Feeling a little French farmhouse…and a Winner

Bonjour!, mon amie.
I’m almost ready to share my finished hallway.
I finished painting the trim last night and I have a door to paint today.
 It’s been so fun to finally be able to give my house some attention this week.
I wanted to share a little fun that I had styling yesterday!
I couldn’t really paint yesterday {day} with my babes bobbling around
so I decided to have some fun styling a colorful, French farmhouse look,
inspired by gifts from a couple of sweet friends.
It’s a look that isn’t staying,
but I still think it looks lovely.
It was nice to step into a colorful look for a moment.
I have navy, red, green, AND purple going on, sweets!
And, if I had some yellow flowers on hand, they’d be sitting in that bucket.
I desaturated the photos and bumped up the contrast but there is color.
Styling meant painting an old frame with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint
with Chateau Grey over a Versailles base.
I recently ordered a Jeanne d’Arc Living “Huile d’Olive” stencil
(for my upcoming kitchen makeover)
from one of my favorite shops, The Beautiful Life.
My receipt came tucked in a gorgeous French ledger bag
so I cut out the image and framed it (above)!
I received this ‘petite fleurs’ holder (among other beautiful things) from a dear blog friend
and folded and tucked a red hemstitch napkin to imitate a chair slip.
I can’t wait to share this chair slip tutorial with you!
(It is staying in the new look.)
 Tracey at Raggy Girl Vintage made the lovely, navy ticking lavender pillow.

She sent me some of here darling wares and I’ll be sharing them soon, all styled and pretty.

Do you like to play with different looks just because?



  1. I love the hall look. It is so pretty! I did my hall over too. I love the stencil on the wall…is that the same wall you did before? I am thinking it is…well it looks nice all styled frenchy like!

  2. Love it, Jami! I like to call it “playing”. Well, I guess it is ~ just big girl playing! : ) Love, love that stencil on your wall. It looks so good against the gray. What a great idea for a small wall, maybe at the end of a hallway or something that you really can’t do much with, to make it look important. I’m going to keep that in mind.

  3. Thank you, Amy! It’s a different hall but the same stencil. I wanted to repeat the look.

    Yes. It is definitely big girl playing!

  4. How pretty! I love that little chair! Your photos are always so pretty!

    Can’t wait to see the finished paint job! Have a great weekend, Jami!


  5. LOVE it all Jamie!! x0 Rachel

  6. Jami,

    Love the stenciling on the wall. Too bad it’s not staying.

    Your Friend,

  7. chris says:

    Fun! I love the stenciled wall, and the pops of color.

  8. d. reyné says:

    How beautiful Jami!
    I love the tiny pop of red!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Jami, Love it!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  10. Ok…..do you hire out, Jami?? :) You have SUCH a beautiful way of creating stunning vignettes in your home. I need a little Freckled Laundry love in my house!!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  11. I love your stencil and slipcover such a pretty spot in your home!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Susan says:

    Jami you styling turned out well! It is so very pretty!

  13. the stencil looks amazing : )

  14. Mona Kay says:

    Have I mentioned how oh-so-in love I am with that damask stenciled wal?? Love that chair in front of it too!!

  15. Allison says:

    The stencil is gorgeous, Jami! I love the look you’ve styled in your hallway. Isn’t playing around like that fun! I do it quite often. The slipcover is beautiful, too, and I notice a ruffle. Love, love, love ruffles!

  16. Love it Jami!!
    You sure have an eye for stylin!!

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