Ruffled Bag and Sachet

Hi, sweets.
I’ve spent the past few days enjoying the company of my Aunt Virgie,
who flew in from North Carolina when my grandfather went into the hospital.
My aunt is a crafty girl too and yesterday,
we took time to make a cute, ruffled cotton & linen diaper bag for my best friend
who is expecting a baby girl in November.
I’ll be sharing it on the blog Saturday because today, I want to share this darling bag
from Mona Kay at Blissfully Refurbished.

In my hallway makeover post,
I mentioned that a white ruffled tote would look cute hanging from the closet doorknob
so Mona Kay was sweet enough to send me one of her handmade totes!
She also sent along one of the lavender bird sachets that she sells in her shop.

Birds hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much, Mona Kay!
I love them.
Blogging is like a big {hug}, isn’t it?
I’m grateful for all of the little blessings that it brings and not just the tangible ones.


  1. I’m a huge fan of birds myself, I have them everywhere. It’s very tough not to over indulge and make it look kitsch ;)

  2. sissie says:

    I could not of said it any better, “blogging is like a big hug!” I love that.

    Love your ruffled tote too and the bird sachet.


  3. Susan says:

    Your tote and bird sachet are both beautiful!

  4. So sweet of her to send you such a pretty bag! :) Wishing your gramps well my friend!! xo Rachel

  5. Blogging IS such a huge blessing, isn’t it, Jami? So much love, support, and encouragement – not to mention prayers. :) Speaking of which, I am keeping your grandpa in my prayers. ♥

    xoox laurie

  6. SueAnn says:

    That ruffled bag is awesome!! Yes you did receive a big hug.
    I love blogging

  7. Allison says:

    Birds hold a special place in my heart, too! What a sweet ruffled bag! I’m keeping good thoughts and saying a prayer for your Grandfather.

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