Chic Decorating with Navy

Hi, sweets.
I’ve been pinning a bunch of navy inspiration to Pinterest lately
and realize that many of you don’t have Pinterest accounts,
so I’m sprinkling a little of it here.
I’ve had a serious navy itch lately,
which is a bit of a challenge considering it’s such a bold contrast
to my airy, serene, faded style.
(But, like anyone who enjoys styling their home, I love a good challenge.)
On the other hand, navy is a clean and fresh color
that will work in my home. 
Why the navy itch?
I’ve declared my love for a navy ticking and nautical stripe
and I’m on a mission to create more comfortable home.
My Dad came to visit a few weeks ago
and one of the first things he said was,
“Is it safe to sit down?”
I was crushed.
{Mind you, my Dad’s choice of decor is Hunter green, plaid and taxidermy, but I was still bothered.}
If you know one thing about my style,
the most important thing to me is a feeling of comfort,
which is why I choose snuggly, comfortable, cotton & linen laundry.
I want every guest that enters my home, even my Dad with zero decorating appreciation,
to feel like they can plop down, kick their feet up, and chill.
That’s {so} much more important than pretty.
Okay, maybe not. But it’s equally as important.
All that said,
{Hey, when you click my posts, be prepared to read.}
I’m confident that I can incorporate touches of navy
which will create a less intimidating feel in my home,
while still holding onto the shabby, vintage chic style that I adore.
After all, I need to stay true to myself too.
Here are some tips for decorating with navy
to create a feminine, vintage chic space.
1. Just a touch or two of navy in each room.
Too much navy and you can kiss airy and serene goodbye.
I have enough white and faded gray going on to create a balance.
Here are my plans for my own home…
(My house is on the small side and I like my space to flow
so I’ll be incorporating the same style and colors into each main room.)
Living room
My hutch will get a vintage, distressed navy paint job like the piece below.
Patty at Classic Wall Finishes was able to custom mix a quart of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
to match Ben Moore’s Hale Navy in this post. She’s that good!
A navy ticking throw over my white sofa…
 {Pay no mind to the overexposure and unfinished gallery wall in this photo!}
…or this Antique European Grain sack pillow
 …and some faded navy typography somewhere
on something on my fireplace mantel,
will complete the living room.
Depending on how the room looks after those touches,
I may slipcover my $5 wing chair with a navy ticking.
 I have a feeling it will be too much though.
Family Room
This is the main hangout in my home
so the sofa will be slipped with this lovely navy ticking.
(Far more practical for little ones.)
My slipcovered chair will remain white.
This room {photos to come} has vaulted ceilings 
and I plan to paint the walls light gray
with a white, horizontal planking accent wall.
These lights or something similar will be hung.
 I {adore} the finish.
I am so excited about this room.
There is so much to be done and I’ll be sharing photos 
and my plans this week or next so stay tuned.
I closed my Etsy shop for a week or two to prep, prime, paint, and sew.
This navy ruffled ticking shower curtain is definitely on the list.
 Isn’t it gorgeous?!
This photo is actually a great representation of a shabby chic-ish space that uses navy.
Still very feminine and serene and very much me.
2. Balance the bold, masculine navy with plenty of femininity 
to the take the traditional look to chic.
I’ll be adding more ruffles and reflective pieces like mirrors, glass, and crystal to soften the space
{and my white, light gray, and silver accessories are staying}.
3. Think about the laundry.
Avoid nautical stripes.
  Nothing will take your space down a traditional or beach cottage path quicker than a wide, nautical stripe.
Think Ralph Lauren.
 It’s all very pretty but simply not the look I’m after.
That said, the thinner, ticking stripe that I plan to use is also very traditional
but how I will use it (i.e. a loose-fit ticking slipcover versus upholstery) will make a difference.
Also, using ticking in moderation and balancing with white, light gray, and my other accessories,
will keep my home from looking like a Country Club.
 4. Keep the walls neutral.
You might be tempted to paint an accent wall navy or yellow (opposite on the color wheel) but don’t.
White, ivory, and light gray will work best to achieve a more feminine, chic space.
Love this beachy chic look but if you take aware the oars, knot, and beach bag,
you’ve got yourself a feminine, vintage chic space that incorporates navy without the nautical.

This is closest to the look I’m after.

 Another tip about navy…
Navy and silver were made for each other.
That’s why sterling silver jewelry and other wares are often packaged against navy blue velvet.
You might remember how much I {love} silver metals if you watched this slide show
so I’m looking forward to incorporating a touch of navy into my decor.

What are your thoughts on navy?

This little navy obsession was a temporary itch.
While I still LOVE navy to bits,
it was just a little too much contrast for me.
I do like things softer.
I took my navy itch out on my oldest son’s bedroom and I’m happy now. ;)


  1. I love it all! Can’t wait to see how everything turns out. I had no idea that you could have the chalk paint custom mixed! Oh, and btw, I received the shipment of tags in the mail yesterday. They turned out fabulous! And thanks for the extra little treat ;)


  2. GORGEOUS!!!! I love it all Jami, especially the ticking covered sofa and navy armoire. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. Jami
    This is beautiful and you will pull it off beautifully.

