Lavender Balls & Gratitude

Hi, sweets.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.
I’ve been in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg coma
for the past few days.
No, not really…
I’ve been finishing up a box of things to send to Wild Rose & Co.,
working on a few projects for the DIY Club,
and enjoying a little sunshine & warmth outdoors
with my love bugs…
(Jaden, Edyn & Grey – Easter 2011)
Here’s a little peak at a project that I’ll be sharing this weekend.
Lavender balls aplenty.
Although they’re sort of pretty just the way they are,
they’ll be assembled to make a garland
that I think you’ll love…I sure do.
I don’t usually like to sneak peek ya,
but my wonderful sunshine turned to a huge storm & tornado warning (in NEW YORK!)
before I had a chance to photograph the assembly & a final photo.
I made another pair of shoes for a blog friend too.
Each pair takes about 5 hours to make and that’s a day’s worth of ‘shop work’ time for me.
But…I absolutely love making them and will happily devote a day for sweet shoes for a new babe.
I get so happy when I see an Etsy order come through for them!
I also made a few more projects 
with my {almost} favorite new textile…
Kraft Paper Fabric.
It’s heavenly stuff & I’ll share more about it next week!
And, just in case you thought I forgot,
I have a giveaway coming
to celebrate 1,000 followers (friends)…thank you!
I’m waiting on one more gift to arrive and then it will go up.
Some beautiful things have already arrived
but I’m not going to share them just yet.
Well, okay. 
 I’ll share the darling packaging
of the beautiful pendant that I ordered from 
It’s the one with the pink, lace bow and bling.
Miranda is such an amazing jewelry designer & artist
and has a genuinely good & giving heart.
She was awesome enough to send along
this French Boudoir Pendant for me.
It was such a thoughtful surprise & love it so much.
I can’t believe Melinda’s intricacy at such a small scale.
The listing on Etsy is gone now
but if I remember correctly, Melinda made her own glass 
for this one-of-a-kind, vintage chic, lovely.
 Thank you so much, Melinda.
I have received so many compliments on this beautiful pendant.
Another one of my favorite, genuinely awesome people
is Maria at Dreamy Whites.
I’ve only mentioned her beautiful blog & style on my blog about 1 or 1,000 times!
I ordered something for you from her dreamy shop
and she was thoughtful enough to send along a couple
more things for you and a little something for me.
 I seriously went weak in the knees when I saw this 
antique, nubby, hemp linen lavender pillow.
Just in case you’re wondering,
nubby, hemp linen is my favorite textile…ever.
And it isn’t easy to find.
Maria said she had one small piece of this linen
and it reminded her of me so she made a pillow with it.
Reading that touched my heart and I will treasure it always.
Thank you for your kindness & thoughtfulness, sweet Maria.
I’d also like to thank Amy at Whisperwood Cottage
(I guess I love me some chalkboard paint!)
 Thanks a bunch, Amy!



  1. Every bit of this post is beautiful and dreamy. Those shoes!! Love.

  2. Erin says:

    Love those lavender balls and that project will look gorgeous!!!! I cannot wait to see what all you have been up to!

  3. Oh my goodness your post is so full of beautifulness!!! I cannot wait to see the lavender ball garland because I just adore lavender ~
    Your little shoes are so adorable!! AHHHH I love them!!


  4. Erin says:

    As if I didn’t want a baby bad enough already! Now I have to have a girl someday so that I can use those adorable shoes! Love them!

  5. Chris says:

    The Easter photo of your babies is so pretty. Edyn’s dress is fun with the smocking! I did myself in with sugar cookies. :)

  6. Lara says:

    Oh Jamie, your pictures are so delightful!! Those freckled laundry little shoes are too cute!! Your love bugs are darling – what a great photo of them. We didn’t have an Reese’s eggs here (pout) – just plain ol milk chocolate shiny pastel wrapped small eggs & Hershey’s break apart bunnies. Your new pendent & lavender balls are cute!
    :) Lara

  7. Jami, you and Maria are two “living dolls” with “giving hearts”…I truly cherish both of you!
    How precious are your Easter Babes! Thanks for sharing a photo. Eden has changed so since you last post of her!

  8. I really have to keep up with your wonderful blog more, I missed the shoes, and so much. Lovin’ the lavender balls, can’t wait to see the garland. Putting you on my blog love so I won’t miss anything, xxx tami

  9. Your love bugs are precious!:)I wish I had a little girl so I could buy her your darling shoes~ And I love the lavender pillow from Maria! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  10. Megan says:

    oooooh! loving all the stuff in the post :)

    and happy you are safe and sound after last night!!!

  11. Hi Jami,
    I’m so happy that you like the pendant!! And what a lovely gift that you received from Maria!! I love nubby vintage fabric as well!
    I can’t wait to see what else you got for your giveaway.
    Have a lovely day.

  12. Alexis says:

    Those shoes are absolutely adorable! I have never made shoes, but I do love knitting little baby booties. That’s as close as it gets for me. And I cannot wait to see the finished lavender garland! I adore lavender. Have a lovely rest of your week!

  13. So many beautiful things, Jami! I can’t wait to see the lavender ball garland. I bet it smells amazing :)

  14. Awwwww….Jami! You are the sweetest thang ever, girlie! :) No wonder everyone loves to shower you with gifts! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable and that photo is precious! Have to tell you that vintage hemp linen is my most fav fabric for around the house, too! It’s the only type of grain sacks that I ever order. There’s just something about the crisp, smoothness of it makes ME weak in the knees! lol! Can hardly wait to see what you’re working on – and for your giveaway! Hugs, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Your little ones are so adorable, and so are those sweet shoes. I’ll bet those lavender balls smell heavenly :-)

  16. Tara says:

    Those shoes are precious!

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