This is wordy post but I haven’t posted in five days and I have a lot to say!
So, grab a cup of coffee or if you’re dieting, a glass of water, and get comfy.

I recommend reading this lil’ post.
(Not that I don’t recommend my others!)

By now, most of you probably know
that Layla is hosting a very cool link party
over at her place…
The Lettered Cottage
…and my word of the year is do.

It’s such a tiny, simple word that packs a big punch.

I mentioned before that 2011 was a year of little dreams.

This year, it’s time to take those dreams and do.

Here is my do list for 2012…

do remember the very reasons I started this blog: my love for textiles & decorating.

do realize that, although I love my clay tags, it’s okay for me to move on. 
I love designing and making clay tags and I {loved} that many of you loved them too. Thank you.
It was such a wonderful feeling to ship these little things that I made off to you and see them in your homes and shops, and the income helped with so many things like pretties for my home, Christmas gifts, and this fancy new blog design. I am grateful beyond words. But, despite all of that, I know that my true passion lies in textiles. I also realize that monotony is my nemisis. Because I do love making clay tags (just not every. moment. of. every. day.), I’ll be changing the look, and making them in limited editions and quantities. Making them in occasional batches will free up my time to pursue the other things that I’m passionate about too, which brings me to the next do; The BIG do. 

do start designing my own line of textiles.
I have always wanted to design my own signature line of vintage chic textiles. I’ll be taking some basic online textile design courses HERE that will teach me how to get my sketched designs into Photoshop. Last year, I ordered some fabric swatches from Spoonflower and I {love} their voile and two other cottons.

I’ll start by getting my designs printed on their fabrics, which can be purchased by the yard, but I also plan to turn my fabrics into a vintage chic collection of textiles for the home, which brings me to the next do.

do find a seamstress and an intern.
I would love to find a partner/seamstress to help me turn my fabrics into pillows, bags, curtains, table cloths, and a few other ideas that are in the design hopper. A Textile Design student would make a wonderful intern.

do learn my SLR so that I can handle my own photography for a look book and web site.

do believe that I have what it takes.
This is His path for me…I think. (Only He knows for sure!) I’ve known I was meant for something creative since I was a little girl. The only thing holding me back was blurry vision and a lack of confidence and faith. I will have my own line and eventually my very own brick & mortar shop filled with glorious vintage chic laundry, antiques, art, furniture, and other lovelies for your home. Rachel Ashwell and Christina Strutt (Cabbages & Roses) did it and so can I. The same goes for you too.

do realize that this won’t happen tomorrow.
My children come first and right now, I work around them. Things will get a bit easier and more manageable when I send the twins off to preschool eventually but until then, they are mine all mine and I’m not sharing them! But, if I use every quiet & uninterrupted moment to check off my do list, it will happen. It doesn’t mean that I’m not passionate or don’t want it badly enough; It means that children grow too quickly. 

do continue to be thankful for this blog and every little opportunity that comes my way because of it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, folks. This blog evolved into a business tool but it’s also my voice and my creative outlet. We all experience times when we feel intimidated or in need of balance, etc. It’s just life (esp. the blog life) and I appreciate you for standing by me while I figured it all out. I didn’t mean to get all emo on you and break out the black hair dye and finger nail polish (ha!) but I got my groove back when I reorganized and decided to go back to doing and blogging about what I love most… laundry and decorating.

Speaking of decorating, here’s a ‘rough draft’ of an element I just added to my kitchen using hardware wire from the Farm & Tractor Supply store. It’s like chicken wire but with half-inch squares instead of hexagons. I snapped a quick evening shot over the weekend…

It wasn’t part of the original plan but I just wasn’t feeling traditional wooden shelving and baskets up there. This little kitchen needed some texture. It looks so lovely now. Trust me. 

Moving along the do list. After I finish (and I use the term loosely) my home… 

do decorate one of YOUR homes.

