Repurposed Laundry Bag Tutorial

Hope you’re having a lovely week.

(I don’t know where it went but apparently it’s now Wednesday.)

I unplugged a little the past two days and didn’t get a chance to shoot the ruched ruffle tutorial yet

so I’ll share the tutorial for the laundry bags that hang in the laundry station in my hallway.
The ruched ruffle tutorial will be the last of what evolved into a hallway makeover series.
Hey, some of you asked for these tutorials, so I’m happily delivering.
One of my favorite fabric shops is my local thrift store.
I was looking for three white pillowcases to make laundry bags but
found a white, heavy cotton, mattress cover for $1.99.

It was in excellent condition with no wear or stains
(A mattress cover is something you check thoroughly…twice.)

and I had enough fabric to make three bags.

I loved the weight of the fabric and figured it was worth a few snips and six extra rows of stitches.

Here’s the beginner-friendly tutorial…
Step 1
Fold your sheet in half, lengthwise and match up the edges and corners.
(Note: My corners didn’t lay flat because it was a mattress cover.)
Step 2
Using a ruler, divide your sheet into three sections and mark with a fabric marker.
I measured three 24-inch sections using a large T-square.
Step 3
Cut along your marks.
Step 4
If your sheet has a right side, make sure the right sides are facing each other.
Step 5
Sew a 1/2 in. seam along each long side of the laundry bag.
Optional: I sewed a double line of stitching just to reinforce the bag.
Step 6
Lay the bag flat. You’re now ready to add some handles.
At this point, your bag is technically inside out.
Step 7
Cut two 18-inch straps.
I used a some gray and white cotton twill tape that I had on hand.
Step 8
Pin each handle to each side of the bag.
Remember that the bag is inside out so attach the straps to the outside.
Step 9
Sew the handles to the bag and turn right side out.
I used a black box in the photo below to show you the stitching pattern I used.
Here is the photo without the box…
I used a gray handle for ‘darks’ and a white handle for ‘whites’.
I added the ruched ruffle for ‘delicates’.

Note: Sew the ruched ruffle to the sheet BEFORE sewing the laundry bag.

These are easy to make so don’t pass up any pretty, vintage laundry that might make a nice bag

like a coverlet, sheet, table cloth, or pillow case.
The pillow case would be easiest, albeit smaller capacity. All you need to do is attach the handles.

The possible looks are endless.

Thanks for reading.
{Welcome, new sweets.}


  1. SueAnn says:

    I do so love the bags!! So cute!

  2. andrea says:

    Excellent tutorial! Thankyou! Andrea @ townandprairie

  3. Ohhhh Jami ~
    Those are just so very precious!!
    Thank you for sharing your
    tutorial with us :)


  4. Anne says:

    Could you use twin size pillowcases for this or are they too big?? (I’m not big on sewing!!!)

    Love what you did!

  5. Love them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Love them! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Ozma of Odds says:

    …hey ~ Mrs. Roper ~
    I LOVE these, almost as much as I LOVE those ruffled shirt chair toppers!!
    oh what even more magic we could make if our creative minds came together!!

    xo, Rosemary

  8. Jane says:

    You are a star, Jami. Now I just need to buy a sewing machine…J x

  9. Mona Kay says:

    Love love LOVE!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Burlap Luxe says:

    Jami, you inspired a simple laundry bag into designer bag of cottage beauty!!

    I really have been wanting to make some I am not a pro with the sewing machine yet this is something I could make. I bet you could make them out of a painters drop cloth, yet the mattress pad idea was genius and the price what a steal. I had my Mom’s sofa slipped by someone who makes beautiful slips in our town. We bought painters cloths and haot washed and had them sewed up into a beautiful slip.

    Your bags would look great in them as well.
    I love visiting you for the best inspiration…I so need to visit way more often :)
    I will keep my eyes peeled for your next inspiring pieces.

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  11. I just SO need to get off my duff and pull the sewing machine out. I just love how you transform the most mundane piece of fabric into something so fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks so much for the sweet mention! We love you too! Muah!

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