Red {Ticking}, White & Blue


Happy 4th of July!
It’s a red, white, and blue sort of day
so I thought I’d share some new tag designs with you…
and a paint color and a painting.
I worked on these Red Ticking Strip Clay Tags
(and several others over the weekend)
and just uploaded them to my Etsy shop!
I’ll share the other designs soon but they don’t work with the whole red, white, and blue theme I’ve got going on here today.


I photographed them in my oldest son’s room,
hanging from a vintage, cardboard megaphone
that I recently purchased for 25 cents at a yard sale.
{I have a serious urge to nudge that white basket to the right.}
You might also know that I’m a painter.
I think I’ve only mentioned it once, so maybe not…and I’ve never shared my work.
The painting in the background is an oil-on-canvas that I painted for my boy 5 years ago.
Looking at it makes me want to get out my easel and brushes and start painting again.
I’m never happy with my work though and find it more frustrating than therapeutic at times. 
[Click to enlarge]
Of course,
the painting would not be complete without the name of our favorite Yankee
and my son’s middle name.
Also, while I’m at it,
I wanted to share the. best. navy. blue. paint color
that I painted on one wall of my son’s room two years ago.
You’ll have to catch a glimpse of it in the above photo
because photographing the entire wall would have meant cleaning his room,
and frankly, it isn’t in the cards today.
Ah, I won’t make you scroll up.
Here it is again…
Here is another shot of his baseball rod finials with the navy behind it.
The color is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy HC-154.
It is the most beautiful, true, dark navy blue
and is nearly an identical match to the vintage megaphone.
I loooooove it.
I swear, I have Multiple Personality Disorder.
I mentioned in Saturday’s Map Post that I love navy & white ticking and nautical stripes.
How can one person love white, serene, dreamy, feminine spaces
and more masculine, visually striking, navy & white decor
all at the same time?
Do you love two entirely different styles of decor equally?
Hanging out in Jaden’s room today and snapping photos
had me wanting to crack open a can of Hale Blue and attack my bathroom
because I had visions of this while painting the bathroom lavender.
I’m not kidding.
Of course,
my real navy stripes would be evenly spaced and all that,
unlike my quick circus Photoshop version.
How cute would that be with a white ruffled shower curtain
to balance the masculinity of the navy and white stripes?
Okay, somebody better grab my arms and hold me to the ground.
I’m about to change stripes on you…literally!
And to make matters worse,
my husband just walked by and rather excitedly said, 
“Ooh. Are you painting the bathroom like that?” 
Wouldn’t he just love a NY Yankee’s color bathroom.
Another tangent.
Back to the paint…
My absolute favorite wall paint line, especially for dark colors like red and navy,
is Benjamin Moore’s Low VOC Aura Line.
It’s pricey at about $60 per gallon and $20 per quart, but totally worth it.
I painted my son’s dark navy wall with ONE coat over white primer and only needed to touch up a few spots.
I couldn’t believe it. I had to pick my eyeballs back up off the floor after they popped out of my head.
 It’s mixed differently than regular latex on a molecular level
so the binding of color is much stronger, and the finish and coverage is gorgeous.
By the way, this paint bit is entirely impromptu and I’ve received nothing from Benjamin Moore to write this.
In fact, my nearest Aura dealer is over an hour away so I mostly use Sherwin Williams on the blog,
which I can get locally and less expensively.

If I were using dark colors though, I’d be making the hour drive again.

Anyhow, that is what’s running through my head today.
To see my latest Ticking and Nest collections on Etsy,
just click the image below.
As always, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement regarding this little dream of mine.



  1. Miranda says:

    I feel the same way you do about styles. I have 3 styles I love, Scandinavian, Vintage Cottage and Early American. They don’t go together at all and it’s hard to find that balance that is MINE. I love the navy blue paint, what a bold choice! And your painting is amazing. I can’t even imagine having that much talent. Happy 4th of July!

  2. So much good stuff in this post Jami! I love the new tags, love the megaphone, the ticking stripe wall, etc, etc. And I feel you on the design A.D.D. I am completely attached to my all white and neutrals, but I always manage to find so many other styles that I love as well.


  3. Catherine says:

    Wow Jami I LOVE this post!! I adore your painting (do more please!!), I am in total love with the navy blue wall your sons wall and the megaphone…one of my sons IS a megaphone LOL And as to your bathroom darls….well, I think it would look totally awesome! Particularly with the ruffled white shower curtain. I know, I’m not helping ;-)

    Happy 4th of July sweets!!


  4. Jami,

    You are so talented. I love the painting. You definitely need to pull those paints and easel out of storage and create! I adore the new ticking addition to your tag series.

    I am humbled and honored at the mention of my post. Thank you for the shout out.

    Your Friend and fellow Yankee Fan,

  5. Kelli says:

    Great new addition to your tags! Just love em!

