autumn leaf tags

Happy Monday.
I have finally emerged from a weekend of remembering,
unsuccessful birthday shopping for my twins (who will be 2 on Thursday),
photography, hairpins, and making well over 300 clay tags.
That’s a lot of tag makin’, folks.
A good number of them were for The Urban Farmhouse Market in Louisville, KY.
I am beyond excited that Kristen, Carri, and Lisa will soon be selling my handmade wares.

“Farm fresh,” as they call it.

I photographed some of my new Autumn Collection
which includes clay leaf tags, garland,
and loose leaves (without holes and hemp) to add to Fall vignettes, table settings, etc.
Here are the clay leaf tags which are now available in my Etsy…
Sweet little Fall touches.
They do not sit flat like my other tags.
The edges curl up to replicate Autumn leaves blowing in the wind.
I think they looked darling on a couple of packages that went out this afternoon.
I used some honeydew & white baker’s twine purchased from The Twinery
to add a little color to this package.
I’m a twine addict at the moment, stocking up on colors for a rainy day.
Just ordered “stone”…
My tags will soon be available with gray ink (as well as the existing black)
and I thought this twine would be a good alternative to hemp if you choose.
Are you a twine addict?
 There were 142 entries and the random winner is
{And, thank you for the beautiful giveaway, Donna!}
On a separate note…
Got any gift ideas for a 2 year-old boy whose favorite activities include 
sorting, hoarding, and playing with empty water bottles?
(Oddly, he doesn’t like Legos, Megablocks, or regular blocks.)
 Whatever I get him, I have to be able to buy several or a collection.
I’m not exaggerating when I say he hoards.
{I think it’s a twin thing and he’s afraid Edyn is going to snatch his stuff.}
Grey’s been on cloud nine carrying around a bag of soy wax tarts that I bought this weekend.
Sniffing. Stacking. Sorting.
I’ve never seen the child so happy.
 Oh man, I just got to thinking….maybe he’s hopped up on tart fumes?!
I kid.



  1. I’m hoping one of those packages is MINE! The leaves are beautiful!

  2. chris says:

    I adore your new leaf design, Jami.

  3. Jaime says:

    Jami love seeing this post as evidence to what we do and all it takes to keep the boat afloat. There is so much behind the scenes that goes on, making, crafting, doing that doesn’t get recorded it’s so nice to read about the rewards of all your efforts. Love the new leaves and yes I’m a twine, jute, sisal hoarder myself. Any thickness, any shade of ‘natural’ and I’ll buy it.

  4. SueAnn says:

    I love the leaf tags! They are beautiful!
    And I had to order some of that honeydew twine. It is gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the link!
    And a hoarder huh? That is too funny! Yep! He is high on the fumes for sure!!

  5. Mel says:

    Give your twins, empty stackable boxes…he can hoard those and you can stack them when his imagination is done for the day…lol….kids love boxes…Mel

  6. These look beautiful. Well, all my boys were collectors (hoarders) at one point. My one son collected puzzle pieces – randomly. The other one stones and sea shells and bottle caps. So, there are some ideas!

  7. Congrats to the winner! Your leaf tags are just lovely, Jami! What a perfect touch to some seasonal decorating, too. How cute is he? It’s always the simple things they like – like the box the great big expensive toy comes in! : ) How about a deck of cards? He can stack, sort and think he’s got a large collection {I just packed up about 10 decks this weekend and have no idea where they all came from}.

    When my daughter was 2 I used to have those wooden puzzles with the little knobs on them and I used to mix the pieces up. She’d put every piece back in the correct puzzle. Gosh, she must have had about 7 or 8 with varying amounts of pieces. It seemed like a collection!

  8. love those leaf tags, they look amazing on the white packages tied up with string. now your little boy might like some old wooden boxes that he can keep his treasures inside..

  9. Oh my goodness I just love your fall leaves!! They are beautiful!

  10. Yummy Mummy says:

    oh those leaves are so pretty! And my 18 month old little girl has the same interests – empty water bottles are the best! Oh and tuperware too :)

  11. juau4 says:

    Love the leaf tags! For your cutie collector, how about a box full of hats; for imaginary play, like: police hat, fireman, sailor, pirate, straw hat, fedora, Batman mask etc. Years ago a box of fun hats was my sons favorite thing! (and he’s still a collector!)

  12. janet says:

    The clay leaves are beautiful..

  13. Oh those tags look so lovely. I love the turned up edges. And the idea of using two different kinds of twine/thread on the package is lovely too!

  14. I LOVE those leaf tags! How pretty! I just found your blog….gorgeous! Love your taste!

  15. Absolutely love the leaf tags. My grandmother gave my youngest son an old purse filled with an odd assortment of objects that he could open, take apart and store. He loved that old bag and was able to add more treasures to it too. Grandma’s know stuff- likely that no mater the generation, little children are always enthralled with “treasures” and someplace to put them.”

  16. Hi Jamie, I love the new leaf tags and they are beautiful on the package. I like Jennifers suggestion for your little hoarder. You may want to make it a duffle or some kind of small suitcase.

  17. Karen says:

    Happy birthday to the twins! my little girl used to love ‘collecting’ treasures – stones, twigs, bits of wool – you name it. She had a little metal wagon that used to be her brother’s and she used to load it up with her treasures and pull it along behind her wherever she went. She is older now, and she stores her treasures in her handbags, just like her mother! LOL!

  18. What an angelic face! Happy birthday to them both.
    Love the cute leaf tags. They look great with the twine.

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