Lavender & Laundry for Wild Rose & Co. & Winner

Hi, sweets.
Happy Tuesday.
I’m warning you, I’m a little wordy tonight as I haven’t blogged much this week.
You might want to pour a fresh cup first.

 I wanted to share some things from my lavender & laundry collection

that I excitedly shipped off to Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace today.
I squealed when Lynette said she’d bring some of my wares
to her space at the Lucketts Spring Market if the box arrived in time.
I have been so blessed by this blog.
So, you might find some of my things at Lucketts this weekend
along with the other girls at Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace…
Wild Rose Home Decor

They are such an incredibly talented group of artists & designers and I am so thankful
to be included among them, which never would have happened without Miss Mustard Seed,
who has been gearing up for the Lucketts Spring Market too!
She is a self-proclaimed Lucketts groupie
and an official vendor at the Old Lucketts Store.
This ain’t no flea market, ladies.

The 12th Annual Spring Market is this coming weekend (21-22) and I hope you can make it.

I’m 92% that I’m making the 4-hour trip even if it’s a solo day trip, so let me know if you’re going.
I’ll find you!

Anyhow, here’s what was in the box…

Antique French Homespun Linen

& Rachel Ashwell Belgian Linen petite pillows
{a.k.a. sachets}

“lavande” & “fleur” clay tags & magnets…

…and my own version of clothespin magnets.
Just when you think you’ve seen a ruffle everywhere, I stick them on a clothespin.
I’ll be sharing lavender clothespin
and “wall flower” tutorials with you at some point. 
(The wall flowers are about the diameter of a dinner plate.)

I originally shared my lavender garland 
and the link to the tutorial here,
but I’ve since added torn strips of muslin between each ball. 
It needed a little laundry love!
I also made some more Lavender Dipped Letters.
(Tutorial here.)

This reminds me.

My antique & vintage trim supply is very low
{as in pretty much gone}.
If you have any you’d be willing to part with,
I’d love it if you’d send me an email.
I will happily pay you or trade for it.
I’m specifically looking for cotton knit or crochet trims & laces.

The winner of my giveaway is
Congratulations, Sandi!
Send me your shipping info.
The two winners of a set of my clay tags are:
Bonnie from Bon Bon Bonnie #167
Let me know what you want and where to send them.
Thank you all so much for your tips and comments
and blogging, tweeting, or sharing the giveaway on Facebook.
I’ll see you soon with a few chalk paint makeovers.

Welcome, new sweets!

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  1. Erin says:

    YIPEE!!!! I am SOOO excited for you that you are going to be part of Luckett’s!!!!!!! I cannot tell you with exclamation marks or CAPS just how freaking excited I am!!!! This is really helping my day to start off great and I am amazed at all that you have shown that I haven’t seen before!!! Love those wall flowers, those are simply gorgeous Jami, and the magnets are A-DOR-A-BLE!!!! I will be ordering some of those…when you sent me something I ordered, I kept the clothespin you sent and it has been so handy…the dog ate it Sunday and I was upset, LOL!!! Kind of funny and sad all at once but there you have it. I am just so EXCITED!!!! Good for you Jami, and I am PROUD of you my sweetest! Love you!!!

  2. Jami how wonderful for you! I love those ruffled clothespin. What a cute idea…if I ever spot any old trims, I will save them for you.

  3. Ohhhhh I just adore everything that you created !! They are all so pretty !!
    I HAVE to go to Luckett’s someday !!
    Thank you for sharing with us!!


  4. Congrats to Sandi! What a lucky lady! And the wall flowers are TO DIE FOR!! They would look gorgeous above our bed :)

  5. JAMI! You are on fire! I am having so much fun watching you create! I have an idea…a special order…I will email you!
    [with love]

  6. Looks all so lovely! Congrats to winner~Cheers Kim

  7. Hi Jami,
    I love all of the creations that you made for your show!!
    And I am so excited for Sandi, congratulations!
    Have a beautiful day.

  8. Olde Tyme Marketplace says:

    oh my gosh…oh my gosh….OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am going to LUCKETTS!!!! WHo cares if it takes me 7 hours!! I cannot WAIT TO get there now that I know you are going to be there too! OH MY GOSH!! Happy dance!! How great is this???
    Your little handmades are precious and I just can’t wait to see um in person. I can’t wait to see YOU in person! YIPPEE!!
    oh my gosh….oh my gosh!
    P.S. I am gonna shoot you an email with some info! :0)

  9. Sandi’s a very lucky girl these days!

  10. Congrats to your lucky winners! I am hoping to get to Lucketts — 3 hours & 30 minutes for me (if no traffic on the beltway — as if that is a possibility)

    Your Friend,

  11. I LOVE the Rachel Ashwell sachets! Can I buy a few from your etsy shop?? Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Just beautiful! Can’t wait to see them this weekend at the Market!

  13. Jami,

    I am loving the selection of textures, colors & fabrics on your wall flowers!
    Now I am curious just what you will do with them…

  14. Allison says:

    Everything looks so beautiful, Jami! You have been working hard and congratulations on having some of your items at the Lucketts Spring Market! I wish I lived closer. I would love to attend. I like your Belgian linen sachets and your wall flowers. Lovely! Will you sell either of those in your Etsy shop?

  15. Becky says:

    It is all so wonderfully soft and cozy looking. I love those pillows and the clothespins!

  16. Deb says:

    Enjoy the market Jami…it sounds wonderful! Will you be selling the RA pillows in your shop? Love ‘em!!! ~Deb~

  17. Oh my goodness…thank you, thank you!
    So excited!

    I am also excited for your new little venture ~ your new treasures are beautiful!!

    I’ll pop you an email…thanks again!

  18. Kelli says:

    I saw that you had Lavendar initials. Are you planning on selling any on Etsy? I would so buy one. They are so precious. Good luck!

  19. Megan says:

    no wonder you have been scarce! woo hoo for you!!! What a fantastic event :) Have a fabulous time at Lucketts, I sure hope you get to go!

  20. Tiff says:

    How exciting! What gorgeous items, so so pretty! Have fun, it will be worth the trip! X

  21. Jami,

    Those wallflowers are Ah-maz-ing!!!!!

  22. You were wordy… and I loved every word!
    How can you have So much talent!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  23. Yes I am also visiting Lucketts! Wouldn’t miss it! I hope to see you there! Love your items, they are just beautiful!

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