees, and eating fruit from the Pawpaw trees.

Of course, my studio would be in the barn just as Tricia’s is.
Don’t bother knocking on the front door…you know where I’ll be!

While I stood there daydreaming, Edyn danced to the live band, Vintage.
She danced the entire time she was there.
(Click the link below for a quick video clip!)

edyn dancing 9-29-12

Shane and I nicknamed her “Woodstock” a few months ago because she has a little hippie soul. ; )
Love that she dances like nobody’s watching, wherever there’s music.
Love that everyone who walked by her did a little dance, too.
Love her.

I was happy and thankful that my sister, Toni and her family rearranged their Saturday plans
so that I could go to the Barn Sale.
They watched Grey and Edyn while I did my faux zinc demonstration at noon.

I was quite nervous when Tricia introduced me to a dozen or so pairs of eyes.
I’m a bit shy and it’s so much easier to share tutorials and such on my blog.
My nerves were all for nothing though because
30 seconds later, I was in my paint zone and totally comfortable.

 I asked everyone to come a little closer and “get cozy”, while I painted away.

I loved it!

Just a bunch of creative do-it-yourselfers gathered around a table.

I don’t have any pictures of my demo, but Tricia will be sending me some.

When I arrived at the sale, I noticed that Tricia had the silver gilding wax that I’ve been wanting to try
for a different faux zinc effect, among other things.

So, I did the original tutorial that I came there to do and then invited everyone to stay
while I tried out the technique I had in mind using the gilding wax.
About 10 minutes later, I had a MUCH easier and more authentic-looking zinc finish.
(It’s my new favorite faux zinc tutorial and I’ll be doing a quick tutorial for you, too.)

Sometimes you just have to get out the brushes (or rag) and just go with it!

One woman wanted me to try a copper verdigris-ish finish using the gold gilding wax.
We had so much fun picking out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors and trying things out!

She showed me some colorful stones on her bracelet that had the palette she wanted in the copper,
so we added hues of green, turquoise, buttery yellow, and burgundy.

Well, you can see from my hands what colors we used!…

 In the end, the finish was beautiful and I loved that three of us did it together.

Needless to say, a 20-minute faux zinc demonstration turned into a very fun hour and 15 minutes!

I would normally insert pictures of both the zinc and copper finishes here,
but I offered the board to her for reference.
By the time I realized that I forgot to take a picture for my blog, she had gone home.
I wasn’t on my blogging game…I was too busy counting my blessings that I didn’t faint during the demo!

Here’s a photo of Tricia giving a clear soft wax demonstration…

{Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely barn sale and home, Tricia!}

You can see the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint display on the right.
People were coming in droves to check out and buy Annie’s paint.
One couple even drove six hours from Westchester County to see what all of the Annie Sloan fuss was about.

Anyhow, I will definitely share the faux zinc technique with you soon.
Let me know if you’d like to see a tutorial for the coppery finish and I’ll order what I need for that.

My Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint just arrived so I’ll be painting my three lower cabinets first though!

 I ordered my Milk Paint from Patty at Classic Wall Finishes.
She has a good amount of each color and the bonding agent, waxes, hemp oil, samples, etc.
in stock and ready to ship.

Back to Saturday…
After the barn sale, my sister and I did little thrift shopping in Rochester.

I found a huge hardcover book titled, Pickup Trucks that instantly made Grey’s trip worthwhile.
(He actually calls them, “hiccup trucks” and it will be a while before I correct him!)

I also came home with a brand new Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic
comforter and sham that I found at Goodwill for $4.99!

 I bought it for Edyn but draped it over my sofa and I actually kinda like it there for now…

It made a nice backdrop for quick photos of my new “softly spoken” collection,
(which is why there’s a missing pillow).
I didn’t get a chance to take photos of each piece yet, but I didn’t want to wait a few more days to share it.

This collection combines my love of linen and typography.
The pillows, cuff bracelets, napkin rings, table runners, clutches, tags,
{and soon-t0-be necklace pendants, baby bracelet cuffs, and panels}
are all hand stamped on pure, white Belgian linen
with permanent, industrial grade black ink that will not bleed or wash out.

I’m looking forward to CUSTOM pieces too,
like a bride’s note to her bridesmaid on a custom clutch
or the words of an old war letter from grandfather to grandmother hand stamped on a pillow cover.

Also not pictured are 36″ x 36″, 24″ x 24″, and 12″ x 12″ Belgian linen panels (raw or finished edges)
that can be used for upholstery work or hung above a mantel, on a wall, etc.

When I first thought of making this little collection,
I pictured His wedding vows upholstered on one chair and Her wedding vows on another,
flanking a weathered, white sideboard cabinet.
Wouldn’t that be a cool wedding or 1-year anniversary gift?
Now I wish my husband and I had written our own vows.

Here are some detail shots…

I think these little napkin rings would be lovely stamped with “fleur” and wrapped around wild flower bouquets too…

…or customized for holiday hostess gifts.

All of my linen is prewashed and dried and feels so soft & beautiful.
No worries about washing and shrinking.
I don’t like to fuss with my laundry nor do I want anyone else to.
In fact, I prefer the casual, rumpled look of this linen fresh out of the drier.

So, that’s a glimpse of the softly spoken collection!
(The name probably makes more sense now.)
I’ll be adding more pieces and taking pictures for my shop this week.

I hope you love the little collection as much as I have loved working on it!
I figured if we have a lot to say, we might as well say it on laundry.
; )
My other wordless collection is almost finished.