I’m not sure how I’m going to work this yet but I have always wanted to decorate one of your rooms or homes. I’ll either do it virtually or in person if proximity and finances allow. I may wait until my textile line is finished so that I can use my fabrics in your space. I welcome any feedback here! Also, let me know if you would be willing to surrender a room in your home to me. Keep in mind that I do not have an interior design degree so if you want walls knocked out and floor plans reconfigured, you’re on your own. :) I have been known to put a giant hole where it didn’t belong! However, paint colors, furniture, accessories, fabric, etc. are all within my scope.
[Here's where I pray that at least one of you will!]

There are a few more, but I think that’s enough do’s for one post.
(I also suddenly have a toddler laying next to me, sticking his sock foot in my face.)

I’m looking forward to a very cool 2012 and I hope you are too.

Thanks for reading.
Off to nibble on a Grey’s foot and work on a Valentines wreath.

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  1. Katie Carter says:

    What a great list of do’s.
    I especially like the last one…do decorate your home. That’s my big to do this year!

  2. do is my word for the year too! it was originally try, but the words of yoda got into my head. do or do not, there is no try. love your to-do list.

  3. that is a great word! you can DO it!

  4. Jaime says:

    Jami I’ll be your seamstress and partner any day. You can be the DO and I’ll be the MAKE (that’s my word although I never wrote a post on it). I know you’re upstate and I’m near the city but I’d love to sew it up with your fabrics and a splash of drop cloth canvas mixed in! Here’s to DOING and MAKING it all happen with 3 kids each.

  5. Love this post Jami! So authentic. I really enjoy how you get to the heart of the matter. You have already come so far and I see you doing big things. Wishing you all the best!


  6. Do is my word of the year too. I love that you are designing your own fabrics! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what happens for you this year!


  7. Judy says:

    Oh my goodness you can have any room you want in my home. I have a family room that drives me crazy and could use some of your textile love.
    Best wishes, no doubt you will achieve all your to DOs this year.

  8. you can take a room or the whole house for that matter and decorate to your hearts content! haven’t been able to devote the time needed!

    Luv your word and list! inspiring!


  9. Hi sweet Jami! Love this genuine and sincere post about your sentiments on your goals and passions! I really do believe you have what it takes to do whatever you want to do – including owning your own shop one day {soon}! :) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for your kitchen cubbies AND I welcome the idea of you designing a room in our homes…heck, design mine! I have more than 5 areas that still need tweaking!!! :) I’ve always said I’ve admired your style and work, so it would be an honor if you ever designed one of my rooms! I’m kind of deficient in that area! Hahaha…you know, having a vision in my mind, but always having trouble executing those ideas and thoughts in a room! :) Anyway, love this post. I’m a wordy kinda gal, so I enjoyed it!


  10. Jill Elaine says:

    That is a GREAT do list!
    I know I’m not a Textile Student but I would love it if you would consider me for your seamstress if it would work out. I love making bags, pillows etc. out of great fabrics, I love vintage and I love decorating. you can check out my blog and search for pics of stuff I’ve made or contact me via email and I can give you referals and email you pics of stuff I’ve made.
    Which reminds me – it is time to get back to the go-do pile I have!
    Good Luck and God bless you wherever He takes you.

  11. Good for you for dreaming and finding your direction! Sounds exciting and I totally understand the fitting it in around your little ones part. I have loved any suggestions you have given me so I think you will do well with any room you attempt. I am trying to find a way to express my creativity and at the same time make a little extra cash/start to build a little business (on top of my almost full time job) but I just don’t know where to start. It is extremely frustrating.

  12. Megan says:

    love. just LOVE!! Im so very excited to see how the year progresses for you.

    as for your SLR- check out this-

    Darcy’s series really helped me learn to shoot in manual and understand things.

  13. Jami, you have so many wonderful things to DO, you go for it my Girl!!! Blessings on your new endeavors for 2012!! xoxo

  14. Allison says:

    Good for you, Jami! I know you can do it! I applaud you for following your dreams and passions! I look forward to following you on your journey.

  15. I’m so excited for you – you go girl! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your textiles as well as more pictures of your kitchen. I was just sitting here looking up at my cabinets thinking they need SOMETHING! Hey, you want a room – choose any one you like in my house and come on down! LOL

  16. Jami,
    You do have what it takes. Ever since the beginning you have painted a beautiful vision of your dream.

    Your “do” list has you right on track for textile success.

