A Sneak Peek and Cool Parties

Hi, sweets!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I spent it waving my vintage chic wand
(a.k.a. paint roller)
  over a neglected hallway nook.
Here’s a peek…
It turned out so lovely
and I can’t wait to share it with you.
As a happy lil’ Resident Blogger at The DIY Club
for the next 6 months,
I’ll be sharing the tutorial over there this week
but I’ll let you know the minute it goes up over here.

The January 2011 Project Party
is officially underway at the Club
and ends January 20th.

DIY Club
The prize package this month is AWESOME.
Even if you don’t link up,
it’s a great place to get some inspiration!
They’re also handing out some cute blog bling.
 If you follow them, grab your charm…
If you win the monthly contest, you’ll get another.

A few of my bloggin’ buds
have some cool parties going on too.

WhisperWood Cottage
This party opens on 1/11/11 at 11:11 am CST!
(Amy’s home was recently featured in Cottages & Bungalows magazine.)
The Design Confidential is hosting a 
Hand Built Pledge Party
that runs throughout 2011.
 It’s a new and very cool party concept.
You don’t even need a blog to participate.
I love me some organization
(not that you could tell at the moment)
and I’m excited about Maryann’s new party too.
 If you’re looking to get organized,
she’ll announce an area to tackle on Monday
and you’ll show off your results on Friday.
How’s that for a little fun motivation?
I’m headed out this morning
for some paper mache letters and things
for a lavender letter (and possibly tree) tutorial this week too.
I’ll see you soon.
Thanks for reading.
I appreciate every letter of every comment
(punctuation included).

If you took the time to leave me one or email,
thank you and you’ll hear from me tomorrow.
I didn’t get much bloggin’ time this weekend…
my hallway nook and a snowman needed me.

It FINALLY snowed (beyond a dusting) in New York!

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  1. I can’t wait to see how you did that nook…it looks great so far!


  2. WOW! That looks awesome! Show us! Show us! I can’t wait to see the whole project! ;o)


  3. Shaunna says:

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the reveal!! Be talking to you soon about the e-book/baby shoes/vintage market button. You’re not going to blissdom, are you? Have fun in the snow! -shaunna :)

  4. LOVE what I see, can’t wait for the reveal!

  5. Good Morning Jami,
    I wrote a litte lace touched post today…wouldn’t be complete without reference to Freckled Laundry Vintage market and… “Marian”.

    You wall treatment is beautiful!

  6. Hi Jami,
    That painting technique is just gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see the whole wall!
    Hope you have a lovely day!
    By the way, my button looks just beautiful in your Vintage Market!

  7. Stephanie says:

    You know I am a damask lover, so I am on pins and needles waiting to see the whole thing! Can’t wait.

  8. Oh Jami, this looks gorgeous!!! I cannot wait to see what you do!!! I am giddy with excitement!

  9. Chris says:

    Love love love the stencil, Jami. I like your take way better than the example you sent me. Can’t wait to see it all pulled together!

  10. Megan says:

    lookin’ good! Cant wait for the big reveal!

  11. Allison says:

    I love the beautiful damask peek and can’t wait for the reveal. I bet the snow was pretty and fun for your kids. Have a good week, Jami.

  12. Jami, I bet the nook looks fabulous. Please give us the reveal soon.

  13. Linden Townhouse says:

    Wow! your “damask” wall looks so pretty!

  14. Thanks for the info about all these fun parties!


  15. Melody says:

    This is a neat website, thanks for sharing it! You’re soooo inspiring. I’m still thinking about stenciling the cabin wall somewhere…right now I’m working on a red mitten idea from Walnut & vine blogspot…thanks for leaving me a note!
    Take Care,
    Mel’s Cabin

  16. I love me some great link parties, Jami! Thanks for the heads up about all of these!
    It finally stopped raining here and the sun has been out for two days… yay!
    Have a wonderful weekend coming up!
    Jo :)

  17. Had to laugh at your last sentence, you should come up to Syracuse to get some of our snow! I can’t believe you guys haven’t had much yet this year, we’re so close and yet so different in weather.

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