{Air Your Laundry Friday} Link Party #26

Hi, sweetie pies.

My apologies for not getting this party started as scheduled!
For those of you with Blogger blogs,
you know that Blogger was down for the better part of a day.


For those of you on WordPress, etc.,
I’m not a loser.

Thank you all so much for linking up every week
or every once in a while when you have the itch to sew something.

My machine has been humming away
and I can’t wait to share a few new things with you
(including tutorials)
when I’m back in full swing here on the blog.

I sure miss you already!

If you haven’t entered my 1000th follower celebration giveaway, click the image below.
It’s a good one.

Last week’s party was awesome as always.
I visited each and every one of your links
but due to Blogger being on the fritz,
I wasn’t able to comment on several.
I’m hoping to find a moment to circle back & do so this evening
but in the meantime, thank you and here are my freckled favorites for the week…
Jane at Life on Planet Baby created this pretty little inspire sign
using a wooden word and scraps of fabric.
It gave her quite the challenge but she didn’t give up.
The result was well worth her persistence & passion to finish what she started!
There were some gorgeous pillows linked up,
but I especially loved this patchwork pillow made by Mrs. Tiff.
I’m on a mission to make a shabby, twin “rag” quilt for Edyn’s future big girl bed
and I think the technique is sort of like this pretty lil’ number.

In just a short while, school will be out in New York.
I thought these simple [velcro closure!] Teacher Pouches
made by Jaime at That’s My Letter were a great gift idea.
She had several teachers comment on this project
and they all said they would love to receive one as a gift.
completely transformed her dining set and I love it!
The chair slips give this set such character.
My son and I are die hard Star Wars Fans
and I would be committing a sin if I did not feature this a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.
Wookie Wear made by Cheryl at Sew Can Do.
Grey is a Star Wars fan in training and must have a set!
May the force be with you!
I can’t wait to see your links this week.
The Party RULES

Definition of textile [tex·tile]

                                                 1: cloth; especially a woven or knit cloth                           
           2: a fiber, filament, or yarn used in making cloth 

1. Pleeeeeeease link up TEXTILE projects and inspiration only. No repeat projects please.
    (As long at is uses a textile in some way, it’s linkable.)

2. Please be courteous & add my button (in the sidebar) or text link to your post. Thank you.

3. Please link to your actual post, not your blog in general.

4. Please be sweet and visit at least a couple other links.

5. I’d love it if you followed me too, but it’s optional.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Wookiee Wearables – your button is now on my Featured On page:)

  2. Jaime says:

    Jami thanks for the feature of my apple pouches. What a crazy blogger day I’m all out of sink!

  3. Jaime says:

    Jami I accidentally linked up the same post twice and I can’t seem to delete it! I’m so sorry – can you please remove the duplicate? Thanks

  4. Abby says:

    Thank you for featuring my chairs! I’m on a mission to make a rag quilt for my little girl’s big girl bed too…can’t wait to see what you come up with! I know it will be beautiful!

  5. Erin says:

    Great Features Jami!!! I am hard pressed to pick a favorite!

  6. Hi Jami,
    I love all of these gorgeous creations!!!
    I am so excited to be able to join your party, finally!
    I’m having a blast with my new sewing machine!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. We kind of had our “world” turned upside down, didn’t we? I see some red on one of these, so I’d better go check this lady out!

  8. Thanks so much for allowing me to join in the fun. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xxx tami

  9. Oh gosh I managed to not link textiles…so sorry. I have a textile project too for next week!!!

  10. Tiff says:

    Thanks for featuring my patchwork cushions! I was so excited when I finished them! I have used that fringing for a few projects now and I love it!!! I hope I can share some more with you soon! X

  11. Kristy says:

    Glad your back too, I have just the smallest amount of fabric this week in my entry. It’s antique dollie from my great grandmother tucked into the books.

  12. Love that inspire sign!! Can’t wait for school to be over so I have more project time and can link up again :)

    Have a great week Jami!

  13. Allison says:

    All wonderful projects that you featured! Hope you’re doing well, Jami, and having a good week. Hugs to you.

  14. Jane says:

    Oh, Jami, I’ve just caught up on this post. Thanks so much for featuring my little Liberty project – I am so flattered and thrilled! It’s the first of many I plan to make – I’m hooked now ☺. J x

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