    You have built a wonderful network of support here in blogland.

    I wish you every success!

  17. andrea says:

    As Rosy the Riveter proudly showed her muscle…WE CAN DO IT!!! And you are right… ‘Do’ is what it’s all about. It’s time for all of us who have felt that life is passing us by and we have not fulfilled that one dream to step up to the plate and help make it happen. andrea@townandprairie

  18. I love this post! Do is a great word. I can think of a few but I should concentrate on one.
    I wish I lived nearby, I’d love to be your seamstress. I have always been fascinated with fabric design and would love to learn more. Hope you will take us on your journey!

  19. That is beautiful…I have no doubt that you can do it all! I admire your sense of style and the balance you seem to have found with blogging and life. You are amazing and can do it!

  20. Such a great word….do. There’s try and plan. Do is such a fantastic action word. Remember the Nike commercial, Just Do It!!!!! If you don’t mind, I think I’ll use DO as my inspirational word.

  21. Jodi says:

    Great post! I love all your “dos” I enjoy your blog; you are a super sweet person and I have really enjoyed getting to know you this year! I wish you the best in your venture of fabric design; I can’t wait to see and hear more about it!


  22. openid says:

    Jami -

    Great word and list! So glad you are going to follow your passion. I know you can do it and will be here reading/cheering you on!

    Your Friend,

  23. Nutbird says:

    Glad you have everything sorted out! I am impressed. I have always been intrigued with spoon flower. You have shown tremendous growth in the last year plus. Looking forward to following your “brilliant career” Ann

  24. SueAnn says:

    Love you do list,….your word for 2012 is great!! Mine is complete…complete what I started in 2011!! So you will “do” and I will “complete”. Both words are moving us into a whole new world!
    How exciting!

  25. livvie365 says:

    So inspirational! I love your DO list! I know you can do anything you set your heart on. And we’re here to support you all the way.

    And when you’re ready to DO a room, any of mine are up for grabs. Virtually most likely since miles seperate us, but I love what you DO to your home, so I would trust you 100% with my own.

  26. michele says:

    i love your little word. it’s packed with power and integrity!

    great thinking and mindfulness here. i can just feel you’re going to make great things happen with DO.



  27. ter@waaoms says:

    great little word! I have posted about my word on my blog if you wish to read about it!

  28. Lisa says:

    Wow, I am inspired by your list. I am just a few months short of being an empty nester and really need to figure out what I should do! After 20 plus years of being HOME…it is a whole new world. I love how you see your talent as God-given! Look at how you have been able to bless so many with your creativity…love to you!
    Lisa@simply this.that.and the other

  29. chris says:

    I love that you have a vision and are taking steps to make it happen. Love you, too.

  30. This inspires me! You can do it – it does get easier. My 2 are now in school all day and the time still flies but you do get more time for your craft. I appreciate how hard the decision is to move on from things you’ve enjoyed but are done with. I sense that you will do it. I have a girlfriend opening a little store in her small town this month and it is doable!

  31. That is one inspiring and courageous list, Jami! And I do NOT doubt for one second that you won’t be successful at each and every DO! You know your goal, feel your emotion toward it, and have faith in yourself and the talent God gave you to conquer them all. You go, girlie! We’re behind you all the way – and are so excited to watch it all happen for you! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  32. Burlap Luxe says:

    You Can Do It! and Jami You Are Doing It :)

    Thank you for all that you inspire and best the beautiful visit you made over to my place.
    Thank you
    keep inspiring us all :)

  33. Erin says:

    I swear I just now read this, after the phone, I had no idea…

  34. Erin says:

    I *do* believe in your vision and your ability to see it through, Jami. You’ve laid out some exciting goals and I’m cheering you on!

    Take care,
    Carolina Country Living

    P.S.–I was so excited to see you mention Spoonflower. They’re located only 20 min. from where I live and I’ve heard so many good things about them!

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