Planked Hallway Gallery

Hi, sweets.
I have a dirty little secret to share with you
(among others in this little fixer-upper of mine).
Meet my hallway before
Actually, that’s not even a true before because I had already started priming 
before I remembered that I had a blog.
What the photo above doesn’t show you is the huge hole 
in the wall, on the left…
Hi, hole.
Nearly every time I walked by it,
I would sing, “Hiiiiii hooooole! Hi hole. Hi hole. It’s off to work we go…”
{Sung to the tune of the Seven Dwarfs singing, “Hi Ho.”}
How did that hole get there?
Let’s just say it was the Lettered Cottage’s “Wonder Wall” gone wrong.
Source: The Lettered Cottage
Back in the day, when I first discovered blogs,
I fell in love with Kevin and Layla’s dining room wall.
I thought it would be lovely to do some little planks and shelving
between two studs in our hallway to display my silver collection.
But, when I wielded a sledge hammer and cracked open that can…

 {So embarrassing.}
In my defense, I didn’t just willy nilly attack my wall with a sledge hammer,
although it certainly appears that way.
Using a magnetic stud finder, I found the stud on the left (can’t see it in the photo from that angle),
measured over 18 inches (like the other studs in our home are spaced), and found the other stud.
“Perfect,” I thought.
My big mistake was not anticipating the random stud in the center, 6 inches from the stud on the right.
I now use an electronic stud finder that picks up everything and beeps as you slide it across the surface.
Lesson learned.

Moving along…
 Thursday, I decided that enough was enough and got to work.
My hallway is looking so cute but I still need to add some laundry.

I found just what I needed at a thrift shop yesterday.
I’ll share a complete before and after when it’s done.

In the meantime,

  here is the planked photo gallery that I created to conceal the hole.
(I still need to replace the color photographs with black & whites,
run some fine grit sandpaper between the two middle planks, and do a lil’ rearranging
but I wanted to show you something.)
I originally painted the planking with chalkboard paint
but it was too much for my little hallway to handle.
I think it’s prettier in white and much softer on the eyes.
I’ll see you soon with a before and after.
Have a lovely week!



  1. I agree – the white is better, but the chalkboard paint was a really cute idea! I love the little “captions” underneath the photos!

  2. It looks fabulous and intentional! Way to go. (I like chalkboard but like the white better in that narrower space too.) Love your hardwood floors too. I can hardly wait until we can afford to replace our upstairs hallway rug with hardwood.

  3. I love it! You can never go wrong with white.

  4. Mary says:

    Jami!{aka triplet}
    Errr….are we on the same wavelength or WHAT!?! I, too, love TLC and we just finished a wall very similar to their ‘reading room’ wall in our daughters room{where the clay tags will find their home on galvanized buckets and baskets from IKEA}! YAY! We found antique maple flooring, scrubbed away, and used it on the back wall and did batten on the others. I can’t wait to finish it!
    I LOVE your looks great!

  5. Love what you are doing with the hallway! Such a great focal area for pictures. And I agree, love it in white. xx, Cassie

  6. Aaron says:

    I love that gallery wall! So fresh and airy…love, love, love.

    Mudpies & Marigolds

  7. Nan says:

    LOL! Outside of the fact that your wall now looks FABULOUS – your writing is hysterical! I laugh out loud when I read your posts. I think you are a VERY clever writer, Jami! I’m a former teacher and I can spot someone with talent! You’re a very gifted woman! Keep up the great posts!

  8. Holy Moly Jami, You rock!!! I love that you just get in there and get it done! It’s just beautiful!!
    Take care and have a lovely week!

  9. It looks great, Jami!

  10. Felicity says:

    Brilliant as ever Jami – and of course now I have ‘that’ song ringing in my head!

    Happy hug clever you!

    xx Felicity

  11. I too like the white better. The pictures pop so much better and it all looks fresh and neat.

  12. you totally made that hole work for you! it looks awesome!

  13. you totally made that hole work for you! it looks awesome!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I love it! Yikes with the cutting out random holes on your wall without doing your homework…scary. But it turned out so beautiful in the end. Good call on the white planks, it just look so fresh and not over done for the size of the hallway. Project well worth the work! Love it.

  15. Jami, you are hilarous! The horizontal planks look perfect painted white in that location!
    (We are currently nailing
    “vertical wooden bandaids” to cover the 30 years of boo boo’s on our walls.)

  16. {oc cottage} says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I am just ADORING it! WOWIE WOW WOW!

    m ^..^

  17. Hi Jamie, I am loving your hallway now! The planks are fabulous.

  18. Jenni says:

    Oh Jami, I love your plank wall photo gallery! The plank wall looks amazing, and I love {LOVE!} how you arranged everything on it! :)

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


  19. Burlap Luxe says:

    Jami, you are toooo! funny and I too would do csomething as crazy as this! Not calling you carzy, but it is a brave girl to demo al wall as you did. I have made some pretty big holes myself and what a job patching it the way a drywaller would do.

    I love the out-come!! does it make you want to continue the planking all the way down the hallway?? and white is the way to go! it really has added the perfect touch to the hallway!


  20. Lovin’ your work already…can’t wait to see your progress!

  21. Oh Jami I love it! What a great idea! Can’t wait to see more!

  22. Oh Jami I love it! What a great idea! Can’t wait to see more!

  23. Kim says:

    Such a pretty wall – nice job!!!

  24. Becky says:

    I love the plank look- what a great idea doing a small section. You have the look without the demolition. And it is a great way to unify different frames and make them look grander. Great job!

  25. Very nice! I like it a lot, it has a very welcoming feel to it. I have had paint swatches painted on my wall for about 9 months. I replaced my hallway doors 2 years ago (my daughter’s is still unpainted and with no doorknob. I am so glad to see that there are others out there that have undone projects but it is so rewarding when we finally finish!

  26. Great save Jami, that photo gallery is goregous! Is it glued to the wall, or how are the planks attached?

    xx Karen

  27. Erica says:

    Looks fabulous!

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  28. Barefoot in Blue Jeans says:

    What a cute idea for your picture frames!

  29. Olde Tyme Marketplace says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  30. Hey Jami! Looks wonderful (and love it white)!!

  31. You found a great solution to your gaping hole! It looks great. I think a lot of houses have that stud issue going on. I don’t blame your or your stud finder. I have yet to find a stud finder that actually works well!

  32. michelle says:

    This is beautiful! What a great idea. I so wanted wonder walls like Layla’s as well but no such luck so I am making it my goal to plank as many walls as hubby will let me. :)

  33. Adorable! I LOVE the planked up wall area. And white was absolutely perfect. :)

    Just diggin’ yer style…


  34. Erin says:

    Oh, this little nook makes my heart go pitter-patter, Jami! Definitely like the white better–makes the frames stand out nicely. :)

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