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I’m back home in NY after a lovely Boston trip.
There’s nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by 
a bunch of women and men who love some paintin’ like I do.
  I imagine heaven to have an Annie Sloan Workshop in one room…

…and a Starbucks.

There is so much to share with you, 
including some beautiful bloggers and readers that I finally got to hug,
paint tips and a little giveaway.
{I couldn’t come back without a little something for a couple of my laundry loves!}
I have some catching up to do tonight, photo editing, etc.
so I’ll write more about the workshop and giveaway this week.
Tonight, I wanted to be sure to take a minute to let you know 
that today was the last day of Rita’s wonderful series,
If you want to read tips on starting a handmade business, including an Etsy shop,
click the button above to start at the very first post!
I’ve also listed each topic below with a direct link to each post, all in one easy to find spot.
Just click the topic(s) you’re interested in or might have missed!
Day 1: “Meet the Teachers” 
{4 bloggers tell their handmade business stories.}
Day 2: “Product Branding” 
{graphic design and store banners}
Day 3: “Organizing a Workspace”  
{when you live where you work!}
Day 5: “Wrapping up a Sale” 
{packaging for shipment}
Day 6: “Promoting your Shop” 
{getting the word out}
Day 7: “Balancing it all” 
{multitasking in life!}
(Thank you so much again for including me in this series, Rita!)
Speaking of selling handmade,
I’ll be working on a dozen white, ruffled cotton totes for one of my favorite retail shops this week.
I’ve been dying to fire up my sewing machine and put pedal to the metal hardwoods again
so that should finish the week off with some more fun.
And, I just might finally purchase a serger if I can find a good sale!
{Hey, that’s fun stuff to a laundry lover like me.} 
It’s been on my DEAR SANTA list for three years.
He keeps letting me down so I’m ditching him for the Easter Bunny.

Happy {almost} Wednesday.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed this series so THANK YOU!I am in the midst of opening a booth at an antique mall and am very happy about that because it’s like having a little shop of my own. I am still learning how to utilize Etsy well and am a novice at graphic implementation…no problem with IDEAS however! LOL This has been helpful and encouraging….

  2. Leslie says:

    Just purchased my first jar of Chalk Paint, wax, and brush! Project: kitchen cabinets. Under my white marble island will be Graphite. I tried the inside of a cabinet to try it out and I’m not sure what I’m doing and I am nervous about continuing. All the blogs I read say to just give it two coats and wax.. I’m going to research your blog and hopefully you will have some info about painting kitchens!

    Looking forward to following!

  3. Tania Maree says:

    That Seafoam Green has to be the nicest colour I’ve ever seen……
    I just LoVe it! Could you tell me the brand and colour please? Thanks so much and have a great day!!!
    Tania Maree xx

    Scandi Coast Home Australia

  4. SueAnn says:

    Let us hope the Easter Bunny gets the memo!!!!
    It has been on my list for ten years…still waiting!! Ha

  5. I was reading Amy’s post, Jami! That must have been a lot of fun to meet up and go together.

    Just catching up on the other Etsy posts. I checked out that wrapping a package youtube and love it! Anything that doesn’t require taping is A+ in my book! I’ll have to practice that a little bit.

  6. Art and Sand says:

    I just discovered your blog via a beach cottage and I’m already hooked.

  7. Great fun in Boston with you at the Annie Sloan workshop~looking forward to the post!!

  8. Well, “Lovie” (Have I told you lately how much I love that you call us “Loves” and “Sweets”…), you blessed my socks off being a part of my handmade series. Thank you so much for sharing your life and story with us. Happy sewing! I can’t wait to see your creations.

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