Vintage Chic Style Series No. 2 – YOU Get to Ask the Questions

Hi, sweets.

One of the things I love most about blogging

(besides the real friendships that I’ve made)
is the opportunity to tap into some serious talent.

I am inspired every. single. day.

Imagine my excitement

when I was contacted with an opportunity to interview
the lovely and vintage chic savvy,
Christina Strutt
This woman knows vintage chic style.

I’m sure many of you have heard of

especially if you read one of my favorite blogs,

where I first discovered the brand’s
clothing, homewares, and fabric line
with some of the prettiest laundry that I’ve ever seen.
Source: Cabbages and Roses 

Here’s a little bit about Christina…

Born and raised in London, Christina was educated at various convents until she eventually managed to escape as she turned 16 and embark on real life.  Prior to Cabbages and Roses, Christina had only ever been employed by two establishments – the first, the eminent London department store, Fortnum & Mason, where she sold chocolates and the second, Vogue magazine, where she inadvertently climbed the career ladder from secretary to assistant Vogue Living editor, until choosing to leave the company in 1980 to marry.

Her career continued with freelance styling and interior decorating whilst living in the beautiful English countryside and raising her two children, Kate and Edward. Her love for country living soon translated into a new career.

Cabbages & Roses was born in 2000, with the help of friend and colleague from Vogue, Bridgette Buchanan. When Bridgette left the company in 2001, Christina continued on her own, and the mail order business continued to grow at a rapid clip.

Christina’s distinguished fashion and home décor brand Cabbages & Roses sells to discriminating clients throughout the world. A boutique brand with a signature “refined rustic” look and feel, Cabbages & Roses counts fashionistas and celebrities alike as faithful brand devotees, and has 26 retail locations throughout London.

Christina has written five highly successful Cabbages & Roses signature books since starting the company. Published in March of 2010, the fifth Cabbages and Roses at Home, which Christina co-authored with her daughter Kate, incorporates locations from both the USA and the UK, reflecting the brand’s growing international appeal.  The publication of this book was a landmark event for the brand, and for Christina, as she continues to create the signature look and feel that has become the trademark style of Cabbages and Roses. 
Her beautiful things can be found at Cabbages and Roses.

 And, she also has a blog.

I haven’t interviewed Christina yet

because I thought it would be fun
if you asked the questions.
After all, you read this lil’ blog of mine…and thank you. 

I’m sure some of you have questions

that you would love to ask someone with her background… 

…maybe you’re wondering what it takes

to pull of vintage chic style or a “refined rustic”
look in your own home.

…maybe, like me, you aspire to be like Christina,

launching your own homewares & fabric brand,
and want to get her best advice.

…maybe you just can’t decide between two florals

on the Cabbages & Roses web site!

…maybe you want to know what inspires her creative mind. 

Whatever it is…ask away in the comments below

or send me an email.

Christina and I will choose 5 of your questions

and she’ll answer them in an upcoming post.

Thank you, Christina.

As always, thanks for reading.

 Welcome, new sweets.

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  1. What a great “get”- I can’t wait to read the interview. I would love to hear Christina’s opinion on how to exercise restraint in decorating. I love the vintage chic style and sometimes find myself torn between wanting to show off all my great finds and fill a room versus trying to keep it from looking cluttered and busy. Right now, I find myself cycling in and out accessories every few weeks but I’d love to hear her take on a dilemma I imagine a lot of us face!

  2. How does Christina incorporate florals into home decor without it becoming too froufrou? I love a vintage floral and want to know if she follows any “rules” in this regard.

  3. Wow Jami such an incredible opportunity for you!;)

    I love Cabbages and Roses and would love to know if she plans on creating a “line”of products in the near future for retail stores like Target? I would LOVE to be able to find Cabbages and Roses nearby!xo Rachel Noelle

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. Chris says:

    I love the simple lines and pops of color!

  5. holly says:

    I would love, love, love to hear Christina’s advice on starting a business and how she coped and found the confidence to develop Cabbages and Roses into the success it is today. Beautiful as it is!

  6. What an amazing person to be honored to interview!! Congrats!! Wow! I have so many questions for her, because like you, I am starting a vintage inspired home wares line. I just don’t know where to begin? Invest in a PR person? Do it myself? Where are my time and energies best spent? How did Christina get her mail order business to take off so rapidly? Do tell! Pretty please!? xo Samantha

  7. Hi Jami!!! Here’s my question to Christina: Do you started your company with the precise idea of where you would want to arrive and what you would love to produce, or it has been a process throughout the years?
    Thanks Jami for this opportunity!!!

  8. Here’s a question for her Jami. With all the work involved in running a beautiful and successful business, where does she go to get away from it all? Also, how does she keep her inspiration new and fresh? We go to people like her, but where does she go for this?

  9. I love the beautiful fabrics of Cabbages & Roses! How exciting that you were invited to do an interview of her, Jami! I was wondering the same thing as Marcia… where does she get her inspiration from… what inspires her?
    Hope you have a wonderful week, sweets!

  10. pipigirl says:

    you totally hit the nail on the head gingham girls lol:)

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