Speaking of having a lot to say, I’ll be pouring other thoughts out soon.
I am so touched by the response to my guest post at Miss Mustard Seed‘s
and I need to wrap my thoughts and words around what I want to say…
…because at the moment, I honestly don’t know how to say it.
Seriously, if I write another word, I’m going to write another chapter or two.
{Just…thank you for being there and understanding!!!}


Here’s one more shot of the Rachel Ashwell comforter.
I could take pictures of fabric all day!

Okay…off to de-clutter my emails, clean {My house looks like a burglary took place.} and then paint my cabinets!


  1. Deanne says:

    Sounds like you had a great time- well done for stepping out of your comfort zone!

    • Jami says:

      a) I am happy you can see my post…still trying to figure out the new blog. b) I did have a great time. Thank you, Deanne!

  2. Congrat’s it’s BEAUTIFUL and I’m SO happy for you. Incredible, girlfriend…simply, elegantly, incredible! xo

  3. amy says:

    beautiful collection!

    comforter-Great find!!


  4. Arli says:

    Sounds like great event, and your new line looks awesome! Can’t wait to see more. I know the Mustard Seed “magic” will rub off on you, because the “magic” is talent, creativity, hard work, risk, patience and a blessing or two!

  5. So beautiful, I know the magic is true…we will have more magic this year!!

  6. JAMI….i LOVE LOVE LOVE the napkin holders! so unique! you’re way too creative!

  7. Sounds like you had a grand time this weekend. I am always awed by the photos Tricia posts. I may have to make a road trip for her next barn sale, especially if you’re going to be there selling and demo-ing.

    That wax looks amazing. Can’t wait for your tutorial.

    • Jami says:

      Tricia is so passionate about her furniture painting. It was awesome to watch her do her thing on Saturday…and I got to see her pieces up close. I am awed by her photos too, but to see them in person…WOW. I hope you can make the trip next year, Amy. I do at least plan to sell! xo

    • Jami says:

      Tricia is so passionate about her furniture painting. It was awesome to watch her do her thing on Saturday…and I got to see her pieces up close. I am awed by her photos too, but to see them in person…WOW. I hope you can make the trip next year, Amy. I do at least plan to sell! xo

  8. What an amazing purple Victorian – I could definitely picture my girls running thru the halls too!

    Your napkins rings are fabulous!

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Kelly! I needed to go inside and wash my brushes and I so badly wanted to run through those halls and have a look! I behaved though. Straight to the sink and back. ;)

    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Kelly! I needed to go inside and wash my brushes and I so badly wanted to run through those halls and have a look! I behaved though. Straight to the sink and back.

  9. Alima says:

    Does anyone know how to find barn sales in your area? When I google, all I come across are actual barns for sale. Or livestock auctions. That’s not exactly what I’m looking for.
    Anyone have any ideas. I’m in Alabama and I feel certain there must be some around here.

    • Jami says:

      Hmmm. I’m not sure, Alima. I always seem to find out about those things through word of mouth (or blogs). Same with auctions. The newspaper usually shares them but by the time they do, it’s usually too late to actually plan on going (like the same day). I’m sure there has to be a site that lists them…if not, you should start one! You could be the next craigslist for barn sales & vintage shows. :) Try asking your local antique shops or flea markets…they might have a good bead on that sort of thing. (I know they’ll know what auctions are nearby!)

  10. SueAnn says:

    Such a beautiful collection…love it

  11. Lynne says:

    You are “spot on” with this collection! It’s wonderful!
    Congratulations, Jami!

  12. thistle says:


    Can I just tell you……I want to be you when I grow up! Everything you create inspires me. Truly. I love this new collection and I can’t wait to see your zinc tutorail…..I need it for some Christmas ornaments. Can we buy that paint?

    Thank you my wonderful friend for always inspiring me!


    • Jami says:

      Thank you, Karianne. (You know you inspire me too!) Thanks for loving my collection. I will do the zinc tutorial this weekend. It’s like two steps. You’ll love it. (And I’m not bragging…I have nothing to do with the beauty of it…it’s the paint and wax!) Yes, you can buy it. You will need Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, Annie Sloan CLEAR Soft wax, and the SILVER Gilding wax that is in the picture. Patty (Classic Wall Finishes…in my sidebar) carries all of it…or if you already have a closer Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist, she should have that Gilding wax too. So get some and meet me back here next week. ;) I can’t wait to see your zinc Christmas Ornaments. Cool.

  13. jayne says:

    Oh so beautiful! So fresh, crisp and lovely, congratulations on your collection!

  14. Jill Flory says:

    Oh Jami – it’s SO beautiful! And Softly Spoken is just the best name for it! I could just sit and look at all of it all night long!
    I was SO happy for you at all the comments over at MMS. So awesome! Your business is well on its way to the big time my friend – Anthro will come knocking next!

    • Jami says:

      Thank you so much, Jill. I’m so happy you like it and I sincerely appreciate your encouraging words! Whether I my pie-in-the-sky anthropologie dream comes true or not, I’m just loving making stuff for my blog. Thank you for your comment on MMS too. I responded to you over there but I’m not sure if you got it. I also responded to your other comment here, but I realized today that I was missing the WordPress plug-in that notifies you when I do. I added the plug-in so in the future, you’ll get my replies! (Just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t appreciative or anything.) I’m happy that I have you to share our little laundry journeys with. xo Jami

  15. Heather Williams says:

    Oh, Jami….your new collection is just gorgeous…so soft & cozy!!! And, yes, please, I’d love to see a tutorial on your faux coppery finish!!! Thank you so much for sharing. ~H♥~

  16. Sue says:


    What a great post – I felt like I was right there with you. From one laundry lovin’ woman to another, I have to say two things – great score on the RA comforter and your “softly spoken” collection is lovely. I just love the clean, fresh simplicity of it. I am certain it will be a hit!


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