red, white and blue laundry

A parcel from Normandy, France recently landed on my doorstep,
holding some antique and vintage French laundry that I purchased from this shop.
The dyed gray, vintage, damask “rose and knot” napkins
turned out to be the prettiest shade of deep, grayish indigo -
kind of like a worn pair of dark blue jeans.
Although I admire damask and jacquard in others’ homes,
they are typically a little too decadent looking for my style,
but hand dyed damask is absolutely perfect.
I takes the sateen sheen out, if you know what I mean.
It’s damask au casual.
I think I’ll turn these little darlings into four pillows with white linen backs.
Can you see how variegated, faded and worn they look?
{LOVE that!}
One of my biggest laundry weaknesses is a simple hemstitch.
Chances are, if it has a hemstitch, I’m all over it.
These vintage French handkerchiefs (from the same shop) have
a very fine ladder stitching around the edges.
And this one…
 Oh. my.
I simply couldn’t resist the hand worked Valenciennes lace {another weakness}
on this antique French child’s camisole.
If I make it to Heaven, I will politely ask God to give me wings made of hand worked lace.
What is your laundry weakness?!
I adore the little fold a couple of inches above the lace, too.

 These details will make the perfect repurposed chair slip.

Speaking of beautiful lace (that I wish you could reach your hands in and touch),

one of my dear blog friends sent me a box full of beautiful antique and vintage laces last year.
This little piece has been hanging over a rod in my office window ever since…
To even think that someone would send me lace and trim that had been collected over many years
still takes my breath away.
I’ve already shared blue and white.
Now for the red.
I was hard-pressed to find something red to share with you
and then I remembered the old toy trucks that I found in my basement stash last week
while searching for something colorful and vintage for Grey’s dresser top.
I started collecting tattered and worn metal trucks about five years ago for Jaden.
There was also a vintage, red Mobil tanker sitting next to this one
but I turned my back for one second and it disappeared before I snapped a photo.
When the usual suspects were questioned,
both twins looked at me all innocent like,

“Truck? What truck? We have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Then they gave each other that look that twins give.

The giggling with a completely straight face look.

Oh well. At least it wasn’t scissors gone missing.


  1. Miranda says:

    Jami, you give such lovely inspiration. I love that indigo color, and the lace. Sigh. This beautiful post has me longing for soft white dresses on my daughters and also has me wishing I could soften the damask that’s on my dining room chairs…but short of reupholstering, that won’t be possible. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  2. That was a cute ending~well I love fabrics and lace. I also think the hemstiching is so elegant in a simple kind of way. Have a nice weekend Jami!

  3. Cute!

  4. Jami!
    Happy weekend, sweet!
    I love your vintage French found Laundry!Thank you for telling us about the shop!
    As for the little truck? Back in the day, my brothers drove them around in dirt in a designated area of my Grandmother’s back yard. They may have belonged to my father and my uncle. How wonderful that you collect them for Jaden.

  5. Dear Jami,

    I co own a company called Metis Linens. When at the Brocantes we often buy in bulk or the sellers will sweetly give us “gifts”. These seconds often show up in my Etsy shop. You may want to take a peek.

  6. Anne says:

    Love your collection.And with such sweet sentiment too.What a sweet lace gift.That is my weakness.Especially vintage and fragile.

  7. So gorgeous Jami!! I am the same way, I love me a hemstitch!!
    And I collect vintage cars and trucks for my boys too. I love the old truck you got for your little one, perfect colors!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. I have a weakness for vintage whites and laces, too. And I totally remember your post from last year about the chair slip. I vowed to make one, and even went out and bought a Goodwill white blouse. STILL haven’t made it yet! Perhaps this is just the nudge I need!

  9. Jill Elaine says:

    Those linens are all lovely Jami. I adore hemstitching too, can totally see why you bought all those linens:)

  10. debbie downer with a d. says “watch out for lead paint on those old trucks”
    breida with a b. says – ooooh. i love all those beautiful pices of laundry – and I too am a sucker for hemstich!

  11. lynn says:

    love the damask napkins, esp, jami, but, it all so lovely:) and that is the cutest truck ever!

  12. This post really highlights and elevates the regal stnace of those textiles. Love the photo with the folds.

  13. Allison says:

    Beautiful linens and lace. I am always on the lookout for pretty ones in the thrifts stores and antique fairs. That is the cutest little vintage truck. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  14. Oh those are to die for!! That was a super special package for sure!! I just love that truck too ….. I think I have a thing for old little scratched up metal toys too except I don’t have a kid. I’m thinking it probably doesn’t matter. Love it.

  15. chris says:

    Such lovely things to open up!

  16. Soooo so pretty Jami! Love the pics you took of them!

  17. Hi Jami ~ love your red white and blue post!

  18. Serendipity. says:

    Hi Jami! Beautiful post that made my heart beat just a little more quickly this morning. I think that I have the damask tablecloth to your napkins! It’s also from France, square, the most perfect shade of indigo that I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m “saving” it for the 4th of July. My weakness(es), (there are many): crisp white cotton organza, french linen in ANY color, and old tatting. A great, double needle, hemstitch still makes my breath catch in my throat. I love the truck…and the fact that your scissors often have legs…enjoy these days with your young children, they pass too quickly. Hugs to you. xo, Kimberly

  19. What beautiful vintage lace. I love it all and to think it arrived at your doorstep. Happy Day!


  20. I am fond of lace and ruffles although I do not give particular mind whether they are vintage or not. But I have to say that vintage lace does look more quaint. I also love the vintage metal truck. It invokes a feeling of wistfulness.

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