Vintage Chic Style Series No. 3 – European Inspiration

Hi, {my vintage lovin’} sweets.
As party of the Vintage Chic Style Series,
I thought I’d introduce you to a couple
of my favorite European blogs.
When it comes to vintage chic style,
Europeans create some of the most
authentic, breathtaking spaces.

Antique French Hemp Linen.
Enough said.

Vintage chic style (to me) isn’t just
achieved by setting our flea market finds
throughout the house.
It’s much more than that.
It’s the ambiance, emotion, and experience
created in our spaces.
That being said,
I think most of us who adore the vintage and antique,
attach an emotion or thought to the things we find,
compelling us to bring them home,
so the emotion and experience are already there.
What I try to avoid in my own home,
is too much ‘experience’ because I’m compelled a. lot.

 Dreams Come True

is a German blog that I find myself
frequently getting lost in.
Angie’s careful use of whites and vintage and antique notes
creates a balanced & comfortable, vintage chic home.
Touches of shabby + French Country cottage = {love}

As I use more & more white in my own home,
finding balance without looking too sterile is challenging.
 Several shades of white and a warm, 
neutral wall help to avoid this.
Wouldn’t you just love to sit at that table
and dream right along with her?

Angies’s photography is equally as beautiful.
I don’t typically gravitate towards pink, but a soft, pale, worn-ballet-slipper, pink?

That’s another story.

And, her blog is pure. laundry. bliss.
Min Lilla Veranda 
(My Little Veranda)
is a Swedish blog with vintage chic style
for those of you that exercise less restraint
with vintage and antiques finds.
(Marie Delice Karlsson is a stylist and writer for several European magazines.)
Marie tends to love things just as she found them
to create a more natural, untouched, European country experience.
I sometimes have the tendency to repaint or refinish.
Oh, how I adore her home too.
Her whites are rougher 
(as in untouched, distressed, rusted, chippy, etc.).
and it lends to their emotion.
A touch of color in her daughter’s room.
European country charm.
Just look at those antique bird cages 
and bunt molds in the background.
My heavens.

If I won the lottery (or sold 50,000 clay tags),
I would hop on a plane to Europe not a minute after I cashed that check,
and comb markets for days on end…without sleep.
Then I’d fly home, grab a friend or two (you know…to help me carry stuff), and go back.
And, anyone that photographs their laundry
like I did is after my own heart.
Both blogs have vintage chic style
but they create their own 
ambiance, emotion, and experience.

Were you able to get a sense of that
with these two homes?
It’s your own interpretation of the style
and how it makes you feel that matters most.
And while we’re discussing beautiful, European blogs,
Anita at My Country Cottage Garden (Germany)
recently used my rosette video tutorial to make some of her own
and was sweet enough to share photos with me.
It makes me smile when you do that.

Anita is no stranger to rosettes though.
 I adore her crochet roses…
Learning to crochet or knit is a ‘someday’ goal of mine.

…and her workspace.
A tidy workspace is another ‘someday’ goal of mine.
Thank you so much for taking a moment to share, Anita!

I hope the rest of you enjoy a 
European vintage chic, Saturday afternoon.
Also, I will be submitting questions
to Christina Strutt of Cabbages & Roses on Monday.
So, if you have anything vintage chic related
(or unrelated) that you’d like to ask her,
just email me or comment on this post.
If you’ve already asked a question, thank you!
Thanks for reading this novel.
And please send a prayer to those suffering in Japan.
I hesitated to even post today as it all seems so meaningless in comparison.
At least we have a home, vintage chic or not, to come home to.
My heart goes out to those families.

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  1. Sarah Beth says:

    I have taken pictures of laundry and posted them on my blog!!! Your not alone!

  2. I heart you too, then. :)

  3. Vintage Gal says:

    These pictures are absolutely fabulous ~ thank you so much for the inspiration ;-)

  4. LOVE the inspiration photos!! Have a wonderful weekend Jami~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. Thank you for sharing these two blogs. Both of them are lovely and I’m off to check them out in full.

  6. I didn’t know any of these blogs, and I’m from Europe, so thanks so much for the links!

  7. Brenda Kula says:

    I was aware of Country Cottage Garden, Jami. (You know the garden part brought me in!) I shall visit these other gals. I’ve found that I have an affinity for some of those in Germany. They tend to like red!

  8. Roseanna says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful blogs…Red is my favorite color and I do incorporate into my decor. Love that little girl’s room.

  9. MMW says:

    I have followed Min Lilla Veranda for a couple years. I’m happy to see it featured here. What lovely inspiration from the rest of these blogs!

  10. Erin says:

    Excellent post dearest…I love whites, that is looking at them and admiring the courage it takes to do them. You provided such beautiful pictures and images that I am just feeling like it is warm, sunshiney and I smell vanilla and lavender, ahhhhh. Love the points you have made here about interpretations of style and the fact that antiques/vintage items do convey emotional memories and attachments, that is all me. Loved reading this:)

  11. I love all the pictures here…and I really wish I could just move right into the photo. I don’t think my 140lb. black Great Dane would keep it looking so pristine, however…sigh…I’ll keep dreaming.

  12. mybelleepoque says:

    Since I have two dogs that both have BLACK hair ( german shepherd and a lab mix) I have stayed away from whites, but gradually I am trying to incorporate them. Just painted our living room Navajo White- it really brightens things up against our leather furniture. Thanks for the inspiring pictures!

  13. I love seeing all white rooms, but you really do have to start from scratch. I try to incorporate it here and there, but I have to realize that I will have to live with my faded pastel furniture and pine cabinets. So it is always fun to see my dream in other homes.

    I am so excited to visit these blogs…thanks so much for sharing the links!


  14. Gorgeous photos. I’m not sure which one I love more! I’m also a lover of white. I’ve been tackling my furniture, one piece at a time!

  15. Linden Townhouse says:

    Thanks for the intro to those lovely blogs! You may also like:

    Julia’s Vita Drommar (Julia’s White Dreams-blogspot), a Swedish blog.

  16. Oh I would never leave home if either of those were my house…thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Kristy says:

    Lovely blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Miranda says:

    Love your inspiration photos. So many different interpretations of beautiful things. I like white a lot, but it is a tricky thing to make sure it doesn’t appear sterile. A little color is nice too :)

  19. Anita says:

    Dear Jami!

    I am so pleased to be part oy your “Vintage chick stye series”. Those other two European blogs really seem to be a great source of inspiration!

    I am now linking up with you, too! I hope you’ll lots of new visitors from all over the world, finger’s crossed!

    Warm wishes from Germany

  20. Jami thanks so much for sharing these beautiful blogs! I am off to add them to my favorites!

  21. WOW! All of these pics are just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them and their blogs.
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  22. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blogs with us. I always love to find new blogs to follow!

  23. Tricia - A Rosy Note says:

    What pretty pictures. They’re blogs I’ll certainly have to check out. Hope you’re having a good weekend Jami :)

  24. Hi Jami!! I am trying to find the paint swatch right now so i will let you know the color as soon as I can find it in all of my mess!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  25. Hi Jami~ I just found my paint swatch and posted about it for ya!!;) Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  26. Oh, I Love all the white…..

  27. Rose says:

    c’est très beau, merci pour le didactel des roses
    bon dimanche

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