{air your laundry} friday…& {finally} a feature button!

Hi, loves!
I hope you have your laundry projects at the ready!
I intend to sew something a bit later,
but man, I am wiped out after a beautiful bike ride and picnic with my littles
(and my sister and her littles).
I didn’t do any bike riding myself but rather helped the twins ride their tricycles.
Pedaling, steering, and watching ahead of you is some serious multi-tasking at 2!
Add in some fish, ducks and a flock of geese and you can forget about focus.
(The bike track circles Eldridge Lake.)
[insert what would be a scenic picture of children and said lake if
yours truly didn’t forget the camera.]
I hope you all have a beautiful day
(and maybe get to enjoy a scenic walk and picnic lunch too).
Oh, man!
As I was typing this, Grey threw his sippy cup through my family room window…
…which was closed.
Any potential window sponsors reading?
Apparently I need eyes on the side of my head
because he was sitting right next to me.
Any potential side eyes sponsors reading?
Dare I insert a smiley face?
I feel like I should be furious or something.
Laughter is my coping mechanism.
Oh well.
It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m choosing to stay happy.
I’ll just lower the shade and forget about it until Saturday
and I’m not breathing a word to my husband when he gets home.
It might lower my antiques auction cash stash for tomorrow.
Time for a little textile therapy!
{Thank you} for all of the awesome links.
It is so hard to choose features every week.
Speaking of features,
I FINALLY have a “featured” button!
(It’s in my sidebar too.)

If you’ve ever been featured here,
 grab a button on your way out.
Here are the highlights from the last party…
If I had a top 10 of all-time favorite textile projects,
Danielle’s Anthropologie inspired Ruffled Quilt
made entirely of vintage sheets would be one of them.
I want.
So gorgeous.
Natalie shared her daughter’s nursery makeover
but my absolute favorite in the room is this Scrappy Lamp Shade.
How sweet is that?!
I am absolutely making a linen version.
Lovin’ Bonnie’s Burlap Covered Letter tutorial.
Pretty, inexpensive, easy, and very clever to stick it to a wooden base.
Hello Christmas gifts this year!
You could crank these out in droves and they would be a hit.
I’ll definitely be making a “G” and “E” to use as centerpieces for
Grey & Edyn’s rustic bee-themed (lots o’ burlap) birthday party coming up.
I love love love Rhonda’s Paint-dipped (and slipcovered) Camping Stools too!
I am serious when I say that I have added each of those projects to my to-make list.
(I wonder if my husband will miss his Coleman camping stool?)
I think Brenda’s Mini Collage Quilts are such a lovely idea!
Pretty possibilities are endless.
Susan shared an easier tutorial for making a chic, fabric covered Pin Board 
out of an old cork board that you probably already have on hand.
That ought to keep you busy this weekend.
Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.
Two simple party rules:
1. This is a textile {fabric} project party only.
2. Please take a minute and link back to the party in your post.


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  1. Oh man Jami, that sounds like my house lately!! Nothing is safe with my 2 boys, especially my 4 year old. He is on the rampage!
    Can I just say that I adore that ruffled quilt!! She did a fabulous job!
    Hope you have a lovely night, and at least it’s summer, so you all won’t freeze with an open window. :)~Maniacal laugh… {That reminds me of the Muppet Movie}

  2. boo for broken windows! :(

    and Happy Birthday!!

  3. ritajoy says:

    Jamie…I knew we were destined to be BFFs, but now I know it for sure. Tomorrow is my birthday, too!! How fun is that??:) Perhaps you’ll get a shiny new window wrapped up for you…??! Would it help if I told you my (then) 4 year old was wearing my red pumps and “kicked” one off~ right through our family room window??? And, yes, he is a boy. I’m not quite sure why he was wearing my red pumps…

  4. Have a lovely birthday tomorrow, Jami!! Thanks for hosting :) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  5. Hi Jami!

    You are so funny! I can totally relate with my crazy boys too! lol OMG, you always have such awesome features…I shared my textile linky…something small, but fun. :)

    By the way, Happy {early} Birthday to you!!! What do you have planned?!?! Whatever you do – do enjoy!


  6. Rhonda says:

    Thank for the feature Jami! And happy birthday to you… A fellow Leo? My bays on the 13th ;)

  7. Happy birthday Dear Jami. I am sorry about the window. These are the times that you will remember with your children. Thank you so much for featuring my quilt today. I was so surprised to see it when I came for a visit. Hope you have something special planned for your birthday tomorrow.


  8. Oh dear! I remember that when I was a girl, my Mom said whenever my brothers threw their bottles out of the car window they were done….LOL…sorry about the window!

  9. Ozma of odds says:

    …happiest birthday!!
    (awesome month for birthdays ~ i am a leo too!)
    and oh! do i understand the random stuff that happens…
    LOVE Danielle’s ruffled quilt!!
    (gonna have to make me one of these babies!!)
    linking up today with all your other fabulous laundry projects.

    xo, Rosemary

  10. Love your new button :)

  11. Allison says:

    You have been a busy mom these days Jami! A bike ride and picnic with the kids sounds fun. Hope you have been having a great summer. All wonderful projects! That ruffled quilt is beautiful….a true work of art. Happy Birthday to you my dear! Enjoy your special day. I am also an August baby. Mine is on Sunday. The happiest of birthdays to you! XO

  12. Happy Birthday Girlfriend! xo

  13. Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about the window! :|

  14. You could tell him lightning struck it. That was my brother’s excuse when he broke the globe on our overhead light and (another) time threw a rock through the bay window.

    As for eyes, I’ve been there. I had a lovely fabric ottoman that my then 2-year-old personalized with an ink return address stamp. My mom and I were both in the room, supposedly “watching” him. Oops.

  15. ah…you are just the sweetest!! thank you for featuring our Burlap letters! Absolutely love the other features as well!! :)

  16. Beautiful features … I loved them all! Thanks for hosting the party.

  17. Wonderful projects! I know how toddler twins can wear you out, but they’re wonderfully fun too, aren’t they? I hope you had a happy birthday. You share your birthday with my twins! They turned 12 :)

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