lavender chalk paint window

Somebody’s {loving} her freshly painted lavender window.

It has been rainy and cloudy all day,
so I hope you can see the lavender color in the photos.
freckled laundry lavender annie sloan chalk paint vintage window

It’s the prettiest shade of grayish lavender.
lavender chalk paint window freckled laundry
 I’ve had fun experimenting with Annie Sloan chalk paint.
Here’s the formula for the lavender:
3/4 Paris Grey
1/4 Henrietta
(You can add Old White to lighten. I did not. You can also add more Henrietta for a more purple-y lavender, etc.)
Update 5/22/2013:
I also have another formula that I use
since Annie Sloan came out with the color “Emile.”
freckled laundry faded, crackled, and weathered furniture painting tutorial using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Artisan Enhancements® Crackle Tex

For those of you that have asked,
I order my chalk paint
from Patty at Classic Wall Finishes, NJ.
She was one of the first stockists of Annie Sloan’s paint in the USA 

and really knows her stuff when it comes to the paint and different techniques.

All stockists are experienced and trained on Annie’s paints though
and Patty graciously wanted me to let you know that although she is an online stockist on the East Coast,
be sure to visit for a possible stockist in your area.

While we’re on the subject of lavender,

I’ll throw in another photo of a package that I shipped yesterday.
It’s all in the details.
Hopefully the sun shines tomorrow so I can record my chalk paint Q&A video.

I use the HD camera on my iphone
which was taking super grainy videos without the sunlight today.

I’ll definitely be making another lavender garland that a bride ordered 

for her lavender themed wedding.
How totally lovely does that sound?

If you want to know how to make a lavender garland of your own,
here is my tutorial…

lavender garland freckled laundry button

I’m linking with some of my favorite weekend parties…


  1. What a beautiful color- I have both AS colors but haven’t ventured into the lavender zone yet. This is beautiful!


  2. I agree with WhatWeKeep and Lisa, definitely a beautiful color. And love how peaceful the photos look. The colors are just so relaxing.

  3. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love the colour you chose. It’s perfect. I love the turquoises too, and whites and greys, but it’s wonderful to see something different.


  4. I love it!! Your pictures is good :)
    I know what you mean about the blues ~ I just love them so much but I can’t figure out how to incorporate them in my home so I guess I won’t be ~


  5. What a soft pretty color on your window! It suits you!

  6. What a soft pretty color on your window! It suits you!

  7. Beautiful job on the window Jami. The color is perfect. I’ve yet to try the chalk board paint, and hear it’s awesome. So happy for your Etsy

  8. Tara says:

    I prefer the lavender color as well. Its beautiful.

  9. Lovin’ that window AND that garland!!!!

  10. La says:

    LOVELY! I bookmarked this page for inspiration.

    Have a great day! La

  11. That is a smart color Jami! I love it~you are right it goes great in your home. Would you ever staple chicken wire on the back of the window and make it look like a big old door? Don’t know why that popped in my head…anyway it is a great paint formula. I may have to get some Henrietta!

  12. LOVE the window color Jami!! And I know what you mean about loving a color in other people’s homes, but when it comes to yours, not so much!
    I’m going to be painting my son’s bunkbed in the next few weeks and I think I’ll be ordering some chalk paint. Now I just have to decide on the color. That’s the hard decision!
    Hope your doing well and having a lovely weekend.

  13. Amy,
    Hmmm. METAL chicken wire? Absolutely. That’s a brilliant idea!

  14. Jami…you are the queen of detail! I brag about you like your a daughter…ha ha it just crossed my mind…I could be your blogmother! Please email your address to me, the box you sent was tossed. I have a little something from the NAIA World Series(We attended it over the Memorial Day Weekend~my son Jay covered it) for Jaden Mattingly. Don’t tell him…kids love to get surprises in the mail!

  15. Alexis says:

    I love lavender and this shade is GORGEOUS. You are so talented :)

  16. It is very soft and pretty, Jami. I agree that we can admire things in others homes, but we have to make sure that it is something we can live with or love before it ‘works’ for us. And I love your photos too.

  17. LOVE your window Jami!;) Thanks for the paint info too! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  18. I love the window because it’s simple elegance melds with your decor rather than upstaging another accent! Glad you shared.

  19. Lovely! Thanks for the formula for the lavender using the chalk paint. I don’t have Henrietta yet but that may be my next purchase.

    And…I LOVE the lavendar garland! wow, nice job.

  20. wishful nals says:

    love that color. so so pretty!

  21. i love your lavender window! : )

  22. Stephanie says:

    Jami you have the best followers! That was so special of her to fix your pictures…maybe she become my follower, I have lots of pictures that need tweeking LOL Love the lavender balls, and loving that you are getting the recognition and sales on Etsy, brides are SO fun to work with! I never have had a bridzilla in two years, I really don’t think they exists except for on tv. Love the lavender color better for your house..

  23. Paula says:

    I absolutely love it – such a subtle shade. Yours is one of my favourite blogs x

  24. ~Iffy~ says:

    I Love love love how the chalk paint turns out, every time I see something posted with it I want to get some….just haven’t convinced my hubby yet on the price tag lol.
    Thank you so much for linking up with my Favorite Things Party!!!

  25. Everytime I see the gray in your beautiful home, Jami, I want to run upstairs and paint my bedroom! :) I just love the soft quality of it. I also just ADORE that tin heart that you had hanging from the door. Where did you get it??

    xoxo laurie

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