{Air Your Laundry Friday} Textile Link Party #34

Thank you so much for waiting an extra day for Air Your Laundry Friday.
Hopefully, it gave some of you another day to finish up
some awesome textile projects to share.
I appreciate your feedback on the party start time last week too.
Seems most of you that commented wanted a Thursdays at 10 pm start time.
Thursdays at 10 pm it is.
I dusted the cobwebs off my sewing machine today and got to work
on a little something for Cabbages & Roses that I’ll be sharing soon!
Ah. I love to sew…
(Just in case that wasn’t obvious.)
…even though I dropped my Singer a week ago and broke my reverse knob off!
Darn. Sniffle.
By the looks of your fabulous links, your machines were in tip top shape though.
 Here are a handful of favorites from last week…
 This bassinet cover from Larissa Hill Designs is so gorgeous.
I adore the pop of green on the skirt and pillows.
Such a lovely way to give a fresh look to an old bassinet.
(The design was actually inspired by an old tea towel.)
Tasha at Frugalicious Me shared free patterns for a darling, scalloped table runner.
There are both rounded scallop and chevron (zig zag) versions.
I thought this beautiful post written by Michele at Hello Lovely Inc.
captured the essence of vintage and antique textiles.
I just had to share it with you.
This coffee mug caddy made by Nancy at Flatrock Cabin is so clever.
Never would have thought of such of thing and I love it!
And, I’m just about ready to turn my blog over to Rosemary at Ozma of Odds! (I kid.)
I swear she has magic fingertips because everything she touches is so 
whimsical, breathtaking, and overflowing with beautiful laundry like this “seascape” table setting.
Look at the laundry on the candlesticks.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
As always, thank you so much for linking up or simply looking around.

Don’t forget to enter my Pick Your Pumpkin Giveaway HERE!

Textile Party Rules
1. Please link up TEXTILE projects and inspiration only.
    (As long at is uses a fabric in some way, it’s linkable.) 
2. Please link to your actual post, not to your blog in general.
 3. As a common courtesy, I’d love it if you linked back too with a text link
or my button (code in my sidebar).

Due to “scraper” websites that earn revenue by scraping feeds (like an automatic copy & paste) and stealing the creative content of others, I can no longer provide FULL blog posts via email subscriptions. I apologize that you now see a partial post and have to click over to my blog for the rest. I try to create lovely and original content so I appreciate your understanding. If you don’t, I am sorry to see you leave and thank you for being a part of my journey while you were subscribed. {Jami}


  1. Ozma of Odds says:

    …here she is :)
    on this creative makeover, i truely wished you lived next door Roper!!!
    just look away with your expert eyes when you get to the “stencil” part!
    thank you for the special shoutout feature, it means ALOT coming from you.
    I can’t wait to see what cabbages and roses project you are working on!(can’t wait to get my hands on some of her new fabric)
    xo, Rosemary

  2. janet says:

    Thank You for your post..I love the sweater one about making pumpkins..Have a great weekend and enjoy your time sewing..

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for hosting Jami. Love the features.


  4. Nancy says:

    Thanks for hosting and thank you so much for featuring my mug caddy.

  5. Oh my goodness there is so much prettiness!!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Katie says:

    Wonderful features!! Thanks for hosting Jami!

  7. Thanks Jami for featuring my table runners.
    I don’t have any textiles this week:( but I’ve got a couple in the works for next week! Thank-you for this inspiring blog party. It is one of my faves. Eye candy galore!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Sherry says:

    Hi Jami,
    I follow you and I just discovered your party. I am very slow and distracted. I am using a lot of fabric and will be able to link up a lot. I will start making this a regular stop. Love your party idea. Thanks for having us over!

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