Some lovelies to share…

I am absolutely overwhelmed 
by the kindness and creativity 
of other bloggers.

I’d love to show you another project today
a) I’d rather show you someone else’s and
b) I won’t lie. I haven’t had a moment to finish one.
Christmas is, 
after all,
FIVE days away!
My sweet friend, Erin at Like Grandma’s
surprised me last week with a package.
Inside was one of the most precious,
handmade gifts that I’ve ever received.
Everything about it has me written all over it and she planned it just so.

I just love when that kind of unsolicited thought goes into a gift, don’t you?
 It’s an ornament made from chicken wire
with a recipe for “Glazed Strawberry Pie.”

The vintage recipe is dusted with a fine, 
white, shimmering glitter
and the plant image on the front
says, “White Strawberries.”
Erin said that she thought of me when she saw the image because I had mentioned liking strawberries
and because my hair is red.
I love strawberries a little too much. Check.
And check. I have red hair thus earning several nicknames through out the years involving “strawberry.” 
And bonus check. I love white.
Fact: My favorite place that I ever called home
was a townhouse on Strawberry Lane.
Bet you can’t guess what my address labels had on them.
Isn’t it so story book?
I’m am so grateful for her friendship
and I’m touched by the connections that I’ve
made along this blogging journey.

I am just as grateful for your friendships, too.
You have NO idea what it means every time
I log on and read a sweet, little comment
or see that one more person believes in me enough to follow or subscribe.
I don’t live by the magic “follower” number anymore. 
It’s just nice to see when that number goes up.
(It also goes down. Ha!)
If you’re reading,
Thank you SO very much, Erin!
I told her that she should make and sell these little treasures on Etsy.
What do you think?
Another lovely arrived, too.
I ordered a French Fleurs Basket
from one of my darling Vintage Market shoppes,
Emily at Crisp Interiors.
Isn’t it gorgeous?
   It’s larger than I anticipated
so I’m delightfully using it for a
mitten & scarf catcher.
Well, that’s it’s intended purpose.
Right now, I only count one mitten INSIDE.
The rattan has a white/gray patina on it
that isn’t captured in the photo so well.
Emily also included a little something sweet
that will be part of another
wonderful giveaway soon.

Until then, it’s a secret.

Thank you, Emily!
And, thank you to the other creative girls
in the market with their lovelies.
Tiffini at House of Belonging
I hope the home stretch of the holiday planning is going smoothly for all of you!

I will hopefully be back
with my winter tree BEFORE Christmas.
  I’ll be back either way though.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Love your little gift Jami!! :) Hugs~ Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  2. LindaSonia says:

    Love the little chicken wire gifty you got and YES I think your friend should make and sell them on Etsy!!
    Happy Christmas

  3. I hope to join your parties after Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!
    You have a lovely, inspirational blog.
    ~ Julie

  4. I Love your endearing note about all of the Love you give and share in “blogland.” I am a new blogger, but already I feel so incredibly loved with every comment and follow. What a beautiful place! Happy Holidays! xo Samantha

  5. Happy Holidays to you and yours Jami!

  6. Angie says:

    Such lovely things all! I might need those starfish earring to get me though the January doldrums….

  7. Clara says:

    What lovely little gifts/parcels you received. It is absolutely amazing what bloggerland is like because for those who do not participate I think they sometimes think it is a cold atmosphere because it is not “in person” contact. We know differently. So, you like strawberries..then head over to my blog to see my post today. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

  8. Megan says:

    what a beautiful ornament! She is very talented- and SHOULD sell them on etsy!

    Holiday planning is pretty complete in my house. Im just trying to enjoy the rainy week with my cooped up crazy boys!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t know you had red hair! My good family friend (more like a 4th daughter to me) has red hair and so does her 3 year old daughter, Layla. Every where we go someone always comments about Layla’s hair. I too don’t count the numbers, I just love having blogger friends like you to share things with. Can’t wait to see the tree (mine is still undecorated..oops!)

  10. What sweet gifts to receive this week. We live on a street called Solitude. With 6 kids around, we don’t experience much of that though:-)

  11. Allison says:

    What a wonderful and very sweet gift. Erin is very talented! I like the dusting of the simmery glitter. I have red hair, too! Hope you have a good week, Jami. I bet your little ones are pretty excited for Christmas.

  12. michelle says:

    What beautiful gifts!! Erin is so talented and sweet!! Enjoy your week and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  13. I saw Erin’s ornament over at her blog yesterday… it’s just lovely! How very sweet of her to gift it to you. It does fit in with your decor perfectly!
    I LOVE that basket… so beautiful! Thanks for the link to the shop!
    I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas week!
    Jo :)

  14. Brenda Kula says:

    A truly inspired gift! How touching. You inspire such affection from others, Jami! There’s just something about you…

  15. Lisa says:

    Wow! what treasures! Each little pretty is just so…pretty! it fills me with anxiety, because I want to go to each site, but I want to finish your post too! So I’ve read it twice, just to make sure I absorbed it all! But really, I need to finish wrapping packages!
    love the post, thanks so much for sharing all the talent.


  16. Amanda says:

    What a great post! That is such a nice ornament and the basket is beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


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