fleur rosette hair pins

Have you ever had so much on your heart
that you just couldn’t find the words to articulate it all?
That’s how I feel tonight.
6 hours from now, my twins will officially be two years old.
It seems like I just brought these 5 lb. bundles home with me.
At 9:31 am on September 15, God gave me the twins that I had always wanted.
 (Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers are twins and my paternal great grandmother had
four sets of twins. Yeah, you could say the odds were in my favor. Hehe!)
If you ever question the existence of God, just intently watch newborn twins.
I have been blessed beyond words to watch them for two years, and every single day,
I am reminded that there is far more than science at work.Their connection takes my breath away.

These babies restored my faith and were given to me with a purpose,
just as Jaden was eight years ago.
And, I have grown right along with them.
Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet babies!
Speaking of growing, as I finished typing that last sentence,
Jaden came shuffling into the living room in tears.
“Mommy, I’m growing again. My legs hurt. Can you get me medicine and the bean bag?”
Talk about a coincidence.
He has suffered with horrible growing pains since age three
and so we have a pretty solid routine in place when they hit…
  two Ibuprofen or Tylenol, a very warm tub soak, and back to bed with the bean bag.
He’s usually pain-free within a half hour.
In case you’re wondering,
the “bean bag” is a small, flannel pillow, filled with non-popping corn kernels,
that you heat up in the microwave;
a handmade gift from another crafty aunt.
I think I’ll do a tutorial on that heavenly thing.
Have you ever used one?
{LOVE it.}
Anyhow, just another reminder that Jaden is growing too.
I love that boy.
As much as I hate to see him in discomfort,
I do cherish the moments when he still needs me to fix what is hurting him.I intended to share my Fleur Hair Pins that I just added to my Etsy shop

but I was a little wordier than intended tonight.
Here’s a peek at one of them with a vintage photo treatment…
  I’ll share the story and the rest this week.


  1. Susan says:

    Jamie , you are truly blessed!!

  2. Hi Jami! Happy Birthday to your twins!!! Such a sweet picture of them!!! ;) I know exactly how you feel. My eldest turned 15 on Sept. 13th & my little one turned 4 on Sept. 1st…time flies, doesn’t it? Enjoy your day with your little ones! :)


  3. How cute are they! My sister has twin girls and they will be two next spring. Twins are extra special~

  4. How special your beautiful babies are…and yes, my kids (now almost all grown up) suffered from growing pains, too. I wish we had that bean bag! I used to give them Tylenol and then rub their legs until they would fall asleep (or until I would fall asleep).

  5. Your twins baby picture is adorable! Happy 2nd Birthday to them! They grow up way to fast.
    Hold on to the memories! Love your hair pin.

  6. chris says:

    Those babies are adorable. What a blessing they are.

  7. Jami ~ Happy Birthday to your precious twins! Children are such a wonderful gift ~

  8. Lesley says:

    My daughter turned 14 yesterday. Enjoy the years…the fly by fast.:)

  9. Hi lovely,

    Well done! You got through the hardest bit of having twins. I bet you’ll look back on these past few years and you won’t be able to believe how much you’ve accomplished AS WELL as having baby twins. You are super woman!!

    My twins have turned five now. It’s such a privilege being given the chance to parent twins, isn’t it? I love it too!!


  10. oh how sweet your little ones are and yes they do grow up so very fast and my little grandson has growing pains to hes had them since about three years old I have a bean bag also which is made from wheat berries i think thats whats in there all you have to do is warm it up in microwave for about a min. its in the nicest plaid flannel they just think its neat and also the aspercrean no scent xoxo sherri

  11. Congratulations with your twins birthday. Children are truly a gift.

  12. Karie says:

    What beautiful babies! I can tell you’re a really good mom….your post brought a tear to my eyes. Happy Birthday babies!!

  13. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little ones. :) This post is just precious. Time sure does fly…I think I blinked and my daughter was a teenager. sigh. God has been so good to us, hasn’t he?
    Much love to you.

  14. oh how sweet ! so very, vey sweet! happy’ b’day to your babies!

  15. Enjoy your very precious blessings! Both my kids had terrible growing pains when they were young & we had many ibuprofen nights…hope he keeps feeling better…

    ….also, YAY that the hair pins will be on your Etsy shop!! I’m growing out a pixie cut & can finally use hair pins :)

  16. Jamie the baby pictures (and the two year olds) are just so adorable! So sweet as they grow…..but sometimes painful. Have you ever tried rice bags? Use them the same way as the bean bags, heat in micro or freeze…..great for anything that hurts. First few I had were a tube sock filled with plain rice and knotted. I graduated to pretty and soft silk ones about 6″x 12″ but any size works. Also, I love your hairpins and nests with robin eggs, so sweet. I saw the “kisses” tag, will you be doing one with “hugs”? Hope you and yours are well and happy. Hugs, VBg

  17. Mel says:

    We have twin 16 yr old granddaughters….love’em so much…they spent the summer with us…now they’re going back home for school….we are blessed too…
    from Mel’s Designs from the Cabin…Mel

  18. SueAnn says:

    Love on all your babies…they grow so quickly. My baby turns 43 in a few weeks and has five children of his own!! Sigh!!
    Time marches on and He gives us so much grace

  19. Melissa says:

    Happy birthday to your little lovelies jami…

    And happy mummy-you-did-it-day to you…you got another two beautiful babies to two…loved, blessed and treasured!

    My gorgeous 10 year old has growing pains- we know your drill well…but we could do with the bean bag- hope you do a little tut on it…

    Have a wonderful weekend with those bday babies…

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  20. Jane says:

    Oh happy 2nd birthday, Grey and Edyn! Our little Sam turned 2 recently, Jami – I can’t imagine having double the fun at this age ☺. You are a star, my friend. J x

  21. michele says:

    jami, that little story you shared made me tear up. the love just radiates from this post.



  22. lilts says:

    Congrats! How beautiful your chikdren are! Taking calcium and magnesium can help with growing pains, a lot!! Also be aware that docs think 30% of kids develop non-ossifying fibromas (benign tumors growing where bone shoukd be)… My 16 y/o son who had lots of growing pains has one of these in his right shin. It is unusually large and causes hum pain, makes his leg vulnerable to breakage and he will most likely have to have surgery for it. while that is probably not what your older son has, just wanted you to be aware…

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