galvanized shelf source & graphite paint formula…etc.

Hi, loves.
Thank you so much for notes about the graphite paint in my kitchen!
I had every intention of posting two tutorials sooner this week
but an opportunity came along with my handmade wares
and I had to {gratefully} press pause on the “house” stuff for a few days.
The order could not have been more perfectly timed either
because just last week, I contracted a seamstress one who sews.

{Thank you, Jill!}

This will free up my time to work on fresh ideas for my laundry line,
which will still include plenty of sewing on my end!
I have not a worry about handing some things over,
but it is still hard to let things go in order to grow a little a bit.
Thank heavens for Google, Reni at Bliss & Tell Branding Co.,
and two business savvy friends who were sweet enough
to shine their light on my path over the past few days.
{thank you!}
And thank you for being here to share my shop stuff and my house stuff with me!
Without you and blogging, my house would be cleaner
my little someday thoughts and ideas

might stay sketched in crayon on the back of an envelope
(or at least never make it out of my front door).

(An idea for a new line woke me up out of a sound sleep at 3 am on Monday night
and there I stood at my kitchen counter,
scribbling and sketching ideas with a dull, green crayon
on the back of my mortgage envelope.)
I can’t wait to get to work.

Now that my whereabouts have been accounted for and then some,
let me get to the point of this post!…
I was asked where I got the galvanized shelves on the planked section in my kitchen…
I ordered them from the Rockler folks as a resident blogger for the DIY Club,
so I’m giving the full scoop, close up shots, etc. over at the DIY Club tonight.
They are actually inexpensive, galvanized workshop shelves.
I used two different styles and the bottom shelf is a little more utilitarian
because I’m able to hang things from it with “s” hooks.
click the button below and it will take you where you need to go!
Note: The very top shelf was given a zinc treatment and then whitewashed.
That is one of the tutorials that I planned to share, so look for it next week!
I was also asked about the base graphite paint color.
You should know that my paint colors are never that simple!
The base is actually a custom mix in a Sherwin William’s sample pot.
Remember, I had this mixed in 2010
and I can’t remember the {likely} Ben Moore chip I handed them!
The formula is for a sample pot,
which is pretty much the equivalent of quart.
If you need a gallon,
just have your SW mix up four sample pots (half the cost of a gallon anyhow)
or multiply the formula x 4.
(Just print the formula picture and take it in.)
To the sample pot, I added about 1/3 c. of white paint to get the graphite color.
As a base it’s more charcoal.
Just keep adding a little white until it looks right on your walls.
Read this post for tips on finding the right gray.
Honestly though, I don’t think the graphite formula that I used
will give you the trouble that a light gray might.
My kitchen was painted in a satin finish.
I believe the sample pots are only available in satin and semi-gloss.

Hope that helps.

{air your laundry friday} will be postponed until tomorrow night.
I really want to look through the links before the party
and I’m having a movie & popcorn night with my little ones!
Thank you for understanding!


  1. Deanne says:

    I love those shelves!

  2. Anne says:

    Whoa it looks gorgeous!!!!!! I love risk takers :-) Like me.Your shelves are way cool and love that silver bling too!

  3. Hope that you had a wonderful evening! See you tomorrow. xo

  4. Mary says:

    Happy planning…best yet completing.

  5. sigh…so beautiful!

  6. Jill Elaine says:

    :) So happy to be working for you :) I was out at Horton’s or Tipton all day today and I now own 2 quarts of AS chalk paint – woohoo!! So in between sewing projects I will be painting some furniture!!!

  7. Olde Tyme Marketplace says:

    Hi Jami!
    It’s been f*o*r*e*v*e*r! SO much has been going on here too! Dreams in motion!
    So excited to see your future projects. The shelves look amazing! Love the idea.
    Visit when you can my friend!!

  8. deborah says:

    Very cute shelves!

    And I like your blog look, too! Very pretty!

    I’m popping in from Sew A Fine Seam. She is my sister and I’m so happy that you get to work with her. I know she is thrilled for the opportunity! :)

  9. Thanks for the formula Jami!

  10. Great shelving and charcoal paint, thanks for your tips! Stopping by from Jill’s blog – nice to meet you! :)

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