faded pink cabinet

Last night I took advantage of a little peace and quiet
and made a little kitchen progress.
I originally painted the interior of my opened up cabinet grayish lavender
but it simply didn’t sit well with me.
With silver accessories, zinc countertops and shelving, stainless steel appliance,
mercury glass lighting, brushed nickel lighting, pewter hardware,
(yeah, you get the “silver” picture),
the cool lavender just wasn’t working.
This space needed some warmth and faded pink was the ticket.
I did not mess with the saturation in these photos.
What you see is what I get.
It is truly the prettiest, desaturated pink
{and it only took about 25 tries to get it just right.}
I used a mixture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in Antoinette and Old White,
antiquing it with a Graphite wax mixture.
With a very dry {wax} brush, I went heavier with the wax mixture in the corners and edges, etc.
And you should know me well enough by now that when I say “heavier”,
I’m talking more like this…
Just enough to give it some vintage chic variegation.
I {love} {love} {love} my new cabinet interior.
I can’t stop looking at it!
The novelty had better wear off soon because I have an order of 60 cookie monster invitations
to finish for a reader this afternoon.
I made a simple white linen demi shade to cover the top half of the cupboard
but I’m kind of loving the look of the French lace that I draped up there.
So, I just might repurpose the camisole into a sweet little shade instead of a chair slip.
(Not even sure if demi shade is an actual term but it’s what I’m calling a shade

that only comes halfway down. It’s sounds better than semi shade. So there.)

If you want a paint tutorial for the faded pink
and graphite wax, just let me know.
Also, some of you have asked if I will be doing a tutorial for the zinc countertops.
Yes. I will be doing a video tutorial.


  1. chris says:

    So glad you found your perfect pink! It looks just lovely.

  2. Jami,

    You must have read my mind! Last night as I was falling asleep I was considering an antique vanity I purchased that needs painting and my last thought was the palest of pinks.
    Love the color. Your shelves are perfectly pretty in barely there pink.

    Your Friend,

  3. ritajoy says:

    Jami, I love your cupboard!! And…I got caught up over in your tutorials section. So much fun and inspiration there. I just watched your video tutorial and loved it. Thank you for helping me figure out why my sewing machine “clanks”! xo rita

  4. Serendipity. says:

    What a beautiful color! I so wish that I hadn’t just painted the inside of my cabinet (and no, given how long it took me to finish that project, I’m afraid that it won’t be happening to that particular cabinet…but I’m on the lookout for another “candidate”! As for tutorials, Yes, Please(for the pink and graphite wax! And I can’t wait for the Zinc Countertop tutorial…I want to do it on a table that I’m building! xo

  5. Jami,
    Your cupboard is beautiful. I love the hint of pink…it shares the light with grey so perfectly!

  6. great job!! xoxo

  7. lynn says:

    i love the pink! yes, please do a tut:)

  8. Donna says:

    Love your color palette Jami!
    It is going to be the most beautiful kitchen!

  9. Pinecone says:

    It really is the perfect pink!!

    Just wanted to say your sweet comments about my blog really made my day – thank you!!

    I have been following you for awhile now, and I am always inspired by you :))

    xo Ashlyn

  10. Jill Elaine says:

    Lovely! Looks great!
    I am patiently waiting for your zinc countertop tutorial! I’d also like to know where you got your zinc too. and make sure you include the tools needed! sorry – I’m being bossy! you know how to do a good tutorial – I’ll go find something to do besides boss around my favorite bloggers!!
    Have a great day!

  11. Jill Elaine says:

    hey one more thing I forgot to ask! Do you have to put those buttons in at the bottom of every post or do you have a way to set it so they show up every time automatically? of course you are using blogger and i’m using wordpress so it would be different i’m sure but just wanted to see if you could share how you did that!

  12. Renee says:

    wow! That’s really, really pretty. Wish I could do a little pink around here..but, in a house with four males…not happening!

  13. June says:

    It is beautiful…just the perfect hint of pink Jami.
    The demi-shade finishes it off perfectly.

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