Pottery Barn Cradle (White out Project #2), Bedding and Canopy

I totally “pinked out” yesterday
while working on a cradle for Edyn
for White out week. 
When I am inspired or get an idea in my head,
I have to go with it right then & there
so I had to tackle these pink and oh so girly
projects YESTERDAY.
How about you?
I decided to create knock off versions
of pottery barn kids’ monogrammed cradle,
bedding, and canopy.
If I had purchased these from PBK,
 I would have spent
                   + $13 for monogramming
                   + $14 shipping
                     $144 + tax in NY
I made everything myself for 

[M.C. Hammer dancing]

Are they exactly the same?
Are they close enough and dang cute?
Will Edyn appreciate it more someday because her mommy made it?
Hope so.
Here are the tutorials for each.
It’s a pretty lengthy, detailed post.

This vintage cradle was given to me for FREE at a yard sale
the summer I was pregnant with the twins.
Other than needing a fresh paint job,
it was well made and quite sturdy.

 So…the first thing I did was give it a fresh coat
of white Krylon spray paint.
The PBK cradle has round balls atop it’s posts
so I purchased four decorative dowell caps
and Gorilla Glued them to my cradle posts.
This was an after thought.
Normally I would have added the caps BEFORE spray painting the cradle.

I added a small ring of Gorilla Glue

 and an outer ring of Gorilla Super Glue
(for instant bond).

I’m pretty sure the decorative caps
aren’t going anywhere.

To monogram the cradle,
I used DecoArt craft paint in “Royal Fuschia
(to match the PBK color)
  and lettered stamps that I already had.
 The PBK cradle uses a script font but I wanted to work with what I had and opted not to purchase script stamps.

I smoothed a dollop of paint onto a piece of cardboard and lightly dabbled my stamp in it.
If you load too much paint,it will smear.
This is about right…
Then, I just gently pressed the stamp to the cradle.
I added her name & birth weight.
Her name is actually
Edyn Laura Grace

but it wouldn’t fit.
I call her Edyn Grace though and reserve Laura for when she’s in trouble.
What up, g? 

Get it?
(The “g” looks kind of odd. Ohhhhkaayy. Moving on.)
After everything was dry,
I used DecoArt’s Gloss Sealer/Finisher to protect.

Total cradle cost:

                Cradle – FREE
         DecoArt paint – $.99
           dowell caps – $1.19 x 2
          Gorilla Glue – already had 
    Krylon spray paint – already had
         letter stamps – already had
   DecoArt Gloss Spray - already had
                       = $3.37 
($25 if you needed to buy everything.)

For the base and post,

I used a 5/8″ x 36″ dowell and 8″ round plaque.
I used my Gorilla Super Glue for an instant, strong hold
and then used a screw to secure the dowell from beneath the base.
I gave everything a coat of
white Krylon spray paint & DecoArt Gloss Sealer/Finisher.

You will need
Lay hoop in center of 24 in. x 24 in. square fabric and cut circle out.
The only way for me to explain the next step was to draw it in Photoshop.
You basically need 6 triangles that you will piece together.
*The pink color represents the fabric.
It should look like this

Add pink ribbon trim to the edges of tulle
that will open in front of the canopy.

Hot glue the tulle to the inside of the ring,
puckering as you go along.
(No need to be neat here.)

Add ribbon to outside of canopy ring.
I used light pink satin.

Total canopy cost:
    Round, wooden base – $2.99
                dowell – $.99
       embroidery hoop – $1.19
          Gorilla Glue – already had
                 Tulle – already had
      Polka dot fabric – already had
                ribbon – already had
    Krylon spray paint – already had
   DecoArt Gloss Spray - already had
                       = $5.17 

You will need
Measure the length and width of doll cradle or bed and add 2 inches to the width
(so that your blanket has an overhang).

Cut fabric and batting to this measurement.

My cradle was 9 1/2 in. wide x 24 in. long so I cut a 17 in. x 21 in. (folded)
piece of gingham for my blanket. Piece measured 34 in. x 21 in. unfolded.
Batting measured 17 in. x 21 in.


Your fabric needs a hard, smooth surface for stamping.
 You cannot stamp the monogram (neatly) once the batting is inserted.

Use the same technique as the cradle
but add DecoArt Fabric Painting Medium
to the paint so that it’s washable.

I purchased the doll back pack & lunch bag
(SO cute & tiny, btw!)
  for Christmas and used it to match the green for the monogram.

 I darkened DecoArt’s “Citron Green” that I had on hand.

After the paint dries,
fold so that right sides are facing,
lay batting on top,
and stitch sides.
Turn right side out and
stitch open end closed with 1/4 in. seam
and follow the seam around the edges of the entire blanket.

Measure and cut fabric.
Fold over (inward) two inches on either side
and stitch each.
Then, stitch the sides.
  Total bedding cost:
       5/8yd. Gingham flannet – $1.56
        DecoArt Fabric Medium – $1.99
                      Batting – already had
 DecoArt “Citron Green” paint – already had
               Letter stamps  - already had
                              = $3.55
I purchased a PBK crib bumper with pink trim
when we were trying for our second child.
(Can you tell I was hoping for a girl?)
When we found out we were having boy & girl twins,

I chose not to use pink in the nursery and so the bumper has been waiting for a project.

Fortunately, it was the exact same width as the cradle! I cut a section for a mattress.

 I created bias tape out of the  polka dot canopy fabric to finish the cut end.

It even has a fancy little edge to it.

I hope my baby girl loves her new cradle, bedding, and canopy.
I had such fun making them for her…
and saving $128!

Made in China…

Made with love by mommy…

(That’s Edyn’s new dolly from Santa. 
She made a brief appearance for the photo shoot.)

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  1. Doda says:

    awwwwww, that’s so cute! Made with love is so much better, it will become a family heirloom to be trasured I am sure!

  2. What a lucky little bunny Edyn is to have such a clever, resourceful and beautiful Mummy.

    Thank you for sharing everything in detail, like Jane I’ll be slipping it into my folder of ‘one day’ projects.

    Happy weekend,

    Felicity x

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    Oh, Jami! Well done. I think you’ve created something that will be an heirloom for your granddaughters. I’m sure Edyn will love it. Way to go, mama!

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    Flora Doora

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    This is so cute and girly! I’m sure your little one will love it!

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    That is darling, Jami! So sweet! How special for your daughter. A true labor of love and fit for your little princess. My mom used to call me by my first and middle name as well when I got in trouble. I got a chuckle out of you mentioning that. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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    You’ve inspired me to nip it in the bud, though!

    Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,

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    Absolutely awesome. I love it when we can make something ourselves and save buckets on the original price. Even though I don’t have little girls anymore, I still appreciated seeing your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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    Beth :0)

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    Very pretty!
    Love the name & weight on there!
    And the canopy is super cute!

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