kitchen before and plans

Lately, I’ve had a few requests to see my kitchen
so I thought I’d share some BEFORE photos
as tomorrow I’ll start working on this space too.
You might not know that my entire home is a serious work-in-progress
aside from my bedroom, bath, and living room which I have already shared.
And even though those rooms still need a few touches, I consider them finished and me.
Renovating this ranch and sharing my DIY journey is one of the reasons I started this blog.
I’ll admit, the kitchen isn’t one of the worst you’ll ever see.
(That was the case before new cabinetry and appliances!)
But, it lacks my style and leaves much to be desired in terms of functionality and storage.
Let me show you some photos before I lose you.
Again, it’s definitely not terrible (especially if you love warmer colors)…it’s just unloved and blah.
Keep reading.
I have some lovely plans for this space!
The fridge insets into some cabinetry with the wine rack that I had to have (and will be removing).
Aside from a few bottles of wine, it has become an unattractive charging station.
Here’s a crooked photo…
What you see is the only cabinetry that I have and it’s simply not enough
(especially considering one of my favorite stores is Williams-Sonoma…thus cool gadgets galore),
so I have some things in mind to make this space more functional.
Did I mention that this relatively small space is also an eat-in kitchen?
Behold my dining room…
{Excuse the embarrassing mess.}
I do have dining chairs but those two babies love to climb and
literally swing on that chandelier so I had to remove them!
The chairs are sitting in the family room beyond those French doors.
I’d love to knock out the wall to the left and open the kitchen and family room areas
but with a DIY budget of $250.00 (excluding floors), that ain’t happenin’ right now.
[Intentional bad grammar.]
Here are my plans for my kitchen/dining space.
Excuse my quick Photoshop paint brushed photos…be sure to READ.
(I need Layla to Fix my Presto.)
I just wanted to give you a sense of color and a few other elements.
 They’ll do.

The cabinet to the right of the microwave will be open.
I forgot to take the door off in the photo.

This room gets very little light.
I slowed down the shutter speed and played with a few settings in the before photos above
so they appear much brighter than the room actually is.
That said, brightening up this space with some fresh, light paint is a must.
Just in case you can’t tell on your screen, the walls are faded, grayish lavender color.
My cabinetry will be painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Pure White”.
It’s such a beautiful, bright white and will be stocked later this month.
I’ll keep you posted.
The entire space will be a mix of white, lavender, and various shades of gray
(through concrete counter tops, rabbit wire, silver, nickel, stainless steel, etc.).
I’ll also add some warmth and a touch of farmhouse charm
with natural woven baskets, chippy farm table, etc.
…and eventually hardwood flooring.
Here is a quick look at my ‘dining room’ plan.
In your mind, please [insert an old, chippy farm table in front of those built-ins].
And, those built-ins will not be nearly as modern as my rendering makes them look.
They’ll be completely white too…no gray.
I definitely have some more explaining to do but this post is long enough.
I’ll share more with you tomorrow or Tuesday so be sure to catch that post,
especially if you’ve considered building your own shelving,
doing your own polished, concrete counter tops,
or just need some cool storage solutions for small kitchens.
I am {SO} looking forward this kitchen makeover!
Do you have a kitchen or dining room makeover to share?
I’m thinking a kitchen linky party on Wednesday
would be a great way to share some kitchen inspiration all in one place.

Thank you so much for all of your Etsy love so far, to0.
I appreciate it so much.


  1. Wow…fabulous ideas. Everything will be such a reflection of you when it’s finished. Love the idea of a chippy table. I’m anxious to see how the chalk paint on the cabinets comes out. I did a little kitchen reno a few months ago so I’ll link up on Wednesday. Happy Labor Day!

  2. Oh this will be fun to watch! I am hanging some of my purple transferware in the kitchen and was considering some PURPLE wallpaper…not a task to be taken lightly, so I am still thinking on it. Love seeing the gymnastically inclined kids eating their supper!

  3. Jaime says:

    Jami your ideas are spot on. Take advantage of the space above the cabinets, paint all trim white, change out the table and add shallow built ins on the far wall. The chandy is perfect and maybe once is all said and done the floors won’t matter too much (although hardwood is nice!). Good luck, we’re here for the long haul.

