schwinn and a win

I needed a bike-related title
and it sounded a whole lot better than 
schwinner and a winner.
 Image Source: Katie Rose via Etsy {Isn’t it gorgeous?}
Now that you’ll be walking around saying, “swhinner and a winner for the next hour,
I’ll start by announcing the winner of the bliss and tell giveaway.
{Thank you Reni and everyone who entered!}
 Congratulations Jenna at Everyday Clever!
Reni will be in touch with you shortly.
Why the bike?
Well, I didn’t get much done on the project front today
other than refinishing a tiny shelf for my kitchen this morning,


it was one of the best days ever.
My little guy learned to ride his bike sans training wheels -
a goal that we’ve worked toward for two summers.
Today, HE was ready.
As soon as Jaden got home from school,
he dragged the bike out of the garage,
hopped on and started riding it around like any other day.
When he looked back and realized that the training wheels were no longer attached,
the look on his face would have melted a thousand hearts.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy.
Accomplishment is such a pure feeling at that age.
Lots of hi-fives. 
Up high. 
Down low.
I would have never thought that my son would suddenly learn to ride his bike
in the middle of winter, at the end of January, in New York?
It was a sunny, warm, 60-degree day here
vs. the usual negative degrees and foot of snow this time of year.
A perfect day picked just for my boy.


  1. Congrats to the winner! And how did I miss this giveaway?!?! Darnit, blogger is not updating my sidebar posts sometimes!!! :( And, I need me a bike too! lol Have a good night, Jami!


  2. SueAnn says:

    That is so cool!! Now it is official…he can soar like the wind! Good for him

  3. Aw that is such a cute story about Jaden~!

  4. Congrats to Jenna! And congrats to your son! I know that is a great accomplishment to a kid and he’s going to be wanting to ride that bike all the time. In Winter. In New York; and now in February. : )

    We had temps at about 60 yesterday, too, although it was a little windy. I babysat for a couple of hours and it was nice to walk around with the granddaughter.

  5. Jill Elaine says:

    yay for little boys and their bikes! How fun for him to learn like that!
    And congrats to the winner – what fun:)

  6. chris says:

    Go Jaden! I think we’re a lot like him in that we need to do things in our own timetable. I’ve seen that over and over with my kids. :)

  7. Becky says:

    Way to go Jaden!! My girls learned this christmas too, everything except stopping. I totally cried it was like watching them learn to walk all ove again. It’s the little things that get me every time.

  8. Nan says:

    What a cute post, Jami! Again – LOVE your writing style and the fact that you put everything aside to spend time with your little ones. Someday he can look back on this blog post and read again how proud his mama is of him!

    It’s a crazy winter here in Wisconsin too! It was 55 degrees yesterday and just a bit lower than that today. Feels like spring – which I know is a bad way to think because we’re bound to get hit hard one of these days.

    Enjoy the beautiful January weather and those children of yours.


  9. Congrats to the winner and to your son! I remember running along side mine and hearing “I’m ready Mom, let go”!

  10. Jami,

    Congrats to your sweet son on his accomplishment; no training wheels; another step to independence!

    Also congrats to your lucky winner.

    Your Friend,

  11. Susan says:

    So sweet, Jami. That warmed my heart <3 !

  12. Yay for your little guy! Such a wonderous victory!

  13. Allison says:

    Congratulations to Jaden! Good for him. What a big accomplishement! Oh, I bet that was such a sweet moment to watch, Jami. I know you are very proud of him. And, congratulations to Jenna.

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