If you love it. Others will too.

To celebrate my birthday today and thank you for waiting patiently for my Etsy shop to reopen,
I intended to host a giveaway for some of my wares tonight.
But, it’s late and I have something else on my heart so I’m going to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for your sweet words about my hallway makeover.
I swear, you came out of the woodwork to leave me a note and I appreciate it so much!
{If you missed my hallway reveal click HERE.}
I’m not just being sweet for the sake of being sweet.
Your words were a lesson.
Let me ‘get down to brass tacks’ here for a sec…
I originally started this blog because I love to write, teach, design, decorate and style.
(My sisters classify the decorating as a disorder.)
I also have a dream for my freckled laundry line.
But, truth be told, I lost confidence in the interior decorating realm
after seeing some awesome bloggers do their thing, being featured in magazines, etc.
Gulp. “I’m not that good,” I thought.
When I shared the after pics of my living room, bedroom, and bathroom
for the Parade of Homes Tour back in April, the rooms were unfinished
and I was honestly a little embarrassed.
I was so honored to be a part of the awesome tour and
shared the photos for the simple fact that they really were so much better than the before
(and I was just grateful to even have a home to decorate in light of the Japan earthquake),
trying to focus on the elements that I loved…

the simplicity, the white and gray, my silver pieces, and the textiles.

Now, I love simplicity but I’m not that simple, sweets.

I’m not going to get into what frustrated me about those spaces
because you probably didn’t even notice or necessarily care, but I did.
I quietly exited stage left from decorating and styling my home
and refocused my love for design into my handmade wares line and some other projects.
I. have. enjoyed. every. single. minute. of. it.
but the passion for decorating this little, fixer upper home of mine was still there.
(Heck. I’ve had it since I was a little girl. I need to make things pretty like I need oxygen.)
there’s no poetic way to say this…
I basically told myself to suck it up and just do what I love,
grabbed a paint brush, a whole bunch of laundry, some yard sale finds, and went to work.

I stopped thinking like a blogger for a minute and started thinking like me.

I thought about what I wanted that boring, little hallway to be.
And I am so happy that you love it…because I do!
I know it’s just a hallway for goodness sake, but to me, it’s a lesson learned.

“Whatever you do, do with all your heart.”
Colossians 3:23


I’ve been eating cake n’ stuff all day so I’ll be emailing you all back tomorrow!


  1. Hi! I loved what you wrote, and I am so glad you shared that on here with your readers. ;) We just bought our first home, moved in last June and it’s a fixer. I started this blog to document it, and I have to admit, was a little intimidated by all the talent there is here in “blogland.” And sometimes you second guess your own style based on what you see in others…if that makes any sense. ;) Anyway, I’ve enjoyed meeting some really great and friendly people so far (some however, not so welcoming).. .**sigh** With that being said, I love your blog, admire your style, and became a follower. Hopefully when I start to have something a little more “creative” to post (once fixing up our home to make it more functional is over), maybe you can come by and visit my blog. ;) For now, I enjoy looking through such inspirational blogs such as yours. ;)


  2. I LOVE your honesty and I LOVE your hallway Jami!! ;) You are so unbelievably talented AND humble about it..I LOVE that about you! You dont go around tooting your own horn (like some)..stay true to being YOU because we LOVE YOU!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Karen says:

    Ah, Jami. I am so glad you did start your blog and that you have the same affliction as me (i.e. the need to make things prettier than they were before). You inspired me to start my own little blog and you were nice enough to answer my comment and leave this newbie a message when others did not. I hope you have had a lovely birthday and that all your dreams will come true – etsy and decorating!
    P.S. Col 3:23 is one of my favourite verses too. I quote it to my students all the time:)

  4. Oh Jami, you’re such a doll. You’re so talented. Blogging, decorating, and tour Freckled Laundry creations. Love it all! So glad you’re in the blog world and that you’re following your dreams.


  5. I think everyone questions themselves in this regard, Jami. Probably even more so once they start blogging. You did a great job in this hallway and it’s not “just a hallway” anymore, it’s a lovely area in your home that draws people in.

  6. Happy happy birthday! ♥♥

  7. Ohhhh Jami ~ I totally know what you mean about
    blogland ~ I was just getting ready to quit reading blogs for the day just because sometimes I get very
    overwhelmed and feel there is no way that I could ever be that talented ~
    Your hallway is absolutely GORGEOUS !!! Girl you are “that talented” !!!
    Have a blessed day !

  8. Here, here! I heartily agree with what you’ve written. 1 Corinthians doesn’t lie:)

  9. Jill Elaine says:

    Your hallway is absolutely delightful. Isn’t it so fun to take a space that’s bugging you and turn it into something you love:)!!
    I would love to know where you got that Rachel Ashwell linen. I love it.
    And I have to comment on the verse you used at the bottom of your post. That’s the verse I have used in my blog header from day one. Blog is ‘sew a fine seam’.
    Everything I do should be a ‘fine’ job. As to the Lord.
    I love your blog and your talent. Keep it up:)

  10. chris says:

    Wishing you a sweet birthday…and encouraging you to never stop following your heart and your passion. You create lovely things. Keep it up!

