design swatches and ruffled tote

Hi, laundry loves.
I still have a few more projects to share with you
but I kind of felt like taking a little break from the those
to share some of the textile designs that are ready to go to Spoonflower
for swatch printing.
You might remember reading in my “do” post
that designing my own line of textiles is a dream slash goal of mine.
I’m finding the process a bit intimidating but so much fun at the same time.
Repeats, color reduction, color spacing, etc. was a bit like learning a foreign language
but I’m working my way through it and growing, which is most important.
(When I have a good enough grasp of everything to be able to write about it,
I’ll share the process on my blog should you have an interest in textile design too.)
Anyhow, here are a handful of digital swatches, 
inspired by the vintage laundry that I love.
I haven’t “named” them (or the collections) yet so for now,
I’ve included descriptive titles.
Faded gray cabbage roses…
(the rose is shown actual print size)
Faded gray stripe…
Vintage sugar sack inspired, faded laundry label print…
It obviously has nothing to do with foodstuff but I’m referring to the graphic elements
and “look” of sugar and flour sacks of yore.
I imagine having four labels printed per yard
that can be made into pillows, wall hangings, seat slipcovers, etc.
Big ol’ girls.Here’s the label up close…

(I’m also making this one into a clay tag.)
That is just a peek but typography has found it’s way into several of my vintage chic designs.
Typography. The new floral.
I’d {love} to hear what you think of my swatches.
Even though I love them,
I am a bit nervous about my first laundry introduction!
It’s sort of like the sum of all my squares, you know?
I can’t wait to see how they translate onto fabric
and I’ll share as soon as they arrive…along with some other designs.
I hope they sure look pretty on cotton and voile because I plan on using them in my kitchen makeover.
I figured what better way to share my fabrics then to show them being used in my home.
(…just another element holding up that process.)
In other news,
I’ll be pretty quiet ’round here this week.
I have a bunch of ruffled totes and iphone pouches to make
for the lovely girls at The Urban Farmhouse Market.
I’ll be making a few for my Etsy shop too.
My husband and mother are helping me with my babes this week
and I plan on taking full. advantage.


Have a lovely week!

Not that I would mind, but not all of my fabric designs are gray. ;)


  1. Anne says:

    LOVE those sweet roses.Have a great week.

  2. Oh Jami I think this is wonderful. Way to go! I would love to do something like this…I have been researching it and have to admit that the more I learn the more nervous I become. It all seemed very overwhelming to me. The Spoonflower help pages are awesome though and I’m wading through them. Your cabbage roses are the perfect reflection of you. Well done.

  3. Oh Jami…I would soooo buy your fabric! Love it all!


  4. Jill Elaine says:

    I LOVE those fabric ideas!!!! I want to make some stuff out of them! Grey is my favorite color right now!!!!

  5. So exciting! i love the roses- they are so soft and pretty! and love your ruffled tote! :)

  6. breida says:

    okay – just so you know – Typography is my new favorite EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to see more of your fabrics. I’m itching to try out my newly hatched sewing skills. . I’d love to make a little simple skirt out of that “sugar sack” print – maybe a little border of the faded grey stripe around the bottom. . . oh, boy! how about an advance “swatch” for experimental purposes? c’mon!
    -breida with a b.

  7. Megan says:

    GORGEOUS! the grey stripe and the laundry label are my faves. <3 cant wait for more info!

  8. SuzyMcQ says:

    In a world where there are mostly fabrics that are “in your face” not that there’s anything wrong with color and pattern and motif…. the classic, soft, demure and tasteful aspects of your three fabrics are just lovely…so soft and peaceful, and practical for a home like mine that is somewhat neutral. I’m already thinking about the pillows I’ll make and how large I want them to be…hmm. how about flour sack label on one side and the stripes on the other, maybe the stripes also used for the cording?

  9. I will be following this closely! I love fabrics and yours are lovely and I think unique~so perhaps I can be your Boston area dealer??

  10. Mary says:

    i think they look BEAUTYFULLLL!
    i love each and every one and i really admire you for your courage in following your dream and love of textiles!
    how exciting!

  11. Tania Maree says:

    You are a legend. These are amazing.
    STOP doubting yourself!!!
    LoVe * LoVe * LoVe
    Tania xx

  12. My kids are worried I’ll spend their inheritance :-) on Spoonflower fabric and then they’ll have to have a big ole garage sale to give it all away because I have a hard time using it but gaze upon it daily! It’s a hard thing putting yourself out there but you did good, girl! Love the swatches! As they say, great minds!

    Me Two


  13. Brenda says:

    Every time I visit your blog, I am in awe and miss you more than you can imagine. I am so proud of you, Jami-Jam…you are simply remarkable!

  14. pballard says:

    I will be watching for those cute bags to go on etsy.. I love it. Great job!

  15. Omg, GORGEOUS!!! I love, love,love, and am soooo excited for you!!

    Congratulations, and will be “stalking” your Etsy shop for those bags!!!

    Mona Kay

  16. Jody says:

    Your designs are beautiful! Congratulations!

  17. I really love the sugar sack inspired fabric. Really great and congrats and getting your line together

  18. I love to see when people follow their dreams! I’m digging those swatches! ! ! GREAT job! Congratulations! ! ! Will the fabrics be offered in your Etsy shop or where (when?) will they be available? And I love the ruffled totes!

  19. Jennie Gainey says:

    I love the ruffled totes! I’ll have to place my order…would love to carry them (and your fabrics) in my shop!!! Enjoy the week with the extra help!

  20. I love the fabric ideas…and perfect for your clay tags.
    Can’t wait to see them!

  21. Jane Bruner says:

    I look forward to receiving your posts every day, thanks for all the great content. I love the swatches! I can’t to see more of your designs especially the typography have a great eye for design!

  22. Lana says:

    Love the fabrics. Will you offer any in linen or just in the cotton.

  23. Abby says:

    Love those fabrics, so beautiful! Congrats! How exciting!

  24. So lovingly beautiful!

  25. Amanda P. says:

    Hi Jami!!! I so enjoyed meeting you in Boston at the Annie Sloan Workshop…I’m one of the new stockists, located on Long Island!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new textiles…did I mention that I really love them? They are gorgeous…fabulous job girl!!! I’m sure they’ll sell like crazy! Congrats!

  26. Vintage Home says:

    OH my the faded rose is delightful! WOW!

  27. I just LOVE the faded grey stripe!!! Thank you for sharing! ~H♥~

  28. I love them and they all go together. Good work!!!

  29. Hi Jami!!!

    Oh…I am SOOOO excited about your new textile designs!!! Those look GREAT!!! I’ve missed your lovely posts…I’ve had some “Freckled Laundry withdrawals” when I was out of a computer temporarily! lol Happy to be back!!! Oh and your ruffled totes are sooo gorgeous!!! I may have to order one from you one day in the near future – do you sell them in your etsy shop?


  30. prairie stars says:

    Love all 3 designs … especially, the roses & stripes! Also, like the idea of them being on voile, too. I, also, enjoy watching your tutorial videos. Thanks, for all the inspiration!

  31. bambi says:

    Those are so beautiful and soft looking. I have a pair of pillowcases from Tuesday Morning with pale blue, vintage-looking roses that I love. I would so buy that fabric!

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