Vintage Chic Style Series No. 4 – Interview with Christina Strutt & Giveway

Hi, sweets.
Happy Wednesday.
A few weeks ago,
I let you know about my upcoming interview
with the lovely Christina Strutt of Cabbages & Roses
and you had an opportunity to ask questions of your own.
Before we get started,
thank you so much for the great questions you submitted.
Christina was gracious enough to answer every, single one!
For those of you that don’t know
(and I’m guessing that it’s very few)
Cabbages & Roses is Christina’s European line
of fabrics, homewares, and clothing.
Everything has a “faded, time worn” style.
It’s a vintage chic dream.
Source: Cabbages & Roses
 (One of each, please.)
Cabbages & Roses also has a blog.

Thank you so much, Christina!
Q: I love the vintage chic style and sometimes find myself torn between wanting to show off all my great finds and fill a room versus trying to keep it from looking cluttered and busy. Right now, I find myself cycling in and out accessories every few weeks but I’d love to hear your take on a dilemma I imagine a lot of us face! - Gingham Girls & Pipigirl

A: I would say this is a pleasure rather than a dilemma! What could be better than changing and rearranging – I believe the secret to happiness is creating a new room for your own pleasure.
One important thing is to get rid of anything you don’t love – no matter how times you move it around,

it will always spoil everything else. So after the cull you might find it easier.

Q: How do you incorporate florals into home decor without it becoming too froufrou? I love a vintage floral and want to know if you follow any “rules” in this regard. - Amy at Maison Decor
A: Luckily my home (and husband) is very accepting of florals. Don’t overdo it with flounces and frills. Incorporate florals with cushions and throws, but use gentle florals where you will need large expanses of fabric – like curtains or drapes – find a muted fabric which allows you to change the room with easier statement pieces – such as cushions. Mix florals with checks and stripes to keep the look grounded.
Q: I love Cabbages and Roses and would love to know if you plan on creating a “line”of products in the near future for retail stores like Target? I would LOVE to be able to find Cabbages and Roses nearby! - Rachel at French Farmhouse 425
A: Luckily for you, we now have a transactional website so you can order the clothes, fabrics, and homewares online, just as if we were in Target down the road! We opened a new shop in Tokyo last week and we do have plans to go global, but we are still a small company with big plans. We promise to let you know when we open a shop across the pond!

Q: I would love, love, love to hear your advice on starting a business and how you coped and found the confidence to develop Cabbages and Roses into the success it is today. Beautiful as it is! – Holly at Mahogany Pheasant
A: If I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I would have the confidence to start! Starting a business is the easy bit, keeping it going is the hardest part. But if you have an idea and you really believe in it, before you know it, you will be discussing going global with people you would never have expected to meet.
There are four important rules in business:
Have a unique product.
Believe in your product.
Don’t borrow money unless you absolutely have to.
If you start up with friends, the first thing to do is work on the ‘get out clause.’
Q: I have so many questions for her, because like you, I am starting a vintage inspired home wares line. I just don’t know where to begin. Invest in a PR person? Do it myself? Where are my time and energies best spent? How did you get your mail order business to take off so rapidly? Do tell! Pretty please!? – Samantha at Vintage is for Lovers
A: The most important place to begin is with the product, make it exceptional and unique. The second thing to do is to let your customers know that you exist. PR is expensive, so I would either take beautiful photographs or employ a photographer to do so. Make as beautiful a catalogue as you can afford and send it to the relevant editors of suitable magazines, with a press release explaining why they should pay attention to you (i.e. why you are different from everybody else). If you take the photographs, all this will cost you is the printing of the catalogue. Send them to everybody in your address book and try to set up a website. Make sure this is printed in your catalogue. This is what a PR company would do, so I would suggest this as a first step. This is exactly what we did, and I expect it took off so rapidly because of the product – it certainly wasn’t the expert photography!

If I can interrupt for a moment,
how beautiful is Christina to offer such advice?

Q: Did you start your company with the precise idea of where you would want to arrive and what you would love to produce, or it has been a process throughout the years?
A: I did start with the precise idea of where I would want to arrive, but I haven’t gotten there yet.
The journey is as important as the destination, and the creating of beautiful fabrics and clothing is the pleasure of Cabbages & Roses. It has definitely been a process throughout the years.

Q: With all the work involved in running a beautiful and successful business, where do you go to get away from it all? Also, how do you keep your inspiration new and fresh? We go to people like you, but where do YOU go for this? – Marcia at Blessedmom’s Simple Home & Jo at Secret Garden Cottage
A: This is a marvelous question! I don’t often get away from it all, but if I do, it is to my vegetable garden. For work, I do travel a lot and usually it is abroad that I have time to be inspired. But truthfully, anything can inspire – a film, a book, childhood, an exhibition, and most recently, music.
Thank you so much for your questions!
Now, here are the questions that I asked of her…

Q: What inspired you to create the Cabbages & Roses label?
A: As an interior decorator, I found that the fabrics I wanted to use did not exist except in small quantities at flea markets, so I created them from scratch, ready faded, time worn fabrics. From them, came the clothes and furnishings and the rest is history.

Q: How would you describe the Cabbages & Roses style?
A: Eclectic, interesting, cozy, pleasing, classic, lasting, light hearted…
Q: What do you think creates vintage chic style?
A: A true mixture of things you love, old, pre-loved, recycled – in your own style. Throw caution to the wind and stand back and look at what you have created.

Q: What is your favorite laundry (fabric)?
A: Linen and cotton.

Q: To me, all of your fabrics stand the test of time. Do you have a particular line of fabric in your online shop that has been there from the beginning?
A: The first and still the most popular is Hatley, the single mono-toned rose, faded and fresh and versatile.
 Q: Do you have a favorite designer?

A: Colefax & Fowler, old traditional English.

Q: Will you write another book?

A:  I do hope so. Writing a book is a lovely excuse to be at home for a good ‘work’ reason!

Thank you so much for these interesting and pertinent questions!
Cabbages & Roses
Thank you so much for a wonderful interview, Christina!
I asked her just one more question…

Q: I just have to know where you live. Is it a cottage, a farmhouse, a flat? None of the above?
A: Christina is going to leave the answer to this question up to you and is giving away a signed copy of Cabbages & Roses at Home with Country if you can spot on the website which photographs are home!
 Hint: They are in a specific section on the Cabbages & Roses website.

To enter the giveaway,
just leave a comment here with the name of the section
on the Cabbages & Roses website
that features photographs of Christina’s breathtaking spaces.
For an additional chances to win,
post the giveaway on your social networks
(blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each.

I’ll announce the winner next Thursday, April 14.
Thanks for reading.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

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