whereabouts & vintage laundry

Thank you so much for your thoughtful notes and emails.
For those of you that don’t know,
a freak tornado ripped through my town last Thursday afternoon.
There were actually three tornados that hit the area,
that last one touching down at the bottom of my road.
I am high enough up on the hill that we only lost tree tops and limbs,
but those at the crest of the hill and the flat road suffered much more.
It seems that the oldest homes with the oldest and tallest trees were hit hardest
on my quaint and historic little side of town.
It continued it’s path right into the actual city of Elmira.
I can’t even explain the feeling and awe on the drive home after the tornado hit.
(My littles and I happened to be out to lunch at
a new Cracker Barrel in a neighboring town when it touched down.)
It is unbelievable what a tornado can do within minutes.
They were EF1 tornados and nothing like the magnitude
of those that devastated Joplin, MO and Alabama last year,
but still strong enough to leave you counting your blessings
and so grateful that there were no serious injuries or loss of life.
Everything that was damaged can be replaced.
Too, it was strong enough to leave me without power and internet for a few days,
which is why there was no {air your laundry} friday last week.
{air your laundry} friday will resume tomorrow.
As far as projects are concerned, it wasn’t much of a productive week.
That’s about to change though because a pile of vintage sheets arrived in the mail…
…and I can begin work on some things for The Urban Farmhouse Market.
Aren’t they great prints?
All of that color just makes me {smile}.
The raspberry & mustard stripe especially.
I purchased several vintage sheet fat quarters from four different shops on Etsy,
but I was quite impressed with duckyhouse.
She has quite the eye for vintage prints,
the quality of the sheets were beautiful
and in flawless condition,
 and everything arrived neatly pressed and packaged.
duckyhouse is a Canadian shop and
everything arrived quickly on my doorstep in NY.
(Took about a week.)
I was not asked or compensated to share or say anything nice about this shop.
I was simply pleased with my experience and wanted to share it
with you laundry lovin’ folks!
Most of the prints pictured above are still available in her shop.
I’m going back for more in just a minute.

One more thing…

Debbie is hosting a

If you’ve made anything inspired by a magazine or a blog,

link it up over at her place this week.

Or just look.

Link #44 from Ruby and Arthur caught my eye.

My menu this week is was pulled from my Pinterest recipe stash so I think I’ll link up
the Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwiches that I made yesterday.

They were on. the. money.

I hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Debra Howard says:

    So glad you are ok. Those sheets are lovely.

  2. Welcome back, girlfriend. I’ve missed you! Your sandwich looks delish and those sheets are divine! I can’t wait to see what you create! xo

  3. Boy, glad you guys faired relatively well!!!

  4. So glad you’re OK. That’s all that matters! Can’t wait to see those sheets as a new creation!

  5. Judy says:

    Glad to hear that you and your family are okay. Can’t wait to see what you do with those sheets.

  6. Mary says:

    What a nice combination of fabrics.

  7. glad that you and yours are okay!

  8. Diane Higdon says:

    Being right in the middle of Tornado Alley, I can feel your pain. Just glad there were no injuries. Glad you have your power back on. :)

  9. HI Jami! I’m so glad you were spared any major damage.
    I have LAUNDRY to link up this week! I’ve had some sewing lessons!! Can’t wait to share them! I’ve blogged TWO sewing projects this week.

  10. I enjoyed your blog but really enjoyed it when I got to the end! The Blue Bayou is my favorite place in Disneyland, and the Monte Cristos are the best. Looks like you did a great job creating your own!


  11. Oh gosh Jami! I am so glad you are back and that you are all safe! Nature really has it’s wonders, doesn’t it?!?! It’s tornados over there and earthquakes and brush fires over here!!! Sheesh…really makes us think and count our blessings!!!

    Btw, I really love those vintage textiles above – can’t wait to see what you do with them! Have a wonderful day!!!


  12. How scary! So glad you are all well and safe.

  13. lynn says:

    so glad you and the littles are ok, jami:) sweet sheets!

  14. Oh Jami,
    I am so sorry!! I am so thankful though that you and your little ones are okay.
    I remember when I was little and a tornado came through our town, thankfully it by passed us, but just hearing the siren and seeing the damage that it causes is terrifying!
    My prayers and blessings go out to all of those affected!!
    I love your new vintage sheets, I can’t wait to see what you create with them!
    Take care.

  15. Deanne says:

    Had no idea about your tornado, but glad you and your family are OK!

  16. chris says:

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can change? Love you. SO glad all is well…and you’re back to loving your laundry. :)

  17. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    So glad you are all okay! Love your vintage sheets- can’t wait to see what you create with them! :)

  18. Debbiedoo's says:

    Whew..that is scary! Glad you are OK. We endured some Hurricanes while living in South Florida. Needless to say, Mother nature is nothing to wreckon with. I LOVE your copy, oh so good. Pretty fabrics too. Thanks so much for sharing with the party. Enjoy!

  19. So glad you are ok and only had some minor inconveniences! I LOVE those vintage sheets! You had to show me those AND say there were more available didn’t you!! LOL!
    p.s. I sewed ALL DAY TODAY. Look for an email SOON – hopefully by friday!

  20. Glad you guys are ok (and your house too!). So scary!

  21. So scary… glad you and your littles were away when natured unleashed its terror. Hope everyone in your neighborhood recovers quickly from such a frightening event.

  22. Brenda says:

    Jami, Thankfully we don’t have tornados in Oz but watch in awe whenever we see them on TV in the US and can only imagine the terror they must strike deep into the hearts of those affected – so very glad that you and your munchkins are ok…..B:)

  23. So glad you are safe. I am from Alabama, and every time our storm warn radio beeps, I get nervous!

    Very pretty sheets. :D Your sandwich looks yummy, too.

    Linking from Debbiedoo’s,
    Ricki Jill

  24. Art and Sand says:

    Our weather is so balmy lately that I don’t realize others are suffering from heat, rain, tornados, etc. It makes one put things in perspective. I am glad that you only lost things that can be replaced.

  25. wow~glad you were spared by mother nature. weather has been so intense lately. and seeing all that color on your blog made me blink and look again!! what are you doing with these colorful things anyway? I am as usual these days out of th eloop in blogland…ill check back in your history to look for hints.

  26. So glad you had only minimal damage to your place and that you are all safe. Mother Nature just has to give these little reminders every now and then. Take care of yourself and have fun with those gorgeous fabrics! ! !

  27. oh I love these, what are you planning to make with them?

    Am glad you were not there when the tornato went through and didn’t hurt your home or your love ones.

  28. Rebecca says:

    Morning Jami, had a few moments to stop and visit. How nice it is here – I have really been enjoying it. Happy to hear you weren’t affected by the tornadoes terribly. My husband has family in town and we went down to check on them after not being able to reach them with phone and electric services not working. Fortunately they weren’t affected as terribly as others – only some limbs blown in and other debris but it really was sad to see how badly West side was hit. Hope your week so far has been enjoyable { I personally have been loving the cooler weather :) } and have a great weekend.

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