faded pink tags, plant stakes, rose cards

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
It’s likely that we all know someone {and her family}
who sadly, has been effected by breast cancer.
To raise money to support breast cancer education and early detection,
have teamed up to host an online auction
featuring some awesome DIY projects.
So many DIYers have come together to create something beautiful for the cause
and our projects will be featured each day from Oct. 1 – 22
so please make The DIY Club a daily visit.
The silent auction is Oct. 22 – 30.
Here’s a look at some of my handmade projects…
Three sets of “love“, “hope“, “faith“, and “believe” clay tags
(Today’s featured project.)
They have all been done with pink ink.
Set of four handmade, blank greeting cards
This card was made with pink jersey knit rosette against pink tulle.
 Each card has glitter painted pink ribbon on the back.
Two pink toile envelope shoe bags
My beautiful blog friend, Stephanie gifted me some gorgeous pink fabrics recently
and I used them to make the Cabbages & Roses pattern originally featured here.
 The inside is lined with solid pink.
7 ft. of muslin ribbon stenciled with pink glitter paint


Set of five, fabric covered garden markers
tucked sweetly in a little pouch with Cabbages & Roses fabric.
 Tiny mirrored pot hand painted (in pink)
with, “love”, “hope”, “faith”, and “believe.”
That was just a peek at mine, but there will be so many lovely things
made by the other DIYers available for auction.
I hope you can help {if you are able}.
{Thank you!}


  1. Jami!
    I just took a little break from FLOORING…and you popped up on my reader!

    You ROCK our PINK world dear soul!
    I’ll be at the auction with bells on!

  2. Francine says:

    Your projects are sooo lovely. You can see the time and care that went into making them. I’m 41 … the same age my mom was when she died of breast cancer 20 years ago. You can be sure I will be looking into the info you have provided … being a new blogger …this is all sort of new to me. Thanks so much for being involved … have a great weekend!

  3. SueAnn says:

    My mom fought and beat the breast cancer!! Woot!! She is still going strong…10 years clear!
    The auctions look fab!

  4. sissy says:

    My daughter (25) just found out that she is in the beginning stages of breast cancer, I would love to make that ribbon. Did you use stamps and if so what size ?

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