  4. Mel says:

    Your present kitchen is so pretty, big and white….mine is small, pale green/wood stained cabinets and wood floors…I’m anxious to see how you could make your prettier!! Mel

  5. Oooh, I love the white cabinets & can’t wait to see the “after”!!

    When AS pure hite comes out, I’m not going to sleep…I’m going to paint everything in m house :)

  6. I’m a white cabinet girl all the way… can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen!


  7. Megan says:

    my dinning room chairs lived ON TOP of the table for MONTHS before a certain wee kid would quit climbing them, or pushing them over to various counters to use them for ladders. *sigh*

  8. This looks like it will be awesome! Can’t wait to see it all finished. Sorry for being MIA these days…trying top prioritize my crazy busy life and blogging & etsy are taking a backseat…hopefully a change in that coming soon! Love & miss ya though!

  9. Jami!
    Your kitchen plans look wonderful! We just took our kitchen walls back to white.

    We are making final decisions on the floors(kitchen, dining and entry way)today. We’ll be at Lumber Liquidators at noon!

    I may just have to pop over to your shop with that terrific discount offer today!

    PS…I’m lovin’ the videos!


  10. Olde Tyme Marketplace says:

    THIS is gonna be good!!!

  11. It will be fun to follow you kitchen’s transformation. I love what you have planned for it. I’ve been working on a “whole home” transformation project myself (a 1980 home that needed lots of TLC). I’ll be working on our kitchen cabinetry soon (using ASCP) but we had a lot of structural issues to work on first. You can see my progress at

    Can’t wait to see your final product.

  12. chris says:

    Fun! I hope it all turns out as you picture it. :)

  13. hilary says:

    I’ve been looking for a farm table for so long.They are running in the $1500-$3000 range. That’s w/out chairs. Yikes. I don’t really want what every blog has (the oval table w/cane back chairs-painted white). I want a rustic table w/3 sets of 2 french chairs in different periods. I haven’t used the chalk paint on furniture yet, only on ornate picture frames. I love what it does but you really have to wax it or its too chalky.

  14. Stacey Steimle says:

    I like the color change, what a difference. I would like to re-do my kitchen someday, however it is hard to justify spending the money when it is functional and really does not need it. I guess I could try a face lift or shall I say kitchen lift.

  15. Jenni says:

    Oh Jami, it is all going to look so pretty! I love all of your plans for your kitchen and dining rooms, too! I am excited to see your concrete counters as well. We considered that route for our kitchen, but ended up just deciding to do one in our bathroom instead. {Future project, but a smaller amount of counter for a first try!}

    I love the colors you have chosen as well for your spaces. And how cool that Annie Sloan is making a bright white now! Before when I looked, they didn’t have that one! I think that will be wonderful on your cabinets! :)

    I hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend, and that you have a good Wednesday! :)


  16. Karen says:

    I will definitely be checking in to see how it all pans out! I really admire your skill for planning all the details and getting a good idea of what you want at the outset.

  17. I love all of your ideas! I am in the SAME EXACT boat as you. Working on my kitchen as we speak—just posted about it this morning! It is one of MANY rooms in limbo at the moment. But I am trying to stay focused and finish the kitchen by the end of the month! Come over and check it out so far! :)

  18. I think it will look great. I really like the concrete countertops! That is what I would want if I didn’t like our sea grey/green tile ones. When we bought our house 5 yrs ago it was with the plan to paint all our oak cabinets white. We have yet to invest in a makeover…with the fall of our economy and hubby out of work for almost a year…we need to wait till the the threat of foreclosure is forever gone! I love everything else about our kitchen…well I would like a stainless steel Samsung frig. I look forward to seeing your transformation!

  19. I am waiting on the Pure White to come out so I can give the ASCP a try. Can’t wait. I want to use it on my hutch.
    I’ll be painting my kitchen cabinets as well. Not sure with what yet but definitely a shade of white since I have little light in there. Can’t wait to see your after!

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