  6. lol! You’re so funny, Jami! Your thoughts were bouncing all over the place like that baseball! lol! I always knew that you had a definite artist’s heart – and it’s evident in that awesome painting, girl – not to mention your perfect tags! :) Oh, and yup – I mix up styles, too. Never thought I’d be eclectic, but it’s beginning to feel that way around here lately! A little urban country, a little French country farmhouse, a little Nordic, and a little beach house. I’m going to blame it allllll on blogworld….. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  7. Jenni says:

    Ah Jami, I love these posts! A little bit of everything, and so fun to read! :) Your baseball painting is beautiful! Wow, I had not idea you painted! Your son must love having that in his room, too! :)

    And yes, do I ever know what you mean about liking different styles! But actually I think blue ticking could completely work with the Swedish decor style you have in your home! Even those nautical stripes you did on Photoshop look cute in your bathroom! :)

    Oh, and I love that Aura paint, too! It is in most of our house, and it has very little actual paint odor to it. :) And that color of navy IS gorgeous! My son’s room is almost the same color of navy on the bottom with a light gray on top, but after seeing your maps post last night, I asked him what he would think of a half wall of maps! ;) But honestly, wouldn’t that look so good with the blue and gray? Well, I will keep my eye out for cute maps while I convince him, lol! :)

    I hope you had a fun fourth of July, and that you have a great Tuesday! :)


  8. Jenni says:

    P.S. I forgot to say how much I like your new ticking clay tags! I LOVE them! :)

  9. Ok, lots to comment about on this all over the map ost! I think you would get tired of a strong pattern in the bathroom…fun to look at, but after a while it would be so bossy!! I can’t wait to see it in lavendar. LOVE the painting you did of the baseball, seriously! Just amazed!! And the striped tags are fantastic, you should consider a line of striped tags in groups like: pastels, vintage, seacoast, americana…love the possiblities!!
    I have the same multiple personality disorder, and I have to constantly reign myself in and not go off on decorating tangents!!

  10. I LOVE these ticking tags! Adorable! Also, I must say that the Navy stripes in the bathroom with the wood looks really classic. I love it. I would not be afraid to do it if I were you! Go Brave Girl! Thank you for linking the post to the Words to Live By. Beautiful.

  11. I LOVE these ticking tags! Adorable! Also, I must say that the Navy stripes in the bathroom with the wood looks really classic. I love it. I would not be afraid to do it if I were you! Go Brave Girl! Thank you for linking the post to the Words to Live By. Beautiful.

  12. Jane says:

    Oh, Sweetheart! I’m giggling in faraway Hobart, Australia. I adore navy so I’m pleased to find a fellow fan. I’m off to look at your Etsy store now…J x

  13. Megan says:

    i love it all! and you can totally love more than one design style. thats part of the reason my bedroom isnt done yet…

  14. My darling friend…you do pinstipes better that the Yankees!
    You know I am on an emotional roller coaster right now…that painting just blew me away!
    I haven’t forgotten Jaden’s shirt…I will send it next week!
    [with love]

  15. Love the idea of navy stripes in the bathroom…only, since you’re a Yankees fan, do pinstripes rather than the wider stripe. it would be subtle and a ruffled white shower would be perfect!

    Love the clay tags in the red ticking. Are you going to do some with blue ticking? I hope so!

  16. Jami,

    I tweeted you but don’t think you are seeing me tweets because you don’t follow me. I have a private account but if you request to follow I will accept!


  17. kel c says:

    White is my favorite color of all time. With that being said Navy is my other favorite and I also love it in navy and white stripes. I am actually building a home and doing the kids bath vanity hale navy. So I was holding my breath while reading this to see what GREAT navy was out there. So happy I don’t have to go get another paint swatch. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Paula says:

    Jami, you are amazing!

  19. Jami,

    You are truly an artist!!!! Love the new tags…

  20. Deb says:

    Love love love the new tags Jami and your painting is just awesome! I too have a thing for navy blue lately…I’ll have to remember that paint color tip. ~Deb~

  21. Stephanie says:

    Love, love the painting! That is one great talent you have! Nope didn’t know you were an artist, wow you never cease to amaze me. The map trend? Loving it. Thinking about doing some on two old school desk chairs for my daughter at her house in the playroom. One tiny suggestion for us older people…you know the ones with the bad eyes? It is hard to read that small print you insert in your really make have to put on those darn glasses! LOL The tags are so pretty, love the added depth. Waiting for the newest pictures…

  22. Mari Lyn says:

    I am redoing my son’s room in a baseball theme – I LOVE the curtain rod – where did you find it? It’s just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks!

  23. Marty says:

    Love the finials… Where did you find them?

    • Jami says:

      Thank you! I purchased them from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago. I checked the site and they’re no longer available :(, but you might find them on ebay.

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