  11. Oh Jami,
    I love that your not afraid to write down your fears and true feelings!! I have felt the exact same way and have kept it all bottled inside. You are TRULY talented my friend!!! It’s not easy as Mom’s to do the things we want in our home and business, but you are so inspiring to a lot of us out here.
    Your hallway turned out absolutely stunning, and thank you for your words of inspiration!
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Eat some cake for me!!! Maybe I’ll go out and get my own cake and celebrate your birthday too!!

  12. Happy birthday Jami, keep following your heart!
    Tracey xoxo

  13. By the way, you ARE one of the awesome ones, you just don’t know it yet!!

  14. allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com says:

    I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday sweet Jami! You are more talented than you give yourself credit for! Good for you for letting go of whatever fear was gripping you and let your creative self just flow! What you have done and are doing for your home is amazing! Hope your day was wonderful! All the best!

  15. Alexis says:

    I think you just shared some familiar feelings with a few others. Your hallways is fabulous and I’ve always loved your work. You take simplicity and turn it into the most gorgeous thing ever. You are simply delightful!

  16. Megan says:

    happy! happy! Birthday!! I hope its a fabulous one :)

  17. First of all I want to say Happy Happy Birthday from the heart! I hope you are having TONS of cake and celebrating your wonderful self! Second, I adore your honesty with your decorating. Isn’t it ironic that blogging adorers like myself would never ever EVER guess that you weren’t born with the confidence and ease of decorating just like every other big blogger out there. I truly truly believe that it is hard not to compare yourself… I sometimes want to rip apart rooms (or halls in this case) after I see what inspired bloggers are up to—so don’t discount your style you are bound to end up in a bunch of magazines someday! But for now I love that you went with your heart and did what you loved….I am constantly trying to do just that…. if people love it or hate it, that is okay with me. Anyways I am done, I could go on, you know I am a adoring fan and I follow your blog just as closely as MMS—So celebrate you today and as always I am inspired!

  18. Susan says:

    Hello again Jami,
    I just have to also comment on this post. It really resonated with me because I often have the same thoughts – “my house isn’t as neat/pretty/cool as other blogs”. But I do find that the times I just let go & decorate on my own time & terms, the result reflects what I love.
    Your home looks wonderful!
    - susan

  19. Love your hallway makeover. I get overwhelmed at times because I’m not as creative as half the people out there in Blogland. You are an inspiration to me. I Love your Blog and your creativity. Thanks for sharing your story!

  20. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your always refreshing, honesty! You are an inspiration!

  21. SueAnn says:

    Yes!! Do what you love and you will love what you do!! I think the hallway is fabulous!!
    Hugging you

  22. Dana Bishop says:

    It is hard to imagine that you could feel insecure about decorating. We, as readers, are so taken with your home and your style decisions (not to mention your eye for good buys and your resourcefulness). Your skill and your taste inspires me. Think of how insecure your readers feel :)

    Kindly, Dana

  23. Jane says:

    Oh Jami. Happy birthday, Sweets! But I just love this post. It exudes your trademark honesty and openness to share your vulnerability. Bravo you.

    I am so delighted to have followed your journey over the past year. Seeing you discover just how talented you are has been an unmitigated pleasure.

    And that hallway has me wishing I could pop you on my magic carpet and whiz you over to Planet Baby HQ to give me a hand!

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations with your gorgeous family. J x

  24. Tracey says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMI !!!!!! Wishing you the same joy that you bring to others everyday!! XOXO ENJOY!
    Grosse Ile, MI

  25. Tracey says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMI !!!!!! Wishing you the same joy that you bring to others everyday!! XOXO ENJOY!
    Grosse Ile, MI

  26. Jamie, I believe most of us lose confidence in our decorating ability at one time or the other. You have a boatload of followers that obviously like what you do. They all see what I see when I visit here…a sweet, tell it like it is, creative and talented lady!
    Jamie, Have a wonderful birthday.

  27. Mona Kay says:

    Good for you for being SO COURAGEOUS!! I would imagine everyone wrestles with doubts (I certainly do), but as they say, it’s how you persevere that counts!

    Happy birthday!!

  28. Jilly says:

    You are so unbelievably talented and humble about it. I learned a very good lesson from this article and that is some learning experience we can not encountered it. For me It is very inspirational.
    hediyelik eşya

  29. Annastacia says:

    What a wonderful and sweet and meaningful post! I love what you shared. It’s so true that we (as bloggers, decorators, and women) can get so caught up in things that we don’t do what we actually love because we think we’re not good enough. You have such a wonderful uplifting blog and you are very down to earth. Thank you :)

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