diy anthropologie inspired twine/ribbon hanger

Hi, loves.
Happy Saturday!


I don’t know about you,
but I have enough ribbon, twine, thread, lace, etc.
to last a small village a lifetime.
I’m always trying to think of or looking for cute organization ideas
{my craft room is desperately next on the makeover list}
and came across this idea.
Garden Twine Hanger from Anthropologie.
while purchasing a couple
of these anthropologie prism knobs for a kitchen cabinet yesterday.
Anthropologie sells the garden hangers (to hang outside in your potting shed, etc.)
that come with a ball of twine for $10.
Not a bad price point for anthropologie, I must say.
when you need a good ten or so of them,
it’s time to get a little creative!
{If bending some wire even qualifies as creative!}
Here’s what I quickly came up with…
They take less than a minute to make
and I think they look {so} cute!
All you need is some silver floral craft wire
(preferably not blurry like mine)…
…and for about $2 (with your coupon),
you can make about 7 of them!
I’m not sure how the anthropologie one separates to replace the twine (or if it even does at all).
I tried doing a little hook thing that would be hidden by the spool,
but unless your ribbon or twine has a cardboard spool insert,
I’d stay away from doing the hooks because it snags up on the inside.
Instead, I’ll just stick to uncoiling the top when I need a refill.
Floral wire is quite malleable so it’s very easy to work with,
yet keeps its shape quite nicely.
You could even use an old wire hanger, snipped in the center.
But, I think these look a bit more chic
and I’d be cool with hanging them on a wall.
Excuse the rather basic photography.
You’ll see a much prettier arrangement in the future!
I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend.
I owe you a heartfelt {thank you}!
Everything in my Etsy shop sold in less than 24 hours.
there are no words.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great thinking! It would look so perfect if you hung it from the knob. :)

  2. sweeeet! as always…”merci” for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing and Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Anne says:

    Love this idea.And it is white too :-) .I need to make one of these.Thanks for the inspiration.Have a great weekend.

  5. Jill Elaine says:

    Great idea Jami! Great DIY :)

  6. {northern cottage} says:

    lovely! gotta love anthro inspired stuff or maybe its inspired stuff done up by anthro?? well done my girl!

  7. Mary says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with us–I always appreciate your authenticity:)!

  8. { Kristen } says:

    How darling! What a great idea! Have you thought about submitting it to knock off decor?? I bet they would love it!

  9. Hi love! That’s such a creative idea!!! ADORE! Also, I <3 those anthro knobs! I also have glass knobs on our newly painted kitchen cabinets, but not the anthro ones. I only have those in the hallway cabinets bc there were too many knobs to purchase in the kitchen! lol Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


  10. chris says:

    Such a clever lass! This is so sweet and functional. :)

  11. They turned out great! Love the inspired storag/art!!

  12. Mary says:

    But that is cute to see that twin on a hanger for use. I makes me laugh a bit, since Anthropologie can do almost anything and we notice.

  13. Robin says:

    Very cute! I love your version.

  14. HRH Sarah says:

    The hangers are great, thanks for showing a nice anthro inspired project!

  15. Jaime Lyn says:

    seriously how darn cute is that! AND so simple…. It just kills me! Great idea, great post and seriously thank you for always being so nice!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  16. Jami, you make everything sound so dreamy…and make me want to create it! This is so fun…I want an entire wall of these full of gorgeous ribbons.

  17. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal says:

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