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Hi, sweets!

Happy Wednesday.
Am I making your eyes crazy by playing with font formats lately?
You tell me please,
do you prefer my posts centered as they’ve always been
or aligned to the left in little paragraphs?

On a more important note…

I’m happy to share

with you.

You may have noticed some of Erin’s beautiful wares in my home.

This little notions jar that came in a set of three,
adds a little farmhouse touch to my crate-scape.

Erin is a sweet blog friend of minewho has been in my corner, cracking me up (she’s a funny one),
and encouraging me from day one.

I’m am thrilled that she’s chosen
to put her chicken wire creations on Etsy.

And to think it all
started with this little “Lovely”…

Here is Erin’s story…

“I started Peony Wire Works because I was inspired.  It started with a fellow blogger asking me to do a Christmas project, which when I was completely stuck, I saw something that made me think of one of my best friends, and I created something for her instead. That was the birth of The Lovely, which I really did love the concept of, so I made a Christmas ornament from that same design (saving me from total embarrassment, whew!).  When several people asked me where I got the idea from, I told them it just came to me. Well, to say that they looked at me in disbelief may be an understatement. Which to me was a huge compliment. lol!

Having been raised on a farm, I am practical, but this proved to me that I can unleash that creative side, and yes it does exist.  My good friend kept encouraging me to not be afraid and to take a chance on myself.  I have to say, most things that I create, are inspired by this good friend (she has good taste, what can I say?), and that I have found a special love for chicken wire that I like to translate into beautiful objects that others can enjoy.  The best part though is that I am utilizing my farm girl ingenuity to make something beautiful, and that to me is the best of both worlds.  – Erin”
Erin creates her designs simply for the love of it
and to me, that makes handmade items mean something
that nothing store bought or mass-produced does.

Here are some of her darling creations
that can be found in her Etsy shop.
Everything Erin makes can me made with natural (silver) wire
or given “Peony’s Favorite Finish” which is a deep, rustic, bronze.
Set of 3 Chicken Wire Cloches (natural)
Chicken Wire Wall Pocket in Peony’s Favorite Finish
(Comes with a custom, pink peony clay tag.)

As soon as I saw them in her shop,

I snapped them right up with initials for each of my babes.
You can find more of her farm girl chic creations
in her Etsy shop.

 (Her prices are just as pretty, too!)
 Erin also has a blog.
 I’m sure it would mean the world to her
if you left some sweet feedback over there or below.
And I just want to say this
(and knowing Erin, she’d want me to say it too):
Anything that you set your mind to is possible
if you believe in yourself enough to take the first step.
If you’re thinking of starting an Etsy shop or your own business
and you’re not sure where to start or need some guidance
or encouragement, please email me.

Also, if you weren’t already aware,
my dear friend
Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog
has created an invaluable series on starting a business.
I recommend starting with Don’t Be Afraid.
Welcome to the Vintage Market, Erin!

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  1. Jodi says:

    She has some beautiful items, I am headed over there to check her out!


  2. Just checked out her Etsy shop & blog, thanks!

    As for your comment re: starting out…I just opened my first booth a month ago and am about to start selling some items on Etsy. Oh, and I still have a “real job”. Yes, I need help!

  3. Chris says:

    What lovely things! I can see why you fancy her wares so much.

  4. I had wondered where Erin went. I followed her on her old blog but it sort of disappeared! I will stop by now that I know where she is. :) Great stuff.

  5. Megan says:

    I think your centered posts are very “you”. :)

    and I adore that mason jar that Erin made. love love love it!! off to her blog now…

  6. Allison says:

    Erin is very talented and I love the story of her start. I am off to check out her blog. A sweet post, Jami.

  7. Erin says:

    Jami, you bring me to my knees…I am so honored that you wrote what you did about me. I am so thrilled to be a member of your shop and I am amongst great company:) Thank you for being that friend:) Love ya girl!

  8. KATHY says:

    She does beautiful work. I love her creations.


  9. Hi Jami,
    I absolutely love those wire cloches!! She does an incredible job with her creations!!
    Thanks for the introduction to Erin and her beautiful work.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Centered for sure!

thank you for taking a minute to write...


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