guest at a beach cottage

Today has been an all around cool day.
I just wrapped up an awesome Annie Sloan workshop here in Boston.
(You know I’ll share more as soon as I get back to NY!)
Tonight, I wanted to let you know that I’m also spending a day at the beach
with one of my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. bloggers ever,
Sarah at the
a beach cottage
I am so happy to be a guest at her place today.
{Thank you, Sarah!}
Don’t you just love her refreshing {and witty} blog?
She does coastal vintage like no other.
I hope you hop over and read a little more about me, my style,
and my thoughts on loving where you live, wherever it may be…
…and you get to peek in the windows of her breathtaking Aussie cottage by the sea.
Totally rhymed there.

Anyhow, it just might be one my favorite posts that I’ve written.
I loved Sarah’s questions and they really got to the heart of me.

Happy Monday.


  1. Love Sarah and her beach cottage. Been reading her for years.

  2. Ha, was waiting to see who her guest was, it is you! Off over there now to see if the post is up. I love Sarah, she cracks me up!

    By the way she is not exaggerating about the beauty of Sydney and its beaches…it is stunning. And where I live now…same stunning beaches, minus the ratrace that is Sydney (like a small village to NY standards, I guess, lol, but Sydney has an many people living in it as the entire country I grew up in!)

    Anyway off to read your post :)

    xx Karen

  3. bluebird says:

    Lovely house! Just discovered this blog through A Beach Cottage..and I’m very glad I did!

  4. thank you for guesting with me Jami, I looooove your style

    …oh and Sydney is far from a ratrace lol…show me London and I’ll tell you where the ratraces are….if this is a ratrace it’s a pretty good one

    love ya


  5. Jane says:

    Goodness Jami, I had no idea you knew Sarah’s blog! Scooting over there now, Gorgeous. J x

  6. Jami…you are in my neck of the woods ~ enjoy!! Off to Sarah’s I go!

  7. Simple Daisy says:

    Love Sarah’s blog! Such a happy place:):) Off to see what you’re up to over there!!

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