    I love your blog and invite you to visit mine one day soon.


    Helen Tilston

  4. Miranda says:

    I love it! I think you’ll make it all work together brilliantly. I’ve really been craving navy ticking lately myself. Your ideas are perfect, with just the right touch. I had to laugh at your Dad’s comment. My husband will respond like that occasionally to things I bring home, and it is tricky to negotiate the road between lovely and comfy.

  5. Navy with oatmeal and a silver spoon…that armoir is to die for cool, Jami!

    When your shop is up and running again…I have some ordering to do!

  6. chris says:

    Such delicious inspiration Jami! Good luck making your decorating dreams a reality. <3

  7. I am one of Patty’s biggest fans!! She is awesome when it comes to ASC paints. I just loooove your slip covers and pillows!!

  8. yeah i am really reading this post and listening and then hearing what you have to say, while hearing my own voice about what I think your style is…so that is interesting! Sitting by the lake with a glass of wine will lead to introspective thought!! So anyway, I think what you are trying to avoid is the high contrast (like in a big stripe). I am staying tuned Jami!!

  9. Your hutch will be fabulous!! and I totally agree, I’m just not a beachy, nautical person. but I adore navy ticking and have used it in the past. It’s hard rethinking feminine to include dark colors but it can be done so well. can’t wait to see more!
    xoxo Debra

  10. p.s. have you seen what I’ve done to my LR this last couple of weeks?
    come visit.

  11. Becky says:

    I love love love navy. I have navy in almost every room of my house. It goes great with denim. :) So excited to see what you have been up to!

  12. Burlap Luxe says:

    Love the navy idea!!
    I have a friend who’s dinning room walls are all in deep navy, a black navy, it is a hard color to choose and trying to stay away from that purple navy was her job, all in all it ended up fabulous.

    She added her whites and tickings as well she even added a sette in her very large dinning area in a ticking, this was all done in the 90′s she has not tired of it yet nor have all of her friends.

    you could even add the dark grays in the room anchoring the depth of the navy pieces

    I really cannot wait until you post your new changes, I would be so tempted to paint some french pieces of mine in navy, really I would love to go out on a limb a create with some navy piece’s

    This was an inspiring post!!!

    Cheers, brao!!

  13. Mary says:

    Great post, Jami! I cannot wait to see how you in corporate this into your home. I love it all! :)

  14. I love all your ideas! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together :)

  15. stacy says:

    I love the color “pop” of navy against all of that white…so refreshing! Ticking is so classic and will never go out of style!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. You are such a talented lady that I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. I think navy, in the way you want to incorporate it will be gorgeous!

  17. Kirsty says:

    Love the pins!

  18. janet says:

    I love the navy idea and I know no matter what you do it will look lovely..Can’t wait to see it finished..

  19. rose says:

    love the navy and white. have been thinking of changing my decor a little. maybe i will wait and see how fabulous your’s looks and then steal a couple of ideas. hey, we don’t live next door to each other….who would know. read your blog all the time. love it!

  20. Jamie,
    I just love your inspiration choices, this is a great look and I can’t wait to follow your progress!

  21. really gorgeous…lovely images thanks for sharing..and your blog is STUNNNG !! will come back for sure..and im follow you at FB

  22. Your dad’s comment was so funny! That’s the sort of thing mine would have said. I love it with White here, so classic.

  23. Your dad’s comment was so funny! That’s the sort of thing mine would have said. I love it with White here, so classic.

  24. debbie says:

    Your home is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your finished touches of navy your adding. I do have a question if you don’t mind sharing where to get that shower curtain from id forever be greatful!

    Thanks for sharing,

  25. Pamela says:

    I am loving all of it!
    These images are gorgeous. I remember the one image from Country Home and have always loved it.
    Can’t wait to see what you do.
    I am really starting to like the blues. I’ve always been into reds but find blue more calm!

  26. You have chosen some really beautiful images. I love navy too! As I redecorate my kitchen and family room in neutrals, I am using navy as an accent. It looks so fresh with whites and neutrals.
    Wonderful post.

  27. I love all the photos of inspiration…
    Can’t wait to see what you do!
    hugs, Cheryl

  28. love navy… and now you make me want to “navifie” each room in my home : )!!!!!!

  29. Jenni says:

    Hello sweet Jami! I hope you have had a wonderful week! :)

    I have so enjoyed this post, and think you are “right on” with all this. You are doing navy perfectly! I LOVE that first picture, and think your hutch will look amazing like this. I love ALL your plans for your home, and cannot wait to see it all unfold! :)


  30. Lizard Rae says:

    love. this. post.

  31. Chloe R. says:

    Great ideas, I love nautical inspired things as well. I like that you just had little hints of the nautical pieces here and there. I did a similar style in my living room but I made a frame of old Navy Pins, I love getting creative when decorating!

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