{air your laundry friday} Textile Link Party

I have a bunch of laundry faves tonight
so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

But, before we get the party started,
I’ve decided to expand on what can be linked up here!

I love a good homemade laundry detergent or linen spray recipe,
(Basically, anything that can be used to keep laundry looking good or smelling pretty.),
so if you have one, link it up here!
Now that that’s out of the way,
thank you so much for linking or looking
and have a lovely Friday & weekend!

I’ll see you tomorrow and Saturday with two new laundry projects of my own.

just about the sweetest idea ever to embrace the holes in your favorite pair of jeans.
I should add that jeans without holes don’t even make it to my favorite pile.
Jeans without tatty old holes are just too perfect for me.
The butt has to be worn in really good, too.
Love my denim and thought you should know my criteria,
which now includes hearts on the knees and vintage lace in the pockets…

Brenda at Dragonflys and Stars shared her darling little apron made from blue jeans.
Lovin’ the lace in the pocket.

Speaking of denim, Laura at The Ironstone Nest linked up her beautiful Ballard Inspired
Burlap Cork Board {below} and I spotted this rug in the same post.
There’s cotton and recycled denim woven all through this baby.

This is seriously identical to the Ballard Design’s inspiration…

Pam at DIY Design Fanatic made and stenciled her burlap Jewelry Organizer.
So pretty.

I absolutely adore this little Vintage Sheet Curtain made by Holly at Damita’s Pretty Wrap!
A heavenly slice of patchwork vintage linens.

Guess who stenciled my favorite word on her beautiful drop cloth bedding?
Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique did and I love it.
This whole room is so breathtaking and serene.
Cherubs still steal my heart.
I used to collect them in college.
Rather, I told my mom that I liked them and she started and finished the collection.
My mom is good like that.
She never knows what to buy for gifts so if
I happen to casually mention something that I think is cute,
her ears perk right up and she’ll surprise you with about 25 of it the following Christmas.

I mentioned a Vera Wang collectible Barbie back in the late 90s
(my favorite designer at the time)
and let’s just say that my mom’s AVON rep was a happy camper that year.
My Edyn is now set for life in the Barbie department.

Love my mom!

Not exactly short and sweet, but is it ever?

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  1. Thanks for featuring my project Jami!

  2. Thank you so much Jami for featuring my drop cloth bed linen today. Like you, I have a thing for cherubs and ‘love’.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. The Nester says:

    Thank you SO much for the feature and thank you for hosting a fantastic link party each week! XO Laura at The Ironstone Nest

  4. Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for hosting :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  5. Jenni says:

    Hello Jami! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :) I LOVE every single feature, and I could live in that gorgeous bedroom you featured and happily never come out! :) Thank you so much for hosting this party…I am linking something a little on the late side, because we were away for a long weekend…I hope you have a good night!

    Blessings and hugs,

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