laundry. lumber. lake.

That title about sums it all up!
(It’s like the ratatouille of blog posts today…)
Thank you all {again} for the birthday wishes.
It was happy, indeed!
The morning of my birthday,
Grey and I headed off to an antiques auction about an hour away.
If you follow me on facebook,
you know that I was on a mission to snap up this turquoise antique spool cabinet,
which I had no idea was a spool cabinet until some much appreciated friends
responded to my “What is this?” and let me know.
{Thank you!}
I was also after this stack of time-worn windows
that I intended to wallpaper one wall in my house with!
No doubt I would have given them a fresh coat of paint first though.
I like to paint old things to look old, you know!
(That and I’m usually worried about lead paint.)
Well, apparently six other bidders and I were there for the cabinet!
I wimped out and threw my number down at $50.
The highest bidder walked away with it for $150.
“No problem. I’ll just grab the windows,” I thought.
Oh yeah…
THOSE windows that went up while I was inside buying Grey a bottle of water!
I assessed the remainder of the auction pile
and realized that nothing I wanted would fit into my VW,
so home we went, empty handed.
It was a lovely morning with my sweet boy though.
I cherish the moments when I get some serious one-on-one with my littles
and I know it meant the world to Grey.
He is the best auction buddy.
(Total redemption from the window incident!)
Grey is my anything goes child
and was happy to just hang on my hip and take in the whole auction experience,
taking a short break to sit and color contently on the back of a bank envelope.
After we got home,
I decided that I needed a little laundry haul.
It was my birthday after all, and I had to buy something!
My mom came over and we headed to a few yard sales and a thrift shop.
I picked up a raspberry linen dress (to use the fabric on a few things for the new line),
a white cotton, twin bedskirt with Battenburg lace trim,
charcoal striped seersucker pants (for the fabric),
and a mix of vintage silverware.
Do you like your silverware to match?
I like a nice hodgepodge of pretty pieces myself.
On Saturday, my husband and I worked on building a small deck.
It’s almost finished and then I’ll have an outdoor space to fluff!
(It seriously needs it!)
My awesome neighbor, Joy just moved into the house behind us and
decided that she wouldn’t be using the deck and pergola that the previous owner built last year,
and so she GAVE it to us.
Joy refused to take anything for it so I delivered some tasty baked asparagus to her
and have something else special in the works.
Such a blessing…
…not just the deck and pergola, but the fact that I finally have a sweet neighbor who likes people.
A bit of hard work deserves a bit of play
and yesterday, we met up with my sister and her family
for a little R&R at a nearby lake.
This view is precisely why I consider myself more of a lake girl than a beach girl.
While I watched the littles play,
I daydreamed about packing it all up and moving to a little house in the Adirondacks.
I’m feeling a bit spontaneous.
If you have rental property in Lake Placid or surrounding areas
(maybe even a crusty lil’ fixer-upper that needs some work), let me know!
I took plenty of pics of my niece and nephew too,
but I don’t like putting others’ little ones on the blog for privacy reasons.
Such a perfect day.
So perfect, in fact, that we’re heading back to the lake in just a minute.
I’ll be finishing up some vintage fabric rosettes and working on thank you notes
while soaking in that view.
Happy Tuesday.
Are you a laker or a beacher?


  1. so fun! sorry you missed out on your treasures though. Looks like it was a fun day with special people. Happy belated birthday!

  2. beautiful children :) beautiful views! I seem to always have similar auction experiences where everything I want spikes up higher in price than I can justify affording. boo hoo.

  3. chris says:

    Happy belated birthday! I love that you had special time just with Grey…and oh my look at Edyn’s hair! xoxo

  4. Kathryn Cain says:

    loverly… and Lake,but even more so Mountain…and I have to get to the top to see the view….I have a niece who now has her own kids…but back in the day she started calling me Aunt Goat…because I always was going up….She still kids me with it….when we are on a hike….but it takes a little longer then it used to and I breath a little harder… the pics

  5. Vicki K. says:

    How did they know it was a spool cabinet? I have something that looks exactly like the same style but with one drawer. Does yours look like it could have bolted onto something else from the bottom?

  6. Deanne says:

    Lakes are few and far between here in Australia. I tend to be a beach girl as it is not that far but we also have some fantastic rivers.

  7. Sounds like a great birthday! Your wall of windows sounds great – hope you find more soon!

  8. Hi Jami,

    Looks like you had a very eventful birthday! Even though you came home empty handed at the auction, I’m glad you had fun with your little one! Plus, these other vintage treasures that you found are just lovely!!!

    Can’t wait to see your deck too!!! We are in so need of a pergola or backyard patio…it’s all so crazy over here!!! lol I wish HGTV would come over and fix it for us for free!!! lol Anyway, the pics of the kiddos are just too cute…oh and as for me, I think I’m more of a beach gal!!! But that lake looks so inviting!


  9. Marian says:

    Happy Belated birthday Jami! I think a day at the auction, no matter what the outcome, is better than a day not at the auction. And I can’t wait to see what you make with your new fabrics. I think a sewing season may be coming for me soon. So glad you are getting in some lake time. I think I am more of a Lake Powell girl. (Think house boats and clear water and teensy fish nibbling your toes)

  10. Kris Pare says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for your fabrics. I tend to drool over others who can sew! Oh, you made me home sick for the Adirondacks–I grew up in Upstate NY and spent many many summers at the lakes (my extended family still vacations at Pisaco). Ah, I moved South after college and they are definitely not the same. Although, Lake Lure near Asheville is as close as I will get :)

  11. Happy Belated Birthday from me too! I loved the pics of the kiddos, and what a nice neighbor you have. The house next door to us is empty right now. I hoped we’re blessed with a wonderful new neighbor too :)

  12. Art and Sand says:

    I have an antique spool drawer my husband found in my parents’ garage. I guess I should appreciate it more. I just moved it from easy visibility in the living room to my workspace. And I could kick myself for several times turning down old windows when offered (free). Believe me, if anyone offers again I will jump on them.

    Enjoy your little ones today.

  13. Happy Birthday Jami! Sorry I missed it, and I am sorry you didn’t get the spool cabinet at auction. I have no house to sell you either…